Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday was my 25th birthday, and while Tim's original birthday plans didn't happen, we still had a very nice day. My brothers wathed Kylan so that Tim and I could go to dinner last night and the night before we had a family dinner with both of our families and my favortie - homemade ice-cream! We went to dinner last night at my favorite place "Don Julios." As far as Tim and I are concerned, they have the best Mexican and Italian food in Fallon! This is my present from Tim and Brett and Teri. It is my 3-in-1 HP photo quality printer. It scans, copies and prints normal documents and photo quality! I am loving it! Five years ago who would have thought I would be so excited about getting a printer for my birthday, but I am! Sorry I don't have more exciting pics, but I kind of forgot to take pictures with everything that was going on!

This is also my first attempt at putting a video on my blog. This is of Kylan not getting into crawling position, which he does constantly except when I wanted to get it on video. I thought it might still be enjoyable to watch for those of you who haven't seen him in action. He also days "da da" in it over and over again

Kylan NOT getting into crawling position from Kassi Sorensen and Vimeo.
I put videos I create on Vimeo. You can see my profile.

There are some other notable August Birthday's that I would like to recognize on this post, since I have been a slacker about it:
Grandma Teri - Aug 4th
Aunt Rachel - Aug 9th
Aunt Carly - Aug 21st
My Friend Josh - Aug 26th (I think!)
My Friend Michelle - Aug 30th (we were in the nursery together at the hospital)
Great Uncle Ernie (aka Uncle Buck) - Aug 31st
We love all of you and wish you a very happy birthday!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

First Football Game and Tahoe

This weekend Ky had two more firsts: First Fallon Greenwave Football game. Kylan had a great time. He is so happy if he can watch people (takes after his mom). When he was tired of people watching he went to sleep on Grandpa Schank and then woke up and had a bottle with Aunt Carly. While Ky had a great time, the outcome of the game wasn't pretty. Good thing he doesn't know what is going on!

Saturday Kylan went to Lake Tahoe for his first time on Grandpa Schank's boat. He did much better with his life jacket - he just fell asleep whenever we were in the boat. I guess he figures that since he is going to be tortured in his jacket he might as well go to sleep. He had fun on the beach and lounging in the boat in Emerald Bay.

Everytime we go to Tahoe it just amazes me that there is somewhere that beautiful only an hour and a half from Fallon!

Friday, August 24, 2007


I have been to several blogs where they have music and I thought that would be fun to have, but I thought it probably cost money. So, I checked it out this morning and guess what it is FREE! So Kylan and I have had a ton of fun this morning dancing to all kinds of music and singing along. Sorry Tim, but it seems that he likes his mom's fun music more than his dad's Air Supply. "N" I added "Hips Don't Lie" just for you and I'm sorry Derild if not all the songs pass your approval, but they are all radio edited versions, in fact I had to not add a bunch of my favorites because I couldn't find an edited version!
I hope everyone enjoys!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

5 Months Old

Kylan is 5 months old today. Here are some things he has learned to do up to this point:
  • Puts himself to sleep and sleeps the night
  • Rolls from front to back and back to front
  • scoots backwards on his stomach and on his back
  • says "dada"
  • eats babyfood and really really wants to eat regular food

I can't believe that it's already been 5 months! And at the same time he has changed so much in such a short period of time!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Trip to Utah

We are back from what is (hopefully) our last vacation of the year. We have been spoiled and been on 3 trips this year and they have all been tons of fun. We left Thursday morning for Logan, UT. We decided to head up there for a day and stay with some friends of ours (thanks Kade and Jess). While there we ate at Maddoxes twice, shopped, visited the Sorensen's where we helped shuck and freeze corn and had a great time.

(Kylan and Elayne Sorensen)

Friday night we drove to Orem where we met up with Teri, Rachel and her kids, Cameron, Carly and Tonya and Layne. We all stayed at the same hotel and Kylan did really well with his first hotel experience. Mom however was a little panicky about keeping him on his blanket while he was playing on the floor and keeping him off the comforter of the bed.

(Ky and Dad hanging out in the hotel)

Saturday we did some more shopping. We went to the awesome store that Tonya works at and got some pretty cool stuff for very cheap thanks to the sale that was going on and Tonya's employee discount! THat night was the best part of the trip. Layne was baptized and it was great to be there. On Sunday he was confirmed a member of the church by Tim and given the Holy Ghost. When Rachel told Landon that Layne was going to be given the Holy Ghost he began crying and had to be taken completely out of the church building because Landon was afraid the Holy Ghost was going to get him.

(Cam, Layne and Tonya at Zoupa's)

(Layne and the elders who have been teaching him)

(The whole gang at the baptism - Me, Tim and Ky, Teri and Landon, Carly, Layne, Tonya, Rachel and Coralee, and Cameron and Braylon)

After church we drove home, but we took our time. We stopped at Cabellas (AKA Tim's mother ship), ate a couple times, and shared an ice-cream cone (I should have taken a picture). Overall it was an awesome trip and just great to get away and spend time together!

(Tim and Ky at Wingers in Elko)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Grandpa and Kal with Grandpa's deer that he got this year!


Sweet Potatoe EXPLOSION!!

Yesterday, while feeding Kylan I left him for a MINUTE to help Coralee with something (she spent the day with us) and came back to this. I guess since I wasn't feeding him, he decided to take matters into his own hands. What you can't see is that he threw his spoon eventually and got it all over my curtains. I just had to laugh because he was so proud of himself and was trying so hard to do it himself. The bad thing is that now while I feed him he is grabbing at the spoon and the bowl or container of food the entire time! His first birthday cake should be quite exciting!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Marriage Meme

I was tagged to do this by my friend Montsie - the first blog I ever visited! Here are 8 facts about Tim and my marriage:
1. Tim and I were married October 16, 2004 - about 7 weeks after he came home from his mission on September 4th.
2. We had been friends since middle school and dated since we were Juniors in high school. With the exception of a few dates (which I was asked on, but didn't go on any second dates) I waited for him while he was in Argentina!
3. On our second anniversary we found out that we were having a boy (Kylan). That was the day we had "THE" ultrasound. I would have to say that will be the best anniversary ever!
4. I am the one who always forgets the date we got married, not Tim!
5. We got married so quickly that we didn't actually have our reception until December 18th. We got married on a Friday during the middle of my second to last semester at UNR so we spent the weekend up at Squaw Valley and then I had to go to class on Monday. However we both think that putting the reception off until later like we did was really nice! We didn't have to rush to a reception and we feel like we were able to help a little more than we would have if we had had it at the same time.
6. The first year of our marriage was very very hectic - Tim commuted back and forth to Fallon everyday until the end of March when his appendix burst, then I and our families moved us back to Fallon while I commuted and finished my last semester of school. We bought a house and moved again and then I student taught. Life has calmed down a lot since then, even though we now have a baby, nothing will compare to that first year.
7. We have one child, Kylan Brett Sorensen, who is 4 1/2 months old and we found out we were pregnant with him the night of Gavin and Rayanne's baby shower for Bradon. We were so excited that we told our parents that night. It was also only a couple weeks after I found out I had some fertility issues that we thought we would end up having to take medication for to get pregnant, so we were very very suprised!
8. We are fortunate enough to be able to live in the same town as both of our parents and we absolutely love it!
Well, there it is, it's a little harder to come up with 8 facts than I thought it would be! I am now officially tagging everyone on my friends and family list - I look forward to reading yours!!

They're here!!!

The last two weeks have been so much fun with Steve, Rachel, Coralee. Landon and Braylon here to visit with us.
Here's Landon, Kylan and Coralee.

We had family pictures taken. They turned out really well. I will have to post them when we get the CD with them. This is just a picture that I took of Brett and Teri with all their grandkids. From left to right is Landon (2 1/2), Grandpa with Braylon (7 mo) and Bradon (1) Grandma with Kylan (4 mo) and Coralee (4 1/2).

Even better is this picture of everyone trying to get all the grandkids to smile. Trying to get 5 kids to smile at the same time is impossible especially when a few of them have either been without naps all day or had to be woken up from naps!

Tim's cousin Angie and her family came for a few days also from Tucson. We went to the lake with them. Here's a pic of Kylan and Tim.
Here's everyone eating tin foil dinners.
And here is a picture of Kylan and Braylon giving each other a hug and kiss goodnight. Actually, I think that Kylan is hungry and attacking Braylon's face like he does to Tim when he is hungry.

We have them until this weekend when we will all be going to Provo for Tonya's boyfriend's baptism! We will miss them when they are gone!


We had three birthdays in the Sorensen family in July. First was Bradon. He turned 1 on the 19th. Here he is at the Sorensen party a couple days later enjoying his cake.

Next was Tim's on the 24th. It's great that his birthday is Pioneer day because then we have an excuse not to go to the ward party (pot lucks scare me). We had a BBQ in our back yard. It was a lot of fun!

It was an extra special birthday because Rachel and her kids were here. Here are Landon and Coralee watching the guys put Tim's duck decals on his truck and listening to them practice their new goose and duck calls, which I'm sure my neighbors really appreciated!

Grandpa with Braylon and Bradon.

Gavin, Reed, Billy and Tim hanging out in the back of the truck. Yes, Tim finally has his truck and anyone who knows him will know just how happy he is! Tim's dad got a new truck, so we are buying his old one! Tim is glad to be driving a truck and I am glad to not have to constantly talk about buying a truck! Billy's birthday was the 25th but for some reason I have no pictures of it - sorry Bill!

Las Vegas Vacation

Now that the computer is fixed, I have to catch up on my blogging. First is Las Vegas. We had so much fun, although we did miss Tim a lot! Here is a picture of my newest cousin - Cy. He is so cute and although he was the same size Ky was when he was born he just seemed so small next to my chunky monkey!

Here are the cousins - that's the size Kylan was just 4 months before! Boy are they going to have fun in a couple years together!

Darren and Marie's wedding was tons of fun and very nice. Here is a picture of where the ceremony was. It was at Mt. Charleston outside of Vegas. One of the greatest parts was that while it was 107 in Vegas, it was about 80 at the wedding! Kal, Kade and Abe were in Darren's line.

Here's a picture of their first dance. I wish I had gotten a better picture of the happy couple. Marie looked beautiful and Darren of course was very handsome!

Here's another picture of them. This was the tossing of the garter. I think it's so funny how the guys almost run away from the garter while the girls practically tackle each other for the boquet!

All in all, everything went very well. We had such a good time with all the Adams'. We are so glad Uncle Wade and Aunt Inkham let us stay at their house! We are also very happy for Darren. He sure got a great girl!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

No posting for awhile!!

Hello everyone. Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, but when I got back from Vegas, my husband told me that he thought our computer had a virus and sure enough it does. It makes me wonder what I paid for when I purchased our VIRUS PROTECTION!! Anyway, I am finally taking it in to get fixed. Since I pay and do almost everything online I had to wait until I got all of that done before dropping it off - the internet still works, the computer just restarts the desk top constantly meaning you can't do anything like download pics or use the word programs. Hopefully it will be fixed soon and then I will put up pics from our latest trips and adventures!