Thursday, May 24, 2012

Who Emmit looks like . . .

He may have been born on Grandpa Donald's birthday and have Donald as his middle name, but he definitly looks more like Grandpa Brett!
Teri found this photo in a tub of pictures from John and Bernice and it definitly looks a lot like Emmit! 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

And so it begins . . .

The other night Emmit was laying on my belly while I tickled his back before bed (another way he is so much like his brother, he loves to be tickled). Since baby sister pretty much kicks me 24 hours a day (no joke, I don't know when she sleeps), she of course started kicking him. After a few pretty good ones he looked up at me with a very confused look. I told him it's baby sister. What does he do?? He hits my belly! And so the fighting has already begun! Great!

Uncle Gav's Birthday & Eclipse

Saturday was Uncle Gav's birthday. He did a party out at the flats and it was super fun! A friend of he and Tim's brought out 4 4-wheelers and then Gav brought Brett and Teri's as well. We roasted hot dogs, made s'mores and had a great time! Kylan and Emmit (especially Emmit) were in heaven with all the 4-wheeler rides they were able to go on! The kids also brought their bikes and road around!

 Today (Sunday) there was a solar eclipse. It was really cool! It was weird looking outside because the sun wasn't very bright! I remembered from elementary school that if you poked a hole in a piece of paper you could watch the eclipse through it in shadow form. If you look closely you can see it. There was only a small ring of the sun visible!
 It also made ring circle shadows on our house and shed through our trees!
 You can see them on the grass as well!
 And here is Mya in her cute hawaii dress from Grandpa and Grandma and Emmit in his "bball" (baseball shoes) which are Ky's but he loves to wear around all day! This kids went from LOATHING shoes to LOVING them! He is may only child that doesn't remove his shoes all the time, and only wants them off to put on someone elses (usually a pair of Ky's, he can even walk well in Ky's flip flops that don't have a strap in the back). He also loves to get Tim and my shoes for us and knows which shoes to get for each occasion! He might be a mini Kort!!!

And one more of Emmit because he wanted me to take another "cheese" of him! Mya told me she was done with pictures though and walked away! I haven't recorded what Emmit is doing in awhile so I will now! He is a little over 21 months old and he:
*Is talking up a storm. He says new words and phrases everyday! His favorite are "I help" "Where's  . . . " (usually grandpa, dad, Uncle Bill or Uncle Kyle, he loves his grandpa's and uncles) and anything Mya and Kylan say, the other day they taught him "not fair". 
*He loves to sing. He sings "Rio, Rio" from the movie all day long! He also sings "Rumor has it" and "clean up"
* He can pick what he wants to eat! May not sound like much but is so helpful in the mornings! Rather than have to fix more than one breakfast for him, I can now show his his options and he can pick!
*LOVES to play tractors and is always chopping if he is in the house or filling his dump truck with his loader outside and then dumping it complete with sound effects
*LOVES (loves isn't even a strong enough word) 4-wheeler rides. And he loves to go fast and up and down hills (as we found out at the flats)
*Likes to watch Ky play t ball and practices hitting off the t all the time at home.
*Still goes down for his nap without any problem and goes down really easily at night finally!
*Loves his cousin Logan. These two have started playing together and it is so nice!
* Along with all of these cute things has started throwing temper tantrums, but only at home and usually putting him in his crib and letting him calm down takes care of them!
*Still not interested at all in staying in nursery by himself and I don't think things will be changing anytime soon. He has great leaders in there, he is just still too attached to us, so until further notice Tim and I each spend an hour in nursery every sunday. Oh joy!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers Day, Yard Work and Third Trimester

I have been carrying my camera in my purse with me for the last week or so that I would be better at taking pictures, well it doesn't work well if you leave the memory chip in your computer. Oh well. 
I had a wonderful Mother's Day. Tim took me out to dinner earlier in the week, then he took the kids to Walmart and they picked me out some yellow roses and Hair Spray on DVD (the good one with John Travolta) or Tracy as my kids call it. Church was a bit of a nightmare like always, but after church Emmit took a nap while Tim and I watched Hair Spray and the other kids kind of left us alone, which was nice! That evening we went down to Brett and Teri's and had bbq'ed hamburgers and salads and then Teri's yummy homemade hot fudge on ice-cream and brownies! It was such a nice day thanks to my wonderful husband who pretty much took care of the kids all by himself so I could relax (except when Emmit got a terrible bloody nose, that took both of us to clean up)!
 Emmit and Logan playing on their favorite thing the 4 wheeler!
 Ky and Grandpa
 My-my girl
 Best friends/cousin's Braden and Ky
 Logan and Jocelyn checking out the fish in the pond.
We have also been busy doing yard work lately - and by we I mean Tim has been busy and I have been offering moral support! I do water the lawn everyday because we replanted a bunch of it and I am happy to say it is coming up very nicely!

 Tim has dug out a lot of plant roots in the last few days. He dug out a tree/bush root that was huge so we could put in this planter box with flowers.
 He dug out 4 rosebushes along this side of the house. We are going to put a path with pavers of some kind to keep the water away from the house.
 And he dug out 5 roses bushes along this part of the house, along with a creeping vine thingy and then releveled, rotatilled and then spread poison to try to keep anything from coming back. We want to plant raspberries here but are going to wait until next year to make sure we have killed all the other things that were growing here.
 And this is where the gopher is being trapped that is digging holes in our backyard. 
 And these Iris's are one of my favorite parts of our yard. I cannot take credit for them, Tim's grandparents planted them. I am just glad I get to enjoy them!
 Tree's that Tim, his dad, Kyle, Bill and Rick have been trimming.
 And last but not least our garden. Hard to see, but there are tomatoes, peppers, and squash planted.
And I have entered the third trimester this week and I am starting to feel it. I really wish I could say I feel great all the time, but the truth is I am pretty sore, tired and uncomfortable by the end of pretty much everyday, however I'm not really ready to have this little girl here yet either! I'm a little over 12 weeks from my due date, and possibly 10 weeks from having her (which she is already way low, so hopefully in 10 weeks she will be here). The kids (well, Ky and Mya) are getting really excited for her to come. Kylan is really hoping she has darker hair like his and green eyes. He says two blondies are enough! And since he seems to get what he wants when I am pregnant, I won't be a bit surprised if that is exactly what she has!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Lately . . .

We said goodbye to Uncle Kade, Aunt Leah and Evan before they moved to Michigan. They arrived there safely a few days ago but we sure do miss them!

 Had a fun babyshower with lots of yummy food, fun people and great gifts
for Carly, Kyle and Baby Luke (who should be here in about 4 weeks)!

Kylan about knocked himself out by running full speed in the ditch into a wood board going across it. Luckily no stitches were needed and the swelling has come down a ton, but he is still pretty black and blue and sore. Next time he will listen to his dad, and stop playing in the ditch!

The kids have been playing, playing, playing especially outside! Braden spent the night last night and these boys got up, ate, dressed and have been outside ever since! I LOVE WARM WEATHER!

And this is growing by the day. It's hard to see in the pic, but I wanted to show that I am now to the stage where the stomach area of my shirt is always dirty. I had this shirt on for maybe 10 minutes today, and after cleaning up breakfast walked by a mirror and noticed the mess that was on the bottom of my stomach right where I can't see! So, if I look like a hot mess when you see me, I can't see below my belly button so cut me some slack!

We're also doing a little prep for baby girl (99 days people, NINETY-NINE DAYS)! Since she and Mya will be opposite seasons for clothes (Mya was born in January) my wonderful sister-in-law  who is getting rid of all her baby stuff let me go through her girl stuff before her big yard sale tomorrow! These three bags contain clothes from 0-3 all the way to 18 months! We also bought Evan's crib/toddler bed and so will be doing some moving around in the kids rooms hopefully tomorrow. We are going to put Mya and Ky together and then put Emmit in Mya's room. Eventually boys will be in one and girls in the other but it will still be easier to have Emmit by himself!

And this little guy finally joined Kal and Lacy! Jackson Kal Schank was born and we have been drooling over his pictures ever since! We can't wait to meet him in person in June when they bless him!