Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pig for Punishment!

So, the new principal at the High School is awesome (she is whipping those kids into shape, but is only here a semester), however today at nutrition break I guess the kids were throwing snow balls, so since past punishments didn't seem to be working (shoveling the walks if caught), it was announced that there will be no nutrition break tomorrow - good idea, but when am I supposed to have a "nutrition break" or more importantly go to the bathroom?! Oh well, hopefully the kids will stop throwing snow, and at least tomorrow will be the end of week 1! Only 2 more to go (possibly 3, lets pray for 2)!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Christmas, New Years and all other Updates

Well, my new power cord finally arrived (it took 15 days to get here, when I had paid more for 2 day shipping), so I am finally updating my blog because I know I won't have time in another couple of days, so lets start at the beginning. . .

CHRISTMAS was awesome! We spent Christmas Eve with the Schank Family. A smaller group this year since everyone was here for Thanksgiving, but still tons of fun. Christmas Day was spent with both families. The best part of the day (for me anyway) was getting to talk to our two missionaries. We talked to Kentie first and then Carly a couple hours later. They are both doing great and it was an emotionally as it usually is due to the fact that Carly has only been gone a couple of months and Kent will be home in SIX weeks (he started his last transfer this week). Tim's family got a Wii which I still haven't played yet, but looks like tons of fun. A couple days after Christmas we had a couple good snow storms and were actually able to make a snowman in our front yard. All the Sorensen's helped at Lunch time after eating at our house, it was tons of fun.
NEW YEARS EVE we went out to dinnner with Gav, Rayanne and Bradon and then watched a movie at our house. Tim, Ky and I were asleep by about 10:30, but poor Gav and Rayanne ended up in the emergency room when Bradon had an allergic reaction to something - it just so happened that he had eaten about every food you would typically have a reaction to that day. Poor kid!

Kylan is now 10 months - I don't know where the time has gone. He is turning more and more into a little boy. He crawls like a pro and can stand up by himself in the middle of the room, however walking doesn't seem to interest him at all. He has starting talking a little - he says mom, dad, "ut-oh" and "hi" while waving. He "talks" all the time, so who knows what else he is saying. The toilet thing is going well still. He doesn't like to go in his diaper, so if we are really busy and I don't get him on the toilet he will go a little bit many many times during the day, if I am good about putting him on the toilet he will go once or twice all day (poop). He will always pee everytime I put him on. I'm thinking this is going to help for full out training!

I know this is long, but it may be our last update for awhile. I am doing a long term sub job (3-4 weeks) for a teacher at the high school who is having his hip replaced. While I am really excited to be back in the classroom, I can't help worrying that Ky will think I have abandoned him and just keep thinking about how much I will miss him. I start on Tuesday. Wish me luck!

We hope each of you had a wonderful Christmas and is having a great New Year!
P.S. There will finally be another girl in the Sorensen family - Gavin and Rayanne found out this week that they will be having a girl in June! We are SOOO excited!

Ky and Carissa his favorite; Ky, Cy and Uncle Johnny

Bryan, Kort and Christopher on Christmas Eve; Reed and Ky hangin gout

Bradon, Ky and Tonya; Gav, Bradon, Ky and Tim by the snowman

Tim and Ky out in the snow

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Computer Problems

Hopefully I will be able to do a Christmas post soon! However, I have had some computer problems. The AC adapter for my laptop was somehow cut and I didn't realize that my computer wasn't charging until the battery was about dead. A new has been ordered and should arrive soon! More goodness to come!