Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring is Here (at least for a couple days)!

It finally feels like Spring today and the kids and I are taking full advantage. As I am typing this is what the kids are doing:

Mya was too busy playing with the gate to look at the camera while taking a picture! Emmit wearing shorts for the first time since he was new born! He is definitly taller than his brother was because these shorts always went to Ky's ankles and they are actually the right length on him!
Kylan riding his new bike. He made us back out our vehicles so that he would have plenty of room to ride!

Kylan's 4th Birthday

Things have finally settled down enough that I can catch up on my blogging! First is Ky's 4th birthday! I can't believe I have a big 4 year old and every chance he gets he reminds me that he will be 5 on his next birthday and then he gets to go to kindergarden, which nearly makes me cry, but maybe if he reminds me for a whole year I won't cry when it actually happens! Here on some pics from his special day!Kylan requested chocolate cupcakes for his birthday, and I made these yummy white ones too that my mom makes with raspberry frosting (they are my favorite, and since I did all the work to bring him into the world, I figure it's okay if I also make what I want). Mya snuck into the raspberry ones when no one was looking and helped herself to the tops of 4 of them before the party started!
Present time!

And here are my three cuties playing with one of Ky's presents the day after his birthday. I love how happy Emmit is in this pic!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More Pics by Kade from the Wedding

Cy (3 yrs), Evan (3 yrs), Taye (8 yrs), Kylan (4yrs)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Kent & Stacy's Wedding!

It's official Kent and Stacy are married! We left last Thursday for the wedding and came home yesterday (Sunday) and boy were we glad to be home! We had a lot of fun, but we also learned a very important lesson - unless absolutely necessary (like for a wedding), never stay in a hotel with a 7 month old (or for that matter any child under the age of 2), unless you like getting absolutely no sleep! I also learned that it is best to put your camera in your diaper bag/purse rather than in your video camera bag if you ever want to take pictures with it because I never remembered to take my video camera bag out of the car and the car was always parked far away (usually somewhere in a parking garage that I would never find my way to or back from by myself). I blame the lack of sleep mentioned earlier! Thankfully other family members did take pictures and so I stole theirs! Some are Kade's and some are my dad's!

Our side of the fam that attended the wedding.

Our whole family. Not the best pic, but kind of funny! Jessie, Kort, Kade, Leah, Evan, Dad, Stacy, Kent, Mom, Me, Emmit, Tim, Lacy, Kal, Mya and Kylan. The wedding was delayed so we were in the temple for over two hours. We were fine, but the poor people outside watching all the kids were dying! Luckily everyone made it out alive, but the kids had had it at this point. Mya by this time refused to wear her shoes (everytime we put them on her she flung them off). Yep, I was that mom that everyone was saying "where is that girls mom. Doesn't she know it's too cold our here for that poor girl to have no shoes on." Yep, I know, but if you can get her to keep them on then go for it!

Mya and grandma enjoying a beverage after the sealing and pictures at a place called "The Blue Lemon". I highly recommend it to anyone visiting temple square, it's right across the street and very yummy! Make sure you order the sweet potato fries! Yum!

Another group shot

Another picture of Mya at lunch. She actually asked my mom to let her go to sleep on her while we were eating. That's how tired my kids were during the trip!
We did have fun, it was great to see so much family and to be at the sealing and meet Stacy's fam! We also got to hang out with Kyle and Carly and they watched our kids during the sealing and then let us stay with them Saturday night.
Now it's back to getting my 7 month old to stop sleeping like a new born because this mom can't take many more nights of being up every two hours!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Conversation with Kylan

Kylan and I were talking while I put him to bed tonight and his missing teeth came up. For those of you who don't know, missing teeth runs in the Sorensen family. Kylan is missing the same two teeth that Tim is and I told him this the other day and he can't get over it. He has a new theory everytime it comes up of why they are missing, so this is how it went tonight:
Kylan: Dad and I are missing two teeth.
Me: yes you are.
Ky: I think someone took them
Me: Oh really
Ky: Yep, someone in the family
Me: No, I don't think anyone in the family took them
Ky: I know, there were baby teeth there and they came out and the tooth fairy left money under my pillow
Me: No, they were never there. Someday when you are older we will get you fake ones like dad's.
Ky: When I'm six
Me: Probably more like when you are 12.
Ky: Oh, I guess that will be okay.
The kid's obsessed. I wonder what theory he will have tomorrow night!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Feeding Emmit

Kylan has been BEGGING me to let him feed Emmit since he started eating food the end of January. I told him that when Emmit started eating a little better than I would let him. Well, Emmit sits in his bumbo on the island in our kitchen a lot while I am cooking and doing dishes, so one day I turned around and Ky was feeding Emmit and he was doing a great job and Emmit loved that his big brother was feeding him, so until the new-ness wears off (and it will) I am taking full advantage of Kylan liking to feed Emmit! When I took this pic, Kylan actually had his own spoon too, so he would do one bite for Emmit and one bite for him (it's peach yogurt). And just a side note, Emmit is a bottomless pit when it comes to eating food - and not just yogurt, but his vegies too! He also loves to drink water, which comes in very handy when he wants to nurse and Tim has him!

Friday, March 4, 2011

My Cute Kids

Kylan and Mya all ready for bed tonight. Kylan has been setting traps with Kent out by the dairy and he loves it. Kent says he asks a million questions while they are doing it, and then when he gets back he tells Tim and I everything that he learns. He caught a rabbit in the trap he set yesterday (it was meant for a coyote, but he was happy to have caught something). Some funny things he has said lately: when I tell him I'm sorry for doing something, he usually says "you don't have to be sorry mom, it was an accident." Since they have been spreading manure at the dairy, he hauls "poop" all day at home whether it's outside, or in the house and he gets after Mya and I if we step in it! He sings and dances with Emmit when he is in his exersaucer and if he lets go of Emmit's hands, Emmit keeps reaching for him - he is definitly his little brothers favorite person to play with!

Here is Mya with Uncle Cam tonight. He came over for dinner and then hung out and after her bath she sat by him forever on the couch and was so happy! She too has been checking traps with Uncle Kent and she loves to touch the animals (not sure if I like that, but I think it's funny that she is so much braver than Ky). She has been potty training again, but this time I let her pick out a barbi doll and she is filling up a chart to earn it and she is doing much better, especially the last couple days! She is talking up a storm now and she talks in full sentences! She has a love/hate relationship with Emmit - she doesn't get that he is a baby and that when he pulls her hair or hits her I can't get after him because he doesn't understand, but for the most part she loves him. She is learning her numbers and tries to count everything. She also sings all the time. Her favorites are "Old MacDonald", "Three Little Monkeys Swinging in the Trees" and "Itsy Bitsy Spider."

Emmit, dad, Mya and Cam watching TV.

Emmit zonked out on dad tonight. He fell asleep while eating, but it was too early for bed and too late for a nap so I gave him to Tim to hold. He woke up for a short time and then fell right back to sleep on him - pretty cute! Now that he is better he is pretty much back to his normal self. He is now at the stage where he gets upset if he can't see anyone and he is much more of a mama's boy than the other two kids were - it seemed like Mya and Ky would've much rather had dad than me! He FINALLY started blowing raspberries and saying "Dada" this week, but he still refuses to roll and he really needs to start doing it because he isn't as happy with being immobile as he used to be, so I am letting him cry things out a lot more lately hoping it will motivate him to move. He is a good baby food eater and eats a lot most days! He is still a very smiley boy and will smile for anyone!