Friday, April 27, 2012

Busy Week . . .

We've had a crazy busy, but lots of fun week!
Monday I almost forgot to take Ky to preschool. Tuesday they were having a field trip out to our dairy, so I had in my mind there was no school on Monday. At 8:40am Monday morning I decided to double check - yes there was preschool - so we had about 5 mins to get ready and out the door! We also started working on our reseeding of part of our lawn project that night!
 Tuesday was the field trip which went awesome. All four classes came out. Tim and Gav did a great job with the hayride/tour/letting the kids play in tractors and Rayanne and I did a great job with the refreshments!  The reseeding process continued that night!
Wednesday we had a tball game and dinner with Kade, Leah, Evan and my parents since they are Moving to Michigan on Saturday
Thursday was more fun with Kade, Leah and Evan. I made Thai food and had Brett, Teri, Carly and Kyle over as well while Leah was busy cutting everyone's hair for the last time (she doesn't want to come back every 3-6 weeks to continue, can't figure out why). Evan and Kylan also had a sleep over!
Friday (today) reseeding will be finished (hopefully) in a few hours. I am now 25 weeks pregnant (tomorrow) and almost down to double digits for days left (which I haven't made it to single digits in the last two pregnancies so this stresses me out a bit) and I can say I FEEL pregnant now. By the end of the day everything hurts. Boo! Tonight we have another tball game, Evan playing one last time and dinner and a movie with Gav, Rayanne and their kids (thanks Rayanne)!  

This is the kind of GOOD and BUSY week that I love (except that it makes this pregnancy go by even fast than it already is)!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Great Weather and fun things for Baby Sister

I ordered some things to make cute headbands for baby sister and to make matching barrets or headbands for Mya (she isn't a big headband fan, but I got this super soft fabric elastic and I think she may like them made out of this). The stuff came last week, but I haven't had time to play with it until today and it was so much fun! I used velcro stuff so that I can change out the flower depending on the outfit. I have a ton more colors of felt cutouts, but these are the ones I made today!
We have been having record temps the last week and it has been so much fun! However, by Wednesday we are going to be back to average and my Thursday a little below so we are trying to enjoy it while it lasts. On Saturday we went to the lake for the first time this year (and probably the only time for a month or so) and it was so much fun! It got up to about 90 so it felt like a nice summer day, not the 21st of April! The kids all went on Reed and Carissa's new tube with Aunt Leah (including Emmit) and went on the blue board (including Emmit once again) and even Tim came out with us! We have also been working on our yard and home to reseed our lawn this evening and then start on our big sand box/play area for the kids in the next week or so. I am so excited to get our yard looking a little better! We're hoping my creating a sand box the kids will stop digging in the grass! And of course I have no pictures of our nice weather activities! 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

And It's A . . .

GIRL!!! We are pretty excited (we would have been just as excited if it had been a boy)! And we will be even (I'm weird like that and like things to be even)! Best of all, she looked perfect! Everything looked great, my placenta has moved up so I don't have to worry about that and she is right on schedule! So 4 months (from yesterday) left until she should be here! Or less, whatever!!!
 And here I am at 23 weeks (just about). 

I think I look about how I did at 20 weeks, everything just feels tighter! 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The BIG Day!

Tomorrow is FINALLY the BIG ultrasound! So what will it be . . . . 


Saturday night we went to an easter egg hunt/bbq at Hal Johnson's home. Us and the kids had so much fun! They had the kids hunt in three groups depending on their age. Tim went with Ky and Mya (they were in the same group) and I took Emmit.  Here's the group pic before the hunt. Emmit was in the picture, but got distracted. His basket is the truck one left on the ground.
 This was what distracted him!

 I have lots of video of Sunday, but not many pics! The kids came down and saw their baskets, then we had breakfast and got ready for church while dad was doing chores. When he got home they hunted eggs outside. After church we went to Grandpa and Grandma Sorensen's where the kids hunted more eggs and we ate lots of yummy food and played outside! 

Friday, April 6, 2012

Coloring Easter Eggs

We colored Easter Eggs tonight. Usually we leave it to Grandma Kenna to do this activity because frankly I am terrified of the mess. This year however Grandma and Grandpa are in Idaho at Uncle Kort's graduation from BYU-I, so I had to bite the bullet and do it myself. I have to say it went well with only a few drips on the counter that were cleaned up very quickly! Kylan and Mya each dyed 6 eggs.
 At Tim's suggestion Emmit was given an egg and a cup of water. He LOVED it! He pulled the egg in and out, drank the water with a spoon and had a great time until he tried to eat the egg shell and all then his fun had to come to an end!
 Luckily that was about the time Ky and Mya were done dying theirs!
Now we are all ready for Easter!

Field Trip to the Base

In March Kylan's class took a field trip to the base. Grandpa Donald volunteered to go with him and they had a great time! All of the preschool classes went at the same time so there were quite a few kids! I was cleaning out my email and found these that my dad had emailed to me! Thanks dad!

 They split the kids in half, so this is half of the students that Mrs. Stark has in preschool!

I love this one! Thanks for taking him Grandpa he had a great time! (and I think Grandpa had a great time too)!

TBall and Stuff

Kylan has been playing T Ball this year. Tim and Uncle Gav are his coaches and he is loving it! These were taken over a week ago, this week he hasn't had any games because it has been spring break (which has been wonderful to not have any school of ball games). This game he was the last batter so I couldn't get any cute pics of him on base because he just got to run all the way home without stopping (which he loves)!

 Here he is out in the field, not the one closest to the camera but the one that is hard to see in the background. I need to be better at taking pics, but it's kind of hard when I have one child trying to sneak off to the park (Mya) and one child trying to sneak out on the field to play "b ball" with Ky and dad (Emmit). Thank goodness grandma and grandpa come to games!

And Ky got a hold of my camera again and I found this photo shoot on it today. It's been too cold for shorts for quite a few days now, so I'm not sure when he took these!

 Self portrait!

And I guess I was outside lounging in the nice weather reading my book when all this was going down. What would I do without my Ky-ky!