Thursday, April 28, 2011

Picture Post

I realized that I have lots of pictures that I have wanted to post, not to mention our Easter happenings, so here are a ton of pics and an update on each of the kids:

Mya loves to color (definitly a girl thing, because Ky doesn't care for it). She colored this one day and then brought it to me and told me it was for Carissa. Since we weren't going to see her anytime soon, I took a picture of her with it and posted it on Facebook. She liked that (and I'm amazed that she understood what I was doing, but she did). Mya's vocabulary is growing daily. Some of her new favorite phrases are:

  • That's/it's amazing

  • I will

  • Me did it (she doesn't get "I" yet)

  • drink your soda, please

  • pretty, pretty, please!

  • She can now get her own water from the fridge and she drinks TONS everyday (she always has)

  • After lots of practice and work she can now pedal her tricycle and loves riding bikes with Kylan on the carport

  • She loves the dog and really loves yelling at him when he barks

  • She still loves to take naps, especially on my bed which she has been doing a lot lately because Kylan is usually working with Tim in the afternoons.

  • She loves to help me do everything, and it always carrying a stool here and there in the kitchen to help me cook

  • She loves to go gopher trapping with Tim, and Tim tells me that she is fearless and is climbing in and out of the ditches, holes, anything she can climb in and out of while they are gone

Easter was fun this year. Kylan understood things a little more, so we made sure we talked a lot about the true meaning of Easter and really seemed to get it (as much as a 4 year old can anyway). My mom had us all over to color eggs, which I really appreciated because I don't do well with messy things like this and was kind of dreading having to do it. Good thing Grandma Kenna loves it! Both the kids loved it and did a good job.

Reed and Carissa also colored eggs with us (Aunt Lynne hates the mess too). Mya was pretty funny, she was plop an egg in, take it out 1 second later, put in back in the holder (tap it a few times with her spoon just for good measure, usually cracking it), push the cup of dye out of the way and say "next".

Emmit loved helping me take pictures of the egg dying and really loved it when I took his picture. He is getting so old all of a sudden. Although he is still not crawling, he is getting more and more creative about getting around. His preferred way is scooting around on his bum. If he does get on his stomach (or when mean mom makes him play on his stomach), he pushes himself into push up position and crawling position, making him go backwards. Yesterday though, he figured out if he kept his cheek to the ground and pushed his legs he would go forward. He loves to play with paper and rip it up into pieces, he loves the remote control and he just loves to be in the play room with his brother and sister. He also puts himself to sleep at nap time and bedtime and doesn't even cry when he does it. He has also FINALLY started sleeping 8+ hours in a row each night!!! It's been amazing!!!

Easter Sunday was a little hectic. The kids hunted eggs at our house, then we had church from 10 to 1, then ate at Sorensen's at 2:30, followed by dinner at Schanks at 5:30. We were all asleep by 9:00 that night! But we sure did have a lot of fun. The kids had three easter egg hunts (one at each house).

Mya hunting eggs at Sorensen's in her Easter outfit from Gma and Gpa Schank

Ky in blue hunting eggs at Sorensen's in his new outfit from Schanks.

The day after Easter in their new outfits from Gpa and Gma Sorensen. Mya loves everything Princess right now so she couldn't wait to wear this and Grandma told Ky his outfit was for working with his dad, so he wouldn't put his on until Tim called and said he was picking him up to ride in the tractor. They wouldn't stand any closer becuase they kept fighting and pushing each other! (Still tired from Easter).

Kylan is at a very fun age. He is so excited for pre-school next year and is always asking me when he can go. He loves gopher trapping and can actually find and dig up the holes with Tim. He asks a million questions about everything and remembers everything you tell him. He even picks up on every conversation Tim and I have (sometimes good, sometimes not so good). He also loves to help me in the kitchen and is good at dumping things in, helping me count and "just watching" (how he helps when there is nothing he can do). He has had a bad cold the last couple days, and so had to stay home with me yesterday afternoon rather than go with his dad. He told me it was his day off for the week (he picks up on everything). He still likes to get up early, but has gotten very good at just getting into bed with me and snuggling and usually falling back to sleep with me (if he doesn't, he doesn't bug me). I like this because Tim goes to play basketball every morning at 6am, so it's nice to have someone to snuggle with!

Well, that's about it for my long post!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Second New Couch

The only bad thing about new furniture is that it makes your other furniture look old! That doesn't put a damper on how excited I am about these couches! Thank you Tim for spoiling me! I don't know if I deserve it, but I sure do love them!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Clothes (a little early)

Anyone who knows me knows that I love buying clothes for my kids and dressing them up - I take after my mom in this - I would rather buy my kids clothes than myself! So, any excuse to get them new clothes I take, so every Easter they get the customary new Sunday clothes. Funny story, Tim asked me today how long we had to buy our kids Easter outfits and I just smiled and he said, until they are married, right? And he was! I think I did really well this year, both in look and price, so even though it isn't technically Easter Sunday, it was so nice outside (and I haven't done laundry since last Sunday), I put them in their new stuff!

I think Kylan looks way too grown up! Best friends! They really are and I'm pretty lucky to have them!
The best pic of all three of them I got. Kylan and Emmit were loving having their picture taken, but Mya was more into her cartoons.
My handsome boys!
And my beautiful little girl.

I have a tear jerker story that I have to put on here so I won't forget it. Tim told me that one day he and Ky were walking back from checking gopher traps and he was thinking to himself how Kylan is already his best little buddy and how he is so excited to have him as his friend and son as he grows up because they already have so much fun together. He said that then Kylan looked up at him and said, "Dad, your my best bud." Ya, I cried when he told me!

I've been trying to do more one on one things with Mya lately since Kylan gets to do so many with his dad and because of it she has been giving me lots of kisses (which as you know are hard to get from her), but I am so glad we have been able to do some fun little things together because she is such a sweet fun little girl. The other day we watched Tangled together in the afternoon while Kylan was in the tractor and Emmit was napping. She is a good movie watcher and so fun to snuggle with. We also all went to Reno to get her dress and so Tim and the boys went to Scheels and she and I shopped. She is already a good shopper. She found everything that was pink and told me if things were pretty or not. She also found every sparkly shoe and showed them to me. She too is taking ater her grandma and mom! At this age Kylan would have just been running from me, but not her, she is a true shopper! I can't wait to see Emmit's personality grow and develop!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


First, a miracle with our kids - they slept in until 7:45, which means I slept in until 7:45. This never happens in our house. Someone is usually up by 7:00 or earlier!!!

Loved Emmit and Ky's smiles in this one and that Ky is making the peace sign and Mya is doing spirit fingers (not sure why). Liked Mya in this one. I love how we can't get a good pic of all three at the same time!
And the second miracle is my new furniture (don't know if that is really a miracle, but I am so happy)! We decided to go in and just look and see what they had at the price we wanted (we have been saving), and they had exactly what we wanted for the exact amount we wanted to spend! We only have this one right now because we wanted two sofa's rather than a sofa and love seat, so the other one will be in in a couple weeks. I got my leather and the color I wanted and Tim got his recliners (both ends recline). I kind of felt bad spending the money, but then I came home and saw my couches again and didn't feel bad anymore! This is the first furniture we have ever bought, we have just always gone the hand-me-down route and I have been very patiently awaiting this day!
And this is just a bonus pic. Last night we had the family over because Kort and Jessie are in town and my dad kept wrapping Mya up in this blanket like a baby and she loved it! What a silly girl!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Love My Boy

Turning the page, his favorite thing to do! I guess it makes him feel like he is really following along!
I had to take a picture of him while we read scriptures for primary, so these are the pics I took this morning. I love this little big boy so much! He is such a great helper to both his dad and I. Every morning (unless by some miracle he is still asleep) he goes to the barn with Tim before breakfast to feed the bull calves that Tim and Gav are raising and then to check gopher traps with his dad. He has overcome his fear of the calves to be able to do this because he loves his dad so much! I guess there has only been one crying incident, and it involved Tim having to "tackle" a calf to get it to eat out of the bucket (Kylan was afraid he was hurting the calf).

He loves to help me with Emmit and Mya. He is so great at keeping an eye on them while I shower or put away laundry or whatever else I need to do. He also loves to help me put away his and Mya's laundry and does a pretty good job of it! I'm just so blessed to have him as my boy!

Oh, and even though he is a big 4 year old now, he still gives me plenty of kisses, hugs and cuddles everyday!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Our Day

Today was Tim's day off and I had every intention of taking pictures of everything we did today (those are some of my favorite posts to look at in my blog books), but having 3 kids has really cut down on my picture taking time and has ruined my memory, so I got the beginning of the day and some video of the end!

Emmit and I loaded into the Acadia to go take pics of Tim and the kids checking and resetting gopher (or grover as Ky calls them) traps, but we were too late, so here we are stopped on Corkill Ln talking to each other. Riding bikes on the car port. Mya is too busy trying to pedal in her work boots to look at the camera. Kylan is wearing a hat that didn't fit Tim, and that he thinks is the best thing ever! While Tim and I worked on our garden spot, Grandma Teri came and got the kids and them along with Braden and Leah pulled weeds at grandmas (again, intended on taking a picture, but didn't make it in time), ate lunch and then were treated to some ice-cream at "Old Mac Donald's" (another Kylanism for McDonalds). While Mya napped, Tim and Ky checked traps again, then we watched "Grownups" (not worth it) and then ate dinner. The kids then played with the dog with Tim. It was great day! Here is video of the latest thing that I taught the kids. I love that I can teach them simple things like the Hoki Poki and they thing I am aweome (I will miss that)!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Cinnamon Rolls

A tradition that Tim and I have started in our family is having cinnamon rolls during General Conference (usually on Sunday). I have used the same cinnamon roll recipe for the last 6 1/2 years of our marriage, and although its not bad it hasn't really been my favorite. This time I looked for a new one and found it in my favorite cook book (don't know why I didn't look there before). I always make them the night before and then put them in the fridge overnight for the final rising (My sis-in-law Rachel taught me that little trick). I then pull them out while the oven preheats so that they have time to warm up a little before I put them in the oven. Melt-In-Your-Mouth Cinnamon Rolls 2 2/3 c milk 1 c sugar 1/2 c butter 1/2 tsp salt 2 eggs 7 c flour 1T (1pkg) yeast Butter Brown sugar Cinnamon Glaze: 2 c powdered sugar 1/2 c butter, melted 1 tsp vanilla Milk In a large microwave safe bowl mix milk, sugar, butter and salt. Heat in microwave until butter is melted. While mixture is hot add eggs, 3 1/2 cups flour, and yeast and mix then add remaining flour. Let rise for 1 hour. Roll dough out to 1/4-1/2 inch thickness and spread butter. Sprinkle with brown sugar and cinnamon. Roll into a log and cut rolls then place in 2 9x13 pans (I just used one roasting pan). Let rise one more hour. Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes. Combine all ingredients for the glaze and drizzle over hot cinnamon rolls. These were also good with cream cheese frosting instead of the glaze!!! Enjoy! We sure did!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Funny Kids!

Kylan has said some funny things lately that I want to get written down before I forget. He has been kind of obsessed with getting married since Kent and Stacey's wedding:

  • One day he told me that when he got bigger like dad then he was going to marry me in the temple. I asked him what dad would do without me and he said, don't worry mom, he'll marry My-My girl! Now he says he is going to marry Stacey, but a different Stacey, not Kent's!

  • He asked me awhile ago when he could have a girlfriend and I told him after his mission. He then asked if he could marry his girlfriend after his mission and I told him yes, but only if she likes me. Now he always tells me, "I have to ask my girlfriend if she likes you and if she doesn't then I won't marry her, but if she does then I can marry her." (we have this conversation daily, and it gets longer each time)

  • Yesterday this same conversation happened, then I added that when he is married he can have his own kids (which he was very excited about), and then I get to be the grandma (he added that I would be a fun grandma, so I must not be as mean of a mom as I think I am), and then he asked if he gets to live in his own house and I told him yes. He was so excited, but then he said "But mom, won't you miss me?" and I said of course! Melts my heart!

  • Kylan asked me the other day if he will wear his black clothes (suite) when he gets married. Made me laugh since technically he will be wearing white!

  • Kylan's new favorite song is Time of my Life by Black Eyed Peas and he can sing the entire thing! He even sang if for Aunt Leah when she came and got him yesterday.

  • One day Tim came out in a sweater that I said was out of style. We were arguing over this half jokinly but Kylan thought I was being mean. He followed his dad back into the closet and asked him why I didn't like his brown sweater. Tim told him to ask me so he came out with his hands on his hips and asked me and I told him then he told me I was mean to his dad and not to talk to him like that and to stop doing things I know I shouldn't do. We were cracking up because it was all stuff I tell Kylan!

Mya is talking more and more all the time! The things she says are so funny!

  • She LOVES toy story and Teri and Brett got her little Woody, Jessie and Buzz toys for Christmas that she plays with daily. They talk and her favorite thing that Jessie says is "Yee Haw Cow Boy" which is Mya talk is "He Haw Dough Boy" and is so cute!

  • She says Emmit "Memmit"

  • She LOVES Kylan and Evan. The other day while Evan was here playing I put her down for a nap and then while she was asleep my mom came and took the two boys. While she was coming down the stairs when she woke up she asked "Mom, where are the boys?" Needless to say she was not happy when they were at grandma's without her!

  • When shopping in Reno one day we ran into Kade and Evan in JC Penny. She jumped out of the stoller, ran to him and nearly knocked him over hugging him! When we left she cried for about 5 minutes for Evan!

  • She loves everything princess and noticed the one pic from Tim and my wedding that we have up. She was so excited and kept saying "Momma a princess!"

  • She is starting to learn the lyrics to songs, so mid song she will all of a sudden belt out one or two words from the back seat - makes me laugh everytime!

  • She yells at Max everytime he barks when she is outside and she calls him "Maxi Boy"


  • Still HATES belly time and rolling over, but mean mom is making him do it anyway, so now he actually handles it pretty good and is really good at going backwards, so then he gets upset when he realizes he is getting further away from his toys.

  • He is trying to pull himself up on things and he can walk his exersaucer now - maybe he will skip crawling and go right to walking!

  • He blew raspberries on his dad's belly today and was so proud of himself!

  • He had me all to himself yesterday afternoon and he loved it! he just kept hugging me and kissing me!

  • He still smiles constantly and at everyone!

  • He loves his brother and sister so much!

  • He loves to be upside down!

Smith's Case Sale!

Our latest Smith's run! So happy once again! This time I kept better track of what we did and didn't use so that we got enough of everything this time around! We didn't make it up the first day of the sale, but the only thing we wanted that they were out of was creamy peanut butter (they had crunchy, but my kids don't like it). So here is the rundown this time:

80 lbs of flour ($1.20 per 4lb bag)

48 cans of green beans (.$0.48 per can)

24 cans of cream of mushroom soup ($0.55 per can)

24 cans of chicken broth ($0.50 per can)

24 cans of stewed italian style tomatoes ($0.50 per can)

24 cans of chili ($0.88 per can)

80 lbs of sugar ($1.89 per 4lb bag)

12 - 24oz bottles of ketchup ($0.79 per bottle)

9 - 48 oz bottles of oil ($2.49 a bottle)

Total: $175.00!!! Love that!

And the best part was Kade and Leah watched Mya and Kylan for us, so our grocery trip also turned into a date night for Tim (Emmit) and I! Thank you guys!!!!