Saturday, September 19, 2009

I'm a Little Behind . . .

Here are some things Ihaven't blogged yet, but need to:

Sara (carly's mother-in-law) holding Rowan (carly's neice), Diane and Carly.

Carly's shower went really really well! We had a HUGE turnout (we figured 40+ people).

Kylan on his lunch break from chopping corn. He just looks so grown up in this pic!

Kylan made me spread this his blanket out, and put the leg rest up so that he could sit just like uncle gav, with his arms behind his head and everything! Kylan LOVES his Uncle Gav!

A Day I Want to Record For the Future . . .

Today has been a very interesting day, both in good and bad ways. As far as the good goes, the kids slept in until after 8am, we went to Reed and Carissa's football game and they both did well, both the kids took naps, Kylan hasn't had a #1 accident all day (knock on wood) and Brett, Teri and Cameron came over to watch the BYU game and eat pizza with us.

Now on to the rest of my day - Yes, the kids slept until after 8am, however when I went to get Mya, she had pooped out of her diaper and it was everywhere and on everything - all her blankets, the crib bumper, her stuffed animals - everywhere! Kylan wore his new shoes to the flag football game where the whole lawn was muddy, so now his new shoes are muddy shoes. I took both of the kids to the store with me a little too close to nap time (my kids are really good in the store usually), and he started throwing a fit at the check out stand, so the nice lady gave him a sticker. Nothing fancy, just an orange sticker that said thankyou. As soon as we got outside Ky took it off his shirt and it was a little windy and it blew away. Ky then BAWLED, not just cried, all the way home, which took a little longer because I had forgotten ice and wasn't going back in, so I went to Sonic to get it.

When we got home I gave him other stickers and he was happy with that. I was putting some things away in another room and I heard a loud noise and Mya screaming. I thought she had fallen down (she now stands up by things), but when I got there Ky told me had hit her 4 times with a book (he's not the best counter, so who knows how many times he really hit her). I held her for a minute before I noticed her eye lid was bleeding everywhere. To make an already long story a litttle shorter, I called Tim paniced and once he got here we determined it didn't need stitches.

During the eye drama, while Kylan was taking off his big boy undies for his nap he discovered he had a little pooping accident that ended up on his rug. And of course as I was putting him down for his nap he started crying again over his sticker that blew away! I told him to stop crying and he told me "Ky-Ky wants to cry", so that's what he did until he fell asleep!

Just one of those days I wanted to record for posterity!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Just the Girls

The dairy is chopping corn right now which means that Kylan is helping dad at work everyday, so it was just been the little miss and me at home. It's been fun to spend some one on one time with this sweet little girl, and I think she has liked having all of my attention - which isn't really helping the mama's girl situation, but it's been fun! She is very excited though when her brother returns each evening!

Mya crawling towards me. She crawls better and better everyday and is loving it! She even pulled herself up and was standing last night. Her and Ky were playing in the living room and I was doing dishes, when Kylan runs in yelling "Mya's standing up, Mya's standing up!" It was so cute that he was so excited about it!

Her sweet little face! She looks so old here!

She was just squealing at me because she was so excited about the camera. I didn't mean to take this picture, but I'm glad I accidentally did!
P.S. I don't know if you read this Megan, but if you do - CONGRATS on finding out it's a girl! I'm so excited that you are finally getting her!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lake Tahoe

Every year my family takes a day trip to Tahoe, so Saturday was the day this year. Tim, Me, Ky, Mya, Kort, Jessica (his girlfriend who came to visit from Washington) and my parents all made the trip. Unfortunately it was very windy so we weren't able to take our usual trip on my dad's boat over the Emerald Bay, or take the boat at all, but we did spend a little time at the beach and then went shopping in South Tahoe and ate dinner at the Tahoe Keys before going home.

Tim and Kort were the only brave ones who really played in the water. For those of you unfamiliar with Tahoe, it is EXTREMELY cold, even on the hottest day, so since it was windy it felt really extra cold on this day. I got wet up to my knees and my legs were numb for probably an hour!

Kylan also got completely wet, for two reasons: 1) he is a little boy and they can't be near water without getting in it and 2) the waves were so big that he was taken out a couple times, so didn't have much of a choice! He was so cute!!!

Mya loved the sand! She kept picking up handfuls and then letting it run out of her hands. My mom kept burying her toes, but she wasn't too sure about that. Right before we left she did put a handful in her mouth, but she gagged and choked on it so much that I hope she will be over doing that!

Just a cute pic of Grandma and Mya

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Busy Busy!

It seems like we have been going 100 miles an hour lately! Last Friday I started subbing again, my mom threw Lacy, Uncle Ernie and I a big birthday party Monday, mutual, making bridal shower invites and getting them out, Mya started crawling, holding her own bottle and getting from her stomach to sitting by herself, attempting to potty train once again, and a million other things! Here are some pics:

Carly's invite that I designed, got the addresses for, addressed, stamped and got out all today! Even with Mya crying, Kylan jumping, stepping and rolling on her, drawing on my door, peeing on my bed and crying because he wasn't getting my attention. My house is a mess, my kids and I don't have any clean clothes and I haven't showered, BUT at least the invitations are in the mail!!!

I finally got my pedicure that Gav and Rayanne got me last year for my birthday. I was going to get it right before Mya was born and then she came a little sooner than planned, but it was so much fun getting it and the lady who did it was a miracle worker, my heals were actually normal!!! I was so happy!!!

Mya in crawling position about to take off! I will tell anyone, I LOVE it when my kids are mobile because they are so much happier. Sure they can get into things, but once you get used to keeping everything out of their reach, it's not bad at all! I just can't believe we are to this stage already!

Kylan wanted to feed Mya and she actually let him and loved cuddling with him this one time! Usually she gets mad when he tries to hold her now, but at this moment she was loving it and so was he! I love these two kids!!!

Well, I better get off the computer and tend to my neglected house and laundry!!!