Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Nuggle, Buggle, Poon"

For those of you who don't speak Kylan, it says "Snuggle, buggle Spoon". That's what Kylan says he wants to do when he wants to cuddle up in his blanket with someone. In this case, he wanted to do it with Mya in her crib after she woke up. What a sweet boy!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Exersaucer

She thinks everything Kylan does is wonderful and could watch him for hours!

I couldn't resist putting up this one of Ky's cute smile!

I finally got out the exersaucer yesterday and cleaned it all up for Mya. I wasn't sure if she was old enough for it, but she loves it so I think she's okay. Her hands get stuck sometimes, but she really likes being able to stand up and usually screams when I take her out. I'm finding that while Kylan couldn't grow and learn things fast enough for me, Mya seems to be moving along too fast!! I'm afraid to have a third because I'm sure they will grow even faster!

P.S. I have updated the link to Kade's Photos (Lamb Productions). He has started doing photography on the side while going to school, so check out his photos and films, they are pretty good!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Illustrated version of Tim's Day Off . . .

Our garden spot - don't let it fool you, we have too many trees in our back yard, so really the only thing that grew were the tomatos, luckily that is my favorite thing out of the garden. We have a new plan for the other vegies this year.

One grow spot all rotatilled up. We need to add more dirt to this one before adding the new plants and wood chips.

The raspberry coffee cake. We ate the entire thing over the course of the day yesterday (I finished it while Tim was playing ball last night), so this pic will have to do.

My new dryer! I can just put the clothes/towels in, shut the door, turn the knob and press the button, and it works. I don't have to duct tape the button on the door down, hold the door in place (that's right, it was no longer attached) while I put the suitecase against it and then check it every 15 minutes to make sure it is still running! Doing laundry has been wonderful today!

The new hose rollers that I assembled and connected.

Our grow box on the other side with the new plant (the one in the middle) and wood chips in it.

Why we are so concerned with our yard each year. Notice the BRIGHT green lawns on our street. There are only 3 of us with xero scaping, and the other two were professionally done. One of our neighbors used to always ask us what we were doing with our yard, he gave up last year!

What I did while the kids napped today. I LOVE homemade bread and was making it once a week for a couple months, but then I had Mya and I could no longer afford to eat a loaf all by myself (that's the one thing I miss about being prenant, not feeling guilty about what I eat), but I broke down today. We will be giving two loafs away though.

Mya sporting one of her summer outfits earlier this week. I miss the 80 degree weather and can't wait for it's return!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tim's Day Off (or is it really???)

Today was Tim's day off, and I wish I would've taken pictures to prove that he doesn't really ever get a "day off" since I am a slave driver and have all kinds of things lined out that we need to get done. I told him that I feel bad that I do this to him, but he doesn't seem to mind too much, besides there are things that need to get done that I can't do myself. So, here is what we did today (I'll maybe add pics later, we'll see):
Morning: rotatilled (spelling?) both planter boxes in the front yard and our garden spot in the back, did a little weeding(Ky and I did this). I did make a yummy raspberry coffee cake
Afternoon: went to Lowes to buy a new dryer (the door didn't stay on the old one, but that is a whole post in itself), more plants for the front, wood chips and garden hoses and roller holder things for them and a chair rail for Ky's room. If anyone has gone to the Lowes in Fernley, you will understand that this trip took forever because it took them forever to bring the dryer to the front of the store, even though we went and picked it out first and were in the store doing our other shopping for over an hour (the dryer guy assured us it would be there before we checked out). When we got home Tim had to take the power cord off the old dryer and haul it out, haul in the new one and attach the power cord, then plant and spread the wood chips and I did help with all that, and set up the new hoses and holders.
By this time is was time for dinner and then the day was over. Now he has to go to work tomorrow, which will probably be less work than he had to do today!!! Thanks honey, I love you!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One Week and Three Days . . .

until CARLY comes home! Just wanted to make sure you noticed the count down!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Our Fun Weekend

We had a great weekend with the Adams' family. My uncle John came from Salt Lake, Kade Leah and Evan were here for their break before the Summer semester starts, and Kal and Lacy were home for the summer. We hung out at Lynne and Derild's on Thursday and Friday and then on Saturday we went on the MS Dixie. Kylan absolutely loved it, but Mya wasn't a huge fan. Kylan wore himself out by the end and fell asleep on Tim, it was pretty cute!! The slide show I stole from Derild, because Tim and I didn't take a singe picture (I know, we are losers)!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Potty Training Update

We had a very busy weekend (pics coming later), however we continued through with the potty training. After starting a couple weeks ago, Kylan got sick so we had to stop, then starting this last week was like starting all over again, and i didn't want to do that again, so we soldiered on through all our activities. Kylan did awesome, considering. He even went to the bathroom on the MS Dixie yesterday in Tahoe! So, YEA to Kylan who is being a potty training champ! And thank you to all the family who helped out this weekend - we really appreciate it!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Accidents . . .

Kylan had a BAD potty training accident (too gross for any details). Luckily, I was at the store and dad was home with him. I didn't feel bad at all, this was Tim's first time having to clean up an accident, and I enjoyed the break! Plus I had to chuckle a little when I got the frantic phone call while in Walmart - "Ky had an accident and it's EVERYWHERE, come homeNOW please!" (hehehe)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What's New with the Kiddo's

The cousin's with Grandpa on Easter. Kylan was too busy taking Evan's tricycle to smile for the pic, but Evan and Mya look cute!

So, this is going to be a bragging post about my kids, but I haven't done one for awhile, so here is what is new with the kiddo's:

  • LOVES to sing, and is taking after his mom and uncle Kade and can sing along with at least part of most songs on the radio (don't know if this is a good thing, or not, but it's awfully cute), and the theme song of That 70's Show.
  • Is using the big boy potty unless he is sleeping. We had to take a break from potty training for a few days last week due to him being sick, but he is now back in the swing of things and hasn't had an accident all day today!
  • Loves to shoot the "birdies" like his dad

  • Can do somersaults, and thanks to Kent, tries to also do head stands

  • Can almost say his own prayers at night

  • Loves his "baby sister Mya" and can make her smile better than anyone else


My chunky-monkey girl hanging out with dad.

  • Weights about 15 lbs and has survived her first shots

  • Sleeps ALL NIGHT LONG until at least 8am every morning, and has done this about 2 weeks straight now!!

  • Loves to smile, laugh and "talk" especially to her big brother

  • Loves her rocker/bouncy chair and can sometimes get her arm up high enough to hit the animals

    Evan feeding Mya her bottle, which is funny because he usually wants her bottle!

So, that is my update!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Everyone!

Yesterday we went to a baby shower for my cousin's new little girl Natalie. It was so much fun and she is so cute and little!

Here's the kid's easter stuff after we layed it out last night. Kylan got some flash card things, candy, swim suite and splash shirt and new Sunday clothes. Mya got a stuffed lamb, a swim suite (it's a two piece that's a splash shirt on top and the bottoms have little ruffles on the bum), and Easter dress.

Here are a couple pics of them ready for church. Tim and the kids only went to sacrament meeting because Kylan has been sick the last 3 days. He hasn't had a fever all day today though, so we think he is finally better!

P.S. Grandma Teri, if you are reading this, we need you back before next Sunday - Kylan just didn't know what to do without Grandma - We are all missing you!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day 3

Things started a little ify this morning, and then a miracle occured - Kylan told me he had to go to the potty!!! We're still far from being completely potty trained, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
p.s. He stood and peed for the first time last night at my mom's house and thought it was so cool!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Potty Training Update

Things are going better than I thought. After 3 accidents yesterday, he figured out that all of his uncles went to the bathroom on the big boy potty and decided maybe it would be alright. There have been no accidents since then, and he has even worn his big boy undies to grandma's house. Of course I have to take him every half hour or so, but so much better than changing diapers all day long!!! 

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What have I started . . .

Yes, he wanted his gun in the picture with him! I took the picture below first, and I wanted another one and he insisted he be shooting ducks in the second one - and before anyone says something about the gun, little boys make EVERYTHING into a gun (sticks, blocks, hangers, etc), so might as well have one, and we have taught him to only shoot animals, no people.

I have started potty training - really potty training. We had a few dry runs before, but since he now tells me when he wants a "bum change" (diaper change), I have decided he can use the toilet. I have been having him run around with nothing on, but he just doesn't go to the bathroom at all - he will hold it for 5 hours and then go as soon as I put his diaper on him to go down for a nap, or to leave the house! So, this morning he didn't want to be naked, so we put underwear on and he has had one accident, but maybe this will work better! Potty training is definitly frustrating, however, seeing him run around in his little boxer briefs just makes me so much happier!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Just a Picture Update

Today is the first day of General Conference, so here is what we are doing:

Tim has the day off (YEA!!!) - he is holding my diet Pepsi so I can take this pic

It just isn't General Conference without a delicious (but fattening) breakfast - this time I made doughnuts. I didn't have anthing small enough to punch a middle hole, so they are just round, but very yummy!!!

I just put Mya down for her morning nap. You know she is really asleep when her hands are above her head. Also, Kylan insisted a few weeks ago that I put her cow in bed with her since he sleeps with his.

Kylan is watching Looney Toons - Walmart had a two disk set of them and it has been awesome. They just don't make cartoons like these anymore

This week Karin was in town, and Michelle was on Spring break/off track so all four of us were able to get together. It was so nice to catch up and just to be able to all be together again! We do this probably once a year thanks to Karin - she is so good about getting us all together! I love you girls!!!