Friday, January 30, 2009


Another funny Kylan story - and it's only funny because I stopped it from happening! Mya was having tummy time and I was in the kitchen. Kylan kept running and jumping in and out (if you have been around Ky enough you know that he is jumping constantly). I suddenly thought, maybe I should check on him and good thing I did. When I came around the corner, he was in jumping position right next to her and was going to try to jump over her. He has not mastered jumping over things, so this would have ended badly. Like I said, funny because it didn't happen!! We had a talk about not jumping over baby sister!
P.S. The cute quilt she is on was made for her by Sariah Wadsworth. It is my absolute favorite! Thank you Sariah!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

He Doesn't Miss Much!!

Funny Kylan story. While I am nursing Mya, Kylan brings me two nursing pads from my bedroom, hands them to me and then lifts up his shirt and wants me to put them on his "boo-boo's like mama". He doesn't miss anything!!

More Pictures

What Kylan does after his bath - warms up in front of the "nice and warm"

Sleeping on dad. She is so small and then her dad makes her look even smaller!

Watching "Monsters" (Monsters Inc) with baby sister. He kept wiping her lips with her burp rag and kissing her. It was pretty cute!

Another ankle crosser. Kylan always crosses his ankles and my favorite ultrasound pic of him was a 3D one that showed his little ankles crossed!

Tummy time. She loves it and falls asleep immediately!

After his hair cut Kylan missed his baby sister and wanted to get in bed with her. I can't believe he was sleeping in this crib about a month ago! He has quadrupled in size since Mya was born!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sleeping . . . and my AWESOME husband!

First of all, thank you all for your wonderful comments. We love reading them. In fact, Tim's favorite thing to do the last couple days is to check the blog for new comments and he usually isn't too into the blog!
Well, the sleepless nights have begun. Mya gave us two wonderful nights of sleep - one in the hospital and then the first night at home she only got up twice. Now, she is acting like a "real" newborn and has been up pretty much all night the last two nights and then can seem to sleep for hours during the day in her bed. I'm not really complaining, this is how it goes for awhile. I really just wanted to talk my wonderful husband up again. Tonight he decided that we needed to do two hour shifts and that is what we have done! We like our kids to take a bottle, even though I breast feed, so he does a bottle for his shifts and I breast feed and then if Kylan wakes up, we help each other. It at least guarentees each of us 3 or 4 hours of sleep each night. I love my husband and how helpful he is with our kids, I definitly couldn't do it otherwise! So, thanks hubby, you are awesome! I couldn't do it without you!!!!

P.S. I have been really bad about taking pictures, I promise that I will take some new ones and post soon. Also, Kylan has been a champ at sleeping through all the crying. He usually only wakes up once and she didn't even bother his nap yesterday! He has been a great big brother!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mya Rae Sorensen

Mya Rae Sorensen

Born January 24th

6lbs 14oz 19 inches

Both mom and baby are doing great!

I have a minute - Mya is sleeping and Ky is still at my parents so I thought I would give a few more details. I started having contractions pretty regularly at about 11pm on Friday night. At 3am they kind of plateued and since I know that nothing happens until they break my water I decided to wait. I made Tim go hunting on his last day of duck/goose season and Kylan and I went walking. By 1:00 I was tired and sore and so we decided to go in. We got upstairs at 1:45 and while they were monitoring me before they called my doctor, he just happened to stop by. At 2:30 he broke my water, which broke really easily and then after monitoring me for a while I got up and walked for about 45 minutes. They wouldn't let me have an epidural until I was dialted to a 5, so I had some waiting time. After a coupld hours they started me on a "whiff" of pitocin (my doctors words) and boy did things take off. At 7pm I was in what I thought was a lot of pain (little did I know) and my new nurse said I was a 5 and literally ran to order my epidural. Thirty minutes later I was fully dialated, my doctor was there and the epidural lady had just shown up a little too late, so much to my dismay I had a natrual labor, other than the pitocin. I pushed for maybe 5 minutes and she was born at 7:49pm.

This delivery was so different from Kylan's, and while I know that there are benefits to not having an epidural (thank goodness or else I would've killed someone afterwards), I prefer the less painful way!! As my brother Kade would say "Now I Know!" the epidural will be ordered before Pitocin is started and before I am a 5, because I have gone that fast twice now! Anyway, things went well overall and she is beautiful and we are loving having her. She slept really well in the hospital, Tim and I actually got some sleep and Kylan is so cute with her. Last night he was so excited to show everyone his "baby sister Myna (how he says it)" and today he almost started crying when my mom told him they were going to see mom and dad because he wanted to see his baby! He doesn't like it when she cries though and his bottom lip comes out and starts quivering and he says "no crying baby sister." He is such a sweet boy!! Here are some more pictures!

Soon after she was born. She was starving so cried for about an hour probably, which the nurses and doctor liked because it cleared her lungs.

Kylan and I. I can't believe how big he is now! It seems like just yesterday we were just bringing him home!

Kylan's first look at his baby sister.

Holding her for the first time. He loved it!

Coming home. She didn't even scream when we put her in the car seat and she slept for about 2 hours in it when we got home, and I got a nap! Yea!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Doctors Appointment

I had a wonderful doctors appointment!!! He told me the baby's head is right there and some other things that makes him think I won't make it to my next appointment, and if I do he will do something to help me go into labor. I was a little skepitcal until right before I left he gave me a piece of paper with him home and cell number on it incase he isn't the doctor on-call when I go into the hospital!!! I am way excited, but trying not to get too excited just incase it doesn't happen! So, hopefully within the next week we will have a baby!!! WhooHoo!!!! Oh, but so many little things to get done!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Baby Clothes! YEA!!!!

I have inherited a love for baby/kids clothes from my mom! Before Tim and I had kids, I LOVED buying baby clothes for my nieces and nephews, something that I don't get to do as often anymore! And, as most new parents will tell you, we just don't have as much money as I would like to spend on buying my own kids clothes, so thank goodness for grandmas who love to buy clothes for our kids and do a lot to keep them well dressed (this may stress out the grandpas a little but is much appreciated by all of us)! Here are some new things that my mom has bought the baby. She (and I) have had a little too much fun shopping for girls clothes, not that boys clothes aren't fun also, but there are so many more options for girls!
The second picture I put in because I had to laugh when I looked back at the pictures because YES that is my bell at the bottom. That is what I see when I look down, and no I didn't do that on purpose, but I thought it was funny! NOW, come out baby girl Sorensen so we can start putting these cute clothes on you!!!
P.S. My mom is also the GREATEST bargain shopper ever!! The little sets that also have a couple pair of cute little pants and onsies to go with each of them, she found on clearance for about $5 (at Macy's)and she didn't pay full price for any of these things!! She has taught me that you can dress your kids in quality clothing on a very small budget! Thanks mom!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Historic Day

I just watched the presidential inauguration and whether or not I voted for him doesn't matter, it was great to watch such a historic day. Tim and I were watching a program earlier this week and they were interviewing a 90 year old woman who was black, and we just thought, how awesome for her to be able to see a black man become president! Even though I know that racism is far from dead in our country and I do worry for Obama and his family and the threats that they will face, I think it is awesome that in such a relatively short period of time we have gone from segregation to Obama being president. My grandpa Adams was telling us last night at dinner about his first year coaching basketball in Hawthorne. Half his team was black and they had just won their game in Tonopah. After the game they went to a resterant to eat and the owner at first was not going to let the black players come in to eat. My grandpa told him he was going to call the sheriff, and then the guy let them in. My grandpa told the athletic director never to schedule Tonapah again and he didn't, but this was in Nevada in the 1970's, not Alabama or Mississippi.
Anyway, just a history/government enthusiasts perspective on today!

Monday, January 19, 2009

37 Weeks & Kylan at Work

Here I am at 37 weeks. The comparison of a week ago is below. I probably look smaller if anything because I think she has dropped further - feels like she is going to fall out, but I know it's not that easy! No face shot because we have had a busy day and while I should be sleeping right now, Kylan feels the 10 minutes he slept in the car and then 10 more minutes in his bed were a good enough nap, so I am making him stay in his room until nap time is over hoping he will fall back to sleep, but that hope is slipping away with each minute including my nap time!! Anyway, not looking too good right now!
We got pretty excited on Saturday. I started having contractions in the afternoon and they were 5 minutes apart for a couple hours, but they never got any worse and so I opted not to go in and sometime in the night they stopped completely. This is how it was with Kylan also, so my hopes of going early are slipping away. Meanwhile I feel like I have done a million crunches and it gets worse each day as I keep repeating this pattern every afternoon and night! I'm sure I'll still be big and pregnant come February 7th, even if my doctor says otherwise!

Here are the pink flowery sheets that I got to go with Kylan's bedding for the baby. I think it looks pretty cute and was much cheaper than buying all new stuff. I also got a solid pink and white with pink polka dots.

And here is Kylan in his work clothes with dad at the dairy today. Grandpa and Grandma Sorensen got both he and Braden these cute Carhart work pants and his shirt (which you can't see) that has a tractor and say's "Daddy's Helper". He also loves his work boots. He loves going to work with dad and when we are at home he likes to feed the cows lunch and dinner on his big truck. I hope he continues to love working with dad when he is older, although he is a little leary when it comes to actually being around the cows and the poop - he always tells dad his boots are yucky and is sure not to get too close to them! I haven't done a list of the cute things he does in awhile, so here are some of my favorites:

  • He loves to tell mom, dad, grandma's, grandpa's and aunts and uncles that he loves them and usually after leaving one of their houses he says the whole way home "love grammie" or whoever it was we were visiting! He's such a sweet heart.
  • He can open the fridge and likes to keep a sippie of milk and a cup of water on the bottom shelf, then he can go and get a drink as he pleases. He also likes to help me by getting the milk carton out of the fridge when I am getting him some and putting it back - but only once it's about half gone or more!
  • He loves to help me! He puts the silverware away while I empty the dishwasher (he just throws it in the drawer and I have to fix it later, but at least it's in the drawer), he puts his bath toys away, he'll take things to the rooms they belong in, etc. He loves to help!
  • He has started singing "Happy Birthday". This is his favorite song ever since his first birthday. Everytime we are at a birthday party and we start singing, he just lights up. Well the other day he was singing while I was changing his diaper and I figured out that's what he was singing!
  • He loves to dance and "shake his booty" and he has his own opinion as to what is a "dance" song and what isn't. He now yells at me if I change a song he likes in the car and instructs me to dance if a good song is on. He also makes grandma Schank replay (horrible) dance shows for him, and since she is wrapped around his finger, she records them for him for when he comes over!

Well, that's a short list, but some of my favorites! This post is long, so I will end it now! But before I forget, he is finally better!!! I am so happy to have him well again!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Not Better

That's right, it's been almost exactly a week and Kylan is still not better. He has his good moments, like when I reported that he was on the mend, and then just like that he is sick again. I don't think this is normal, so if he is still sick Monday we are going to the doctor. This will be the first time I will have to take him to the doctor because he is sick (made it almost two years). I just feel so bad for him and I want my active healthy little boy back especially before we have another baby. I'm not so worried about the baby coming home to a house with a sick person as I am to leave my little boy for a couple days while he doesn't feel good. So, keep Kylan in your prayers that he will get healthy soon!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We're all better!! Whoohoo!!!

We're finally all better - now lets just hope that Tim doesn't get it! I am going to give you a gross content warning for the rest of this post, so if you continue reading it's at your own risk! Here are some "highlights" from the last 3 days of sickness at our house - they are funny now, but not at the time!
Our Top 5:
5. Kylan walking into our room in the morning only to announce "Goodmorning guys - I poopy on bed" -he wasn't kidding - it was everywhere!
4. Monday night I had finally taken out and folded the last load of puked on/pooped on sheets. Kylan comes into our room after being put to bed with a funny look on his face. I ask him if he's okay, he says "no" but I ignore it thinking he doesn't want to go back to bed. As soon as I lay him down, he throws up EVERYWHERE - washer is back in use constantly for the next 24 hours as we begin round two of the flu! And I believe him now when he says no to being asked if he's okay!
3. After changing a very watery poopy diaper, Kylan escapes from the changing area while I look for where I put his new diaper. He is standing by the "nice and warm" (our fireplace) when I leave the room to get a new one. When I come back he is gone. I call for him and he comes running out of the laundry room. I ask him what he was doing and he says "I poopy on the floor", once again, he is telling the truth!
2. I'm getting Kylan some coke and he comes walking into the kitchen with a funny look on his face once again. He takes his drink, turns and pukes everywhere, then slips in it and hits his head on an open drawer. Oh, and this is right after his 10th change of clothes for the day. Poor kid! However, after this he seems to snap out of it, thank goodness!
1. After puking, having a fever and having diarhea all day he finally gets his appetite back and what does he ask for to eat??? Hotdogs and cheese. Moms reply - ABSOLUTELY NOT!! You can have bread, crackers and pedialite. I let him have a hot dog today!

So that's my top 5 sick moments with Kylan the last few days. I'm just glad it's over and he is better!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Doctor Appointment

A lot has changed from last week. My doctor told me today while examining me that going past my due date isn't going to be an issue! WhooHoo!!! I'm only dialated to maybe a 1 but my cervix is soft and ripened and some other things that I will spare you the details of! I have to last until after this week (the lungs aren't totally developed until 37 weeks), which he doesn't think I will go into labor this week, but won't (hopefully) make it until the 7th! My next appointment will be next Thursday, so hopefully I will be even futher along since that is a little over a week away!!
In flu news, Kylan still isn't better. He isn't throwing up constantly, although he did throw-up right when we put him to bed last night (my washer is earning it's keep) and once while writing this post (we made it to the bathtub in time), but every morning he wakes us up by saying "Good morning, I poopy" and he is still dragging, so he isn't totally better. He has had the stomach flu more during his short life than I can count and never just for 24 hours! I feel so bad for him! I'm doing fine, and Tim still hasn't gotten it (knock on wood), so hopefully we will be completely over this yuckyness before our little girl arrives!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Awesome Husband

I have to talk about how awesome my husband is for a minute. Last night while at my parents house I started feeling sick and by the time we got home I was puking. Tim let me go to bed early of course and kept checking on me to make sure I was okay. At about 3am I heard Kylan crying and throwing up and Tim ran in there and did most of the taking care of him while I threw his sheets and stuff in the washer. He then bathed him and stayed up with him most of the night until I made him go in and sleep for about an hour before he had to go and do chores. While Tim was up with him, Kylan threw up probably 4 or 5 more times. When he came home from chores we were both asleep and when Kylan woke up he let me still sleep. He even stayed home from church with us so that I wouldn't have to take care of Kylan all by myself!
He is such a great dad and lets me go to bed early all the time while he stays up with Kylan, takes him places to give me breaks, and will stay home with him anytime! I am so blessed to have such a great partner! Thank you honey, I love you!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

36 Week Pictures & Baby's Room

So, I'm apologizing for all the complaining on my blog lately - no more complaining from here on out. Only focusing on the positive! Kylan took a 3.5 hour nap this afternoon after his sleep over, so I was able to accomplish a lot! I did my lesson for Sunday, ordered some girlie sheets for the crib (I'm using the same Green and white bedding I had for Kylan, but adding some pink to make it girlie), cleaned up the baby's room and was able to relax! Plus, my mom has been missing Kylan (Uncle Kort has had pinkeye this week, so we haven't been over), so she came and took him so Tim and I could go to Cameron's basketball game sans child!!! Kylan has the best grandparents ever (other than mine of course, which means he has some awesome great-grandparents too)!

The baby's room, so far. The stack of white things on the dresser are pictures of white daisy's that I am going to hang up somewhere (probably over the dresser and the crib), and there will be pink sheets on the bed to go with the green and white. The pink afgan was made for me by my granny (Great-grandma Adams). Please ignore the storage bins under the crib, we are getting a little low on storage in our house since every room will have an occupant soon!

The cute white shelf that now holds girlie things and not boy things. Hanging are her coming home fromt he hospital outfit (far left), the outfit she will be changed into when she poops all over the coming home outfit (which will happen at some point that day), and her blessing dress which was my blessing dress that my great aunt had made for me - can you believe it is still white!? I love it!!! She already has two pairs of shoes and there is one of Kylan's birth announcements on the shelf. I can't wait to put pictures of her and Kylan on the shelf!
I'm not nesting at all!!! At least I haven't started any major home renovations like someone else I know did while she was nesting (won't mention any names, she knows who she is:)! The good thing is my house will be really really clean when this baby comes, but until it is she can stay inside!

I'm up all night anyway, might as well have a newborn!!

So last night Grandma Sorensen kept both grandboys at her house (brave grandma) and so of course I was very excited to have a whole nights sleep and to be able to sleep in in the morning . . . WRONG!!!
Along with having to use the bathroom and not being comfortable in one position for very long I started having my constant contractions last night that I had with Kylan that never changed (meaning never get anymore painful or closer together) until they broke my water the day they induced me. They are always worse when I am laying down or in one position for very long, so I am now becoming familiar with middle-of-the-night tv programming and our recliner!! I guess you have to become miserable so that you look forward to labor! This is the time that I feel like hitting anyone who tells me to enjoy my sleep while I can!!!

P.S. just to give you an idea of how often they are, I have had at least 5 while typing this (time to change positons). I think they are still considered Braxton Hicks contractions, although they sting a little, unlike the ones I have been having since I was 4 months along!!! All I have to say is some dialation better be occuring!!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

30 Days and other things . . .

So, first of all I have about 30 days left until my due date and we are so excited! However I have found something to do that will probably take that entire time (I will explain later). I also had my first weekly appointment yesterday. Nothing too exciting, no dialation, but the head is where it should be. That's fine, since we don't want her to come until after 37 weeks (don't want a premie). Dr. Reimer also asked me when Kylan came and I told him I was induced 5 days late, and he said "well maybe we'll induce you 5 days early, Ha ha ha" (my doctor laughs constantly). Well, I'll believe that when I see it, but it did make me feel a little better.

The thing that I thought would be occupying my time for the next 30 days isn't going to be as hard as I first thought (thank goodness). I (stupidly) let my sub and teaching licenses expire (one in April and one this last Sunday), so while I have submit new applications for renewal of these two, I can do them together without an additional fee and I don't have to pay to have my test scores from a test I took back in 2002 sent to them, I can just copy the ones I have and that is good enough! The one really bad thing is that I can't sub before the baby is born, but this is my fault. This is what happens when you look at things once 3 years ago and don't look at them again. I thought the provisions put on my licenses were for the test I took after student teaching, so just assumed that it had been taken care of, not one that I took during my freshman year of college! Oh well, lesson learned!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Kade John Schank

The guys hanging out before the wedding.

My dad and Kade waiting at the front.

Leah's mom Barbara holding Evan. He and Kylan had matching outfits, but I don't have a single picture of Kylan, so picture Kylan in this same outfit.

Kade and Leah. Leah looked beautiful, I wish I would have gotten more pics of her in her dress. She was actually able to find this dress in Reno and didn't have to have any alterations done to it! Kade also looked very handsome!

I wish I had more pics, the place looked beautiful and it was very fun! Grandpa and Grandma Sorensen took Kylan with them after dinner and I thought my camera was in the diaper bag I took with them, only to find out that it wasn't but had been sitting on our table the whole time! Oh well!

Congrats Kade, Leah and Evan and good luck on moving (they are headed to Rexburg tomorrow)! We love you and will miss you!