Saturday, July 30, 2011

Scout Camp Top 10

Tim left LAST Saturday for Scout Camp and got home today at about 1pm. That is why there has been such a shocking lack of posts on here - we have been in survival mode at this house. And, although I took lots of pics on my phone to send to Tim, I never took any with my camera until he got home today. Here is a highlight list of what we did/happened while Tim was gone. There was really never a dull moment!

10. Not sleeping in past 6am at all this week. Even after the first few nights when kids kept getting up (Emmit was up for a whole hour one night), either Ky or Mya made sure I wasn't able to sleep past 6am. Couple that with not being able to fall asleep until after 11pm, and I pretty much had a dull headache everyday all day. Lots of diet Coke was consumed at my house this week!

9. Being taught patience this week, and I wasn't a very willing student for the first half or so, trust me!

8. Somehow losing the remote to my car while at the park with the kids when the remote, attached to my keys, had been in my pocket the whole time. Awesomeness!

7. Emmit playing in the pool at grandma's in the nudies. So stinkin' cute! I love nudie babies!

6. Going to lunch with my parents, Kort and Jess and Lacy. Carissa was so nice to stay home with the other three so that I could get a little break!

5. Emmit sprouting a tooth. Although exciting in one sense, stressful in another since Tim was gone. I held him and walked around during pretty much all of church on Sunday and that night I discovered the tooth.

4.Tim telling me about their final camp fire thing where they retired an old flag (pretty cool) and then put their arms around each others shoulders and swayed back and forth to "I'm proud to be an American". I laughed so hard, and laughed several more times just thinking about it. I am about to laugh right now.

3.Locking Emmit in the house and Kylan, Mya and I out. It was about 9am. Only Kylan had shoes on. I walked into Brett and Teri's crying, makeup running down my face (I had just applied my mascara) and they were having a meeting with all the milkers. The lady giving the presentation I think thought I was crazy. Everything turned out fine, Laine was able to open a window before the locksmith got there and Emmit only cried the last few minutes and I had just put the gate up blocking the stairs, so I felt pretty confident that he would be okay. Brett and Teri now have a spare key so that will never happen again!

2. The day Mya wore her swimsuite all day long. She played in a pool at playgroup, then didn't want to change and I didn't see a need to since she was going to play in the kiddie pools at grandma's house that night anyway. Plus she is so cute in her suite!

1. All of my wonderful family who did so much to help me this week! Grandma's and Grandpa's who fed us and let us come over at night so I could have some help before bed time, Gav & Rayanne for taking Ky for a few hours for me so I could have a little break, Laine for breaking into my house so I didn't have to pay an arm and a leg to have my door unlocked and I could get to my crying baby, Tonya, Rachel and Derild for calling and checking on me, Bill for taking Ky with him to do chores, Kort and Jessie for helping whenever I needed it, Lynne for Sonic drinks in the afternoon and Carissa for being the kids slave for 3 days

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Tooth!

The mystery behind Emmit's crankiness for the last week or so has been solved - he has a tooth! Earlier yesterday he was chewing on my leg and I thought I felt something sharp, but didn't stop to investigate. Later that evening I finally did and surprise - HE HAS A TOOTH! This is new for us to have a child start teething before their first birthday, and although he is only a couple weeks from being 1 (how is that possible???) he still made it! And with how cranky he still is I'm sure more aren't far behind (did I mention Tim left for Scout Camp yesterday and won't be back until NEXT Saturday, ya wish me luck)!

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Lake

For a lot of people in Northern Nevada, the term "The Lake" refers to Tahoe. For me and my family it's Lahontan Dam. Who needs ice cold Tahoe when warm Lahontan is nearby? Anyway, my family has always gone every Saturday for as long as I can remember, while Tim's family prefers the week days when it is less crowded and go for about a week camping there every year for probably as long as he can remember. Well, combine the two and the kids and I spent 6 of the last 7 days at the Lake and we had so much fun! Saturday and Monday were spent with my family and then Tuesday - Thursday were spent with the Sorensens. I of course forgot my camera every day except today, so that is what I have pics of. But, before we get to the lake pics, we were able to participate in the making of an educational video on dairys early this morning. One of the shots they wanted was all the kids with a calf in the field. Of course the cleanest calf was the craziest one, but the shots turned out great and the kids had a lot of fun!

Emmit became pretty comfortable with the water in the last week. We had to watch him because he would crawl out into it until it was up to his face! He loved to just hang out at the waters edge and splash and play!

I have a lot of pics of him because he is facsinated by the camera right now and so he was the only one who would pause long enough for me to take a picture. I have a lot of shots of Kylan and Mya's backs!

Kylan hanging out in the motor home (or airplane as he liked to pretend he was) and yes his cheeks are sun burnt and have blisters - he never leaves the water!!! So after so many days, no matter how much we reapplied (and trust me we did) his poor skin had had it!

Emmit and I.

Mya's back (see told you, she was too busy playing to ever look at the camera).

Emmit on the jet ski. He is still too little for a ride, but he loved it when grandma sat him on it for a few minutes between riders!

Grandpa taking Braden and Kylan on a ride. Kylan would only ride with grandpa!

And this picture really sums up how all of us are feeling right now! I had sat Emmit in the chair with a towel and a cracker and next thing we knew his head was bobbing and then he was out. Poor little guy had had it!

Highlights of the week:

* Watching Kent wake board! Kylan loved his flips!

*I wake boarded for the first time in two years and I still could get up the first time! Kylan wouldn't watch me though, he said only boys wake board and was mad I had gone . . . little stinker!

*Having 4 out of my 5 siblings together at the lake. We missed you Kort and Jessie!

*Finding out I will be getting a neice around Christmas time - congrats Kort and Jessie (good excuse to not be there)!

*Brett wearing his tennis shoes at the lake - always kills me!

*The huge waves everyone played in when it got super windy on Wednesday . . . but not being covered in the tiny green bugs that suddenly appeared when the wind started (really gross).

*Brett trying to figure out Rayanne's lounge chair . . . that was obviously made for little people like Rayanne!

*Learning how to drive the jet ski. I finally did it and now I am addicted! Kylan wouldn't ride on it with me though (he would only ride with grandpa), but Mya and I took a ride together.

*The night Kylan slept from 6:30 at night until 6:00 the next morning. We tried to wake him up for dinner when we got home, but there was no waking the kid. He was exhausted!