Friday, February 27, 2009

More and More Pictures

My brother Kade likes to take pictures and does an awesome job, so he has so kindly taken pictures of my kids for me! The ones of Mya in her blessing dress were done the day before her blessing and the ones of Kylan were taken at Thanksgiving time. Sorry about the number of pictures, but I had a hard time choosing which to put up they were all so good!!

Funny picture but Leah and I really liked it.

Kade gave me this collage (above) in a frame for Christmas. I LOVE it!


I keep forgetting to report that Mya has been smiling this week. She smiles at her brother, her grandma's and once in a while mom and dad. So much fun!!!
Here's what we have been doing today:

Mya is playing on her mat that has the toys hanging above her (I held the toys out of the way for the pic). She is getting better and better at tummy time, but she prefers her back. Both my kids have been good about letting me put them on the floor to play, in fact both she and Ky would get grouchy and restless and want to be put down for awhile!

Kylan watching the airplanes and helicopters outside. I was holding my hand up to block the sun, and when Ilooked down he was too! He loves airplanes and helicopters and can spot them anywhere. It has also been nice here, so he has been playing outside a lot and he is now big enough to play by himself which is nice. Of course I have a lot of windows that I can check on him out of and our back yard is well gated so he can't get out!

PS They are filming a movie in Fallon and on base right now and one of the actors in town is the guy who plays Edward in the Twighlight movie - I think that's why there were so many airplanes flying today.


I keep forgetting to report that Mya has been smiling this week. She smiles at her brother, her grandma's and once in a while mom and dad. So much fun!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Terrible Twos . . . Not just a myth!!!

Kylan has gone from being my sweet 1+ year old to the terrible twos over night! The last couple days has been nothing but NO's ( I could ask the kid if he wanted candy and his first response would be no), yelling Mama all day, especially if I try to engage Tim in a conversation, getting into everything he isn't supposed to (once again, especially if I am on the phone or otherwise distracted) and the culmination of it all happened at Gav and Rayanne's tonight. Rayanne so nicely offered to watch him during mutual tonight (Tim is in the YM's and I am in the YW's and we had New Beginnings tonight). Mutual went extra long because we had to clean up. I went to the store after and Tim went and picked Ky up. When I got home from the store Tim told me that Kylan had drawn all over Gav and Rayanne's TV. They were able to get it off after researching it on the internet (Crayon makes a magic eraser that takes Crayon off of everything), but I felt like crying and almost did before he told me it came off. I could go on and on about what has taken place at our house over the last couple days, but I won't. Pray that he makes it to his third birthday, because mom doesn't handle this well!!!
P.S. SORRY a million times Gav and Rayanne!!! We are sooooooo sorry!!!

One Month (and 1 day)

A big yawn!

Staring out the window
Yesterday Mya turned one month old. I had every intention of doing this post yesterday. I even dressed her up in her little purple and white cotton jersey dress that Aunt Tonya and Uncle Laine gave her (it was 67 degrees here yesterday, so she was plenty warm) to take one month pictures in, but unfortunately Kylan was a little turd all day. We are attempting potty training, which wasn't the problem (the kid never has to go to the bathroom, he seems to have inherited the bladder of steel), but he was in one of those no moods - everything was NO! - which just grated on my nerves until about 4:30 when I called his dad and said anytime you want to come home would be great - Kylan may not make it past 5pm!!! Anyway, new day and much better day!
Mya is great! She's only fussy when she hasn't pooped for awhile, and I have never heard a baby fart so loud, but she is pretty easy going. She is filling out and eating a ton!!! She not only nurses, but usually follows it with another 4 oz of formula! She does pretty well most nights, going to bed at about 11pm, then waking up at around 3am and again around 6am and then after that whenever her brother wakes her up! We just can't imagine life without her!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

My Little Ladybug

Taking a little cat-nap in her swing

Cracking her eyes to see what mom is doing - oh she's taking pictures again!

Without her headband so you can see how much hair she has! I don;t really put headbands on her (except this one b/c it's not tight) b/c I don't want to rub any hair off!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another cute Kylan moment . . .

I thought I would post this to distract me from how much of a little poop Kylan has been today (playing in the toilet, taking all the wipes out of the bag, putting his eggs in my milk, need I say more) and remind me of how cute he is.
Last night on the way home from my parents house Mya was crying because she was hungry (she always decides she is hungry right when we leave) and Tim always talks to her when she cries to try to calm her down. Well, before he could even start Kylan started talking to her. He was saying "It's okay Mya", "Mya, what happened?", "Mya, what ya doin?", "Oh, poor girl", "Mya" followed my clicking noises, and (my favorite) "Mya whoohoo we're going home, whoohoo"!
Tim and I were cracking up at how cute he was trying to make her happy and stop her crying! What a good big brother he is.

I can't believe he ever fit in this car seat - oh how time flies!

Then and Now

We all know anything done at a hospital is expensive, so I'm not going to complain because really I would pay any amount of money to have my wonderful children, but I just want to give everyone a little bit of an idea of how much more expensive having a baby has gotten since my parents were having children.
For the twins (1984), with no insurance and using the same doctor I did for Mya and the same hospital my parents paid about $1,000 total.
With insurance and only having one baby we have paid and will be paying for Mya a lot more than that!
Just an interesting thing to think about!

Monday, February 16, 2009

I Love Gladys!

I love the Ellen show and Glays was my favorite! This is my most favorite Gladys moment, the first time Ellen called her. So for all of you who have never seen the show, or have and want to see it again watch this clip. I promise you will laugh!

Mya & Evan's Blessing Day

I don't know why blogger uploads these backwards, but I don't want to change the order of the pics, so they will be out of order. It is Evan's first birthday next week, so since they were in town we celebrated it early last night. Notice the broom in the photo, that was his favorite toy. I guess he fights Leah for the broom at their apartment, so when he opened it he didn't even care about his other presents! It was so cute!

Eating his birthday cake.

Braden and Kylan eating their cupcakes. Great-Grandpa Sorensen was getting a kick out of watching these two eat because notice how clean Braden is (he is the cleanest 2 1/2 year old that I know) and notice my child shoving his in his face (and it got worse). Then when I was cleaning them up Ky was screaming because I was cleaning him and Braden was getting upset because I wasn't cleaning him up fast enough! Funny Boys, but best friends!

Great-Grandma Schank holding Mya. This was the only pic I got of her last night, but Kade did a whole photo shoot of her on Saturday in her blessing dress and he got some really cute ones that he is fixing up for me. This is the same dress I wore.

Evan and dad. Evan did pretty good. He was crying by the end, but he is so quiet and calm that it wasn't too bad. Notice his cute little mouth! I love it! He was so excited to be here with everyone. He even hugged me for like 5 minutes and let me kiss his cheeks. He is the sweetest boy! And yes, he is only a year even though he is about as tall as Kylan and probably bigger than him! His mom calls him monster baby!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Our Valentines Day

Well, I'm not a real Valentines Day person, in fact since Mya only slept for 1.75 hours last night (I was up with her until 3am, then Tim was up with her from 4:45 until 7:00) I totally forgot it was even Valentines day until we had been up for a few hours! Tim is more of a Valentines person, but since we have kids now doing something on Valentines Day doesn't happen due to the fact that our babysitters are all doing things. So, here is what we have been doing today:

Keeping Mya awake. I finally had to strip her down to her onesie to get her awake tonight. Don't worry, she isn't cold, I am keeping it about 75 to 80 in our house right now so she won't get cold, she just hates to be exposed at all!
Before everyone headed off for their Valentines Day plans, we all (including the Adams') ate at the Slanted Porch - Their gobler sandwich is to die for and I don't like turkey, cranberries or onion on my sandwich, of course cream cheese makes everything better!
The grandkids were all pretty tired. Here is Evan. Dad rubbed his head until he fell asleep. It was pretty cute!

Kylan also fell asleep shortly after this. He didn't go to bed until midnight because we were at my parents house that late hanging out with all my siblings and then he got up at 7am. Oh, and his new thing is to take his shoes and socks off everywhere. We didn't notice he had kicked them off until right before he wanted to fall asleep on dad.

It's been so much fun having my whole fam in town. I remember when I was little wondering if I would be as excited as my parents were when all their siblings were in town, and I am happy to say that I am! I love them all and have the best sister-in-laws ever (Kent and Kort the bar has been set high, don't disappoint us)! Kent's girlfriend Katrina came with the Kade and Leah and she has been fun! Kylan already loves her and she can put up with Kent - that is quite an accomplishment!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Conversations with Kylan and Cute Pics

Kylan had a sleep over at Grandma Sorensen's house last night (thank you again Grandma). He loves spending time with grandma and is usually very tired when I bring him home, which makes for good napping. He is now old enough that I can kind of have a conversation with him, so we were talking on the way home and I told him I missed him. I wasn't sure he understood what this meant, but he said back to me "Ky-Ky missed momma, missed daddy, missed baby sister." On the same ride home, while listening to the radio he said "Like this song." I said back it makes me want to shake my boodie and he replied "No shake boodie, dance" and started dancing. I love how he is starting to talk in sentences and understands what I am saying to him and can reply back. It is so much fun!

This pic is for Reed and Carissa - here she is in the little outfit you guys got her. She looks so cute in it!

At grandma's house last night Kylan was suddenly quiet, which is a bad sign usually. When I went to find him I found him like this watching a movie in the extra bedroom. Rayanne got him this cow when he was born (Braden, Leah and now Mya all have them also) and it is the only stuffed animal he has ever liked and he absolutely loves it!

Grandpa Sorensen and Mya. She sat with him like this for at least a half hour last night. Both of my babies have loved their grandpa's and are always so calm with them, I guess they just have the special touch!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

25 Random Things and Pictures (of course)!

I have been tagged to do this several times on Face Book so I thought I might as well post it here also! Here is my list:
1.I am the only girl in my family and I like it that way. In fact I would love for Mya to be my only girl. Everyone always tells me I missed out on having sisters, but you can’t miss what you never had and because I had no sisters my mom and I are very close and I like that!
2.My new favorite thing to do is to see how much I can save at the grocery store each week. I love it when the amount saved is more than what I paid for the groceries.
3.I also like to see how long I can go without going to the store. Right now I am aiming for next Saturday, we’ll see if I make it.
4.I LOVE Peeps – yes the little marshmellow chicks covered in yellow sugar! I can eat a whole box in one day by myself!
5.I HATE Halloween. I loath it even more now that I have to come up with costumes for my children.
6.I wanted to be just like my dad when I was little. I even started biting my nails because he did and now it is a nasty habit that I wish I could break!
7.I am not a night or a morning person – I would love to go to bed by 10pm every night and sleep until 10am every morning!
8.I love getting things in the mail. I love it when I have ordered something off the internet because I can track it online and see where it is and when it is getting here.
9.I am online way too much. I told Tim this is what happens when I stay home all day!
10.I can’t stand to just stay home! As a result we probably go to one of our parents house to hang out 4 or 5 nights a week. Before Mya came I took Ky to the dairy probably 3 or 4 days a week.
11.I would love to live where it is warm all year round because I hate being cold and I love summer clothes! Winter clothes are too bulky and hot!
12.I very rarely wear a coat no matter how cold it is outside because I hate carrying it around once I get inside, it’s just easier to be cold for a few minutes.
13.My favorite calling in church that I’ve had is being a relief society teacher. I thought it would be scary, but I loved it!
14.I avoid Walmart during all major holidays so that I don’t have to run into people from high school. It’s not so much that I don’t want to see them, it’s that I have a hard time remembering names and I feel bad when someone knows me and I don’t have a clue who they are!
15.I am really bad at keeping in touch with people (as most of my friends from high school know).
16.I recently went through labor the “natural” way which was not planned and I plan on never doing that again. Our hospital has a policy that you have to be dialated to a 5 to have the epidural, and I went from a 5 to a 10 in 30 minutes and the epidural lady showed up just in time for me to start pushing. My doctor has promised me I don’t have to wait until I’m a 5 next time!
17.For most of my life I said I was going to adopt kids because I didn’t want to go through labor.
18.I thought I would like to go back to teaching someday, but the longer I sub the more I think that I will just sub the rest of my life – I like the freedom of choosing when I work.
19.I (and Tim) would love to be able to travel someday. We are both history buffs and we would love to go to Europe and see all the historical stuff and the fun stuff of course too!
20.Two of my favorite movies are “Chicago” and “Moulan Rouge”. My husband thinks these are horrible movies (as do a lot of people), but I really enjoy the music in them! I love musicals!
21.I call my daughter Leah (her cousin’s name) a majority of the time – ya, I can’t even remember my own kids name.
22.I should have known I was having a girl before we found out because ever since Kylan has been born in all my dreams I have a little boy and a little girl. Sometimes I would even wake up looking for her.
23.I talk and walk in my sleep especially when I am overly tired. When I was in high school I would wake up in the shower.
24.Even though I have never slept with one of my kids in bed with me, I had nightmares right after Kylan was born and now Mya that Tim or I had rolled over on them in the night.
25.I love watching all the wedding shows on the WE station even though I am already married. I just can’t believe how much money some people spend on one day. Seriously people it is one day, go buy a car or put a down payment on a house rather than spend that much money on ONE day!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Two weeks and Two days

At the last basketball game. This is one of my favorite outfits on her, but not the best picture. I will be sure to take a better one next time she wears it. She is just passed around between grandma, Aunt Lynne, Reed and the uncles during the game. Also, I have to put a little plug in for the Varsity team this year - they are doing AWESOME! They have only lost to Monogue in league and we should have home court advantage next week in the first round of Zone since we are pretty solidly in 2nd place right now! Great last season coaching for my dad!

Kylan and My-My. We have always called Kort Kortie My-My (his middle name is Myron), and so Kylan always calls him My-My or Kortie My-My. If you ask him where Kort is he is confused! Kylan LOVES the basketball games, and will just sit on someone's lap, eat Skittles and watch the whole game. He even cheers!

Kylan loves to hold Mya, but only for short periods of time. He was telling her Hello because he and dad had just gotten back from getting milk at the barn.

And the cute little girl herself in her valentines jammies. She has the big Adams eyes that most of my family has and her eyes are way more blue than Kylans were, so hopefully they will stay blue. We do have blue eyes on both sides of the family. Her hair hasn't started falling out (yet) and everyone loves it! It is really soft like Tim's and her hair is usually pretty greasy by the end of the day due to everyone rubbing it! She also seems to have Tim's skin because she is pretty red all the time, as were Tima nd Cam, the two darkest ones in Tim's family! Good for her!

The Big Brother Chronicles

I want to start recording all the funny and kind of scary things that Kylan does or attempts to do to Mya. So, here is the first installation of the Big Brother Chronicles.
  • When Ky wakes up the first thing he wants to know is where baby sister is and then he wants to see her, even if she's in bed.
  • When I change her diaper and she is screaming (she hates clothing to be removed), he will try to push me away from the changing table and gives me a really nasty look like I am hurting her on purpose
  • Kylan tried to feed her popcorn last night
  • He also tried to hit her over the head with my high heel shoe he had been wearing around - both Tim and I stopped him after seeing in his eyes what he was thinking of attempting.
  • He loves to put her pacifier in her mouth when she starts crying and likes to make her toys "dance" (turn on the music) to help her stop crying also
  • He wants her to watch movies with him in my room - but I am too nervious to leave her on the bed with him where I can't see her (shoe incident)
  • He calls her "pretty girl" and "cute girl" and loves her fingers and toys
  • Not too often, but once a day probably, he wants me to put her "over there" (in her bouncy seat) so that he can sit on my lap or play with me. It breaks my heart, but is usually when she is cranky or eating and I can't.
  • He has started catching on to the fact that when I am nursing her or doing other things with her, he can do things he isn't supposed to do (my mom warned me about this). As a result I have become pretty good at nursing while standing and walking around.

Just a few of the things that have happened at our house with two kids. I have to say the adjustment hasn't been too bad, in fact she seems so much easier than Kylan was and I don't know if she actually is or if it's that we know what we are doing now. Of course I always hear it's the third one that throws you off, but right now I'm thinking I will be able to handle more someday (which makes my husband very happy)!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

First Doctors Appointment

Mya had her first doctors appointment today, and I am finding it funny how she seems so much easier than Kylan. I think it's that I know what to expect. One thing Tim and I laugh about is that her crying doesn't put us into panic mode like it did with Kylan. At the doctors office, I was totally relaxed and not bothered at all by her crying while the nurse checked her out. I'm also not as stressed about the sleep thing. I guess I know that it will end, she will eventually sleep the night and I will catch up on my sleep.
Mya checked out well. She now weighs 7lbs 3 3/4oz and is 20 inches long (I don't think she actually grew an inch, she is just less scrunched). Her belly button cord thing fell off on Sunday (thank goodness, both my kids cords have fallen off in a week) and any jaundice she may have had is gone now. It's just very weird to think that I could have been going to an OB appointment today instead of taking my sweet girl to her 2 week check. She is already a part of the family that I can't imagine not having!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

More Pics

The first two pictures were taken before chuch on Sunday. We made it before the opening prayer our first Sunday with two kids and both of them slept through sacrament meeting. It was a miracle - Kylan hasn't fallen asleep at church in over a year!!! Tim told his mom Saturday that dressing up my baby girl to take her to church is something I have been dreaming about since we got married, and I couldn't disagree!! It was so much fun to put her in her first little dress and tights (which didn't touch her legs because they are so skinny) and put a bow in her hair. This is going to be dangerous! When I went to take a close up picture that was the only "smile" that Kylan would do. It wasn't really grouchy, he just wouldn't smile right, but I thought it was funny!
The bottom picture is how she likes to hang out. She LOVES her pacifier and will sit in her bouncy chair or swing or lay on the ground holding it in her mouth wide awake - she was falling asleep in this one, but same idea! I think she is going to end up being a thumb sucker once she is coordinated enough to find it, but for now she likes the pacifier!