Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Kylan met his preschool teacher today - Mrs. Stark. He was so excited! On the way over he was bouncing in the back seat and all of a sudden said "Mom, I'm just SOOOOO excited!" He is even more excited that next week he gets to stay the whole time!
Emmit and Mya missed him. Mya told him that morning that he was her "Bwest Fwend" (best friend) and that she would miss him! But they had fun with Grandma Kenna while we went! I love Emmit's face in this pic - you can see how much he really does love his big brother!

Here is is while Mrs. Stark goes over some of the class rules. They then made worms to put on the bulliten board and then she read a story to him. He loved every second of it! Afterwards he told me that he is going to be shy around the girls though!

Sunset at the Lake

We stayed late at the lake and ate a yummy dutch over dinner with Brett, Teri, Kyle, Carly and her mission companion Annie. It was a little thunderstormy that evening and because of all the clouds we were able to see a beautiful sunset!

Brett and Teri - it had gotten a little too dark at this point.
Tim and I. We are looking a little rough after being at the lake all day!

All of us. Once again, it had been a long day! We have been able to spend so much time at the lake this year. We are really going to miss it!

The Blue Board

The blue board I believe was my Grandpa Cyril's creation - a sled turned into something you can ride behind the boat. When I was little there was a skiing progression that we all followed - the blueboard, then the knee board, then two ski's, then one ski and eventually the one ski was replaced by the wake board. At one time I could ski on one ski, but as soon as the wake board replaced that I switched to it (the wake board hurts a lot less than one ski and is much easier).

Well, the next generation began this progression this last weekend. They were all so cute! Kylan and Evan were pretty serious the whole time, but Mya was pretty fearless! She totally skipped her knees and went straight from her belly to standing and grandpa wasn't quite ready, but she kept her balance well and even sat on it facing backwards at one point!

I don't know if Evan or Ky would've gone without the other one. Sometimes peer pressure is a good thing!
And here is Kylan looking so proud of himself!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Just Because

Because it's my birthday, and I like Justin Timberlake and I like all of these songs. Check it out, it's pretty good

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What We've Been Up To

We have had a crazy, busy and fun summer - thus very little posting! I have been terrible about taking pictures though, so I snapped a few this morning so I would have something to blog! Mya and Kylan have been busy playing outside with Abby, playing with cousins, going to the lake and hanging out in the house when it's took hot outside.

They really like to try to catch butterflies. Kylan has only been successful once (he was SOOOO excited), but they keep trying!
They've been very patient with their puppy Abby who is still very much a puppy even though she is getting so big! She and Mya especially have a love/hate relationship!

Kylan is getting ready to start pre-school in a couple weeks. I told him yesterday that next week he gets to go meet Mrs. Stark and then the next week he officially starts. He had the funniest look on his face and I asked him what that face means, he told me he was making that face because he was "just so excited". I think he is really going to enjoy school! Braden and Kylan are finally old enough for sleepovers, so everytime they are together they are always trying to figure out how they can spend the night at each others houses! It's pretty funny! He is also counting down the days until it is September because that is when dove season opens and he can go dove hunting with his dad (no he doesn't shoot yet, but he pretends to and he loves to pick up his dads shells).

Emmit is just busy turning into a little boy. He is working on walking. He would be a little better at it if he had more than one speed - he just tries to run and so he face plants pretty quickly, but the few times he has gone slow he has taken quite a few steps! He can point at what he wants now and he is trying to say more. He can also follow some directions which is nice! His favorite words right now are "hi" "ut-oh" "bye" (while waving) "mama" and of course "dada". He also loves to do patty cake and give fives and bump it (with sound effects). He is just such a sweet heart, except that he will only give dad kisses, no one else and only once-in-awhile with dad even! But he is the smiliest thing ever and is so happy most of the time (unless other people try to pick him up, I don't know why all my kids are like this, but they are)! He just follows his brother and sister every where and thinks he is as big as them!
Kylan reading to Emmit

We have also spent a lot of time working on our old house in town. Our renter moved out the end of June and so ever since then we have been working on and off here while looking for new renters. Luckily we finally found some new ones and they are moving in tomorrow! Along with having some electrical work done, we did some cosmetic work and then LOTS of cleaning! Here are some pics I took to put on craigslist. I like the one of the kitchen because Emmit is in it!

And we painted the living room and dining room. They were the same green as the kitchen, but we decided to paint over it because (1) it needed to be painted and (2) a lot of people didn't really care for the green! Thanks to my dad and Tonya this went pretty quickly! Also, Laine helped us out with a lot of other things around the house, like removing a couple pine trees from the back yard and re-grouting around the sink in the kitchen. The kids were also very patient and good most of the time!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


While I was in Reno yesterday with my mom, Carissa and Leah Emmit took his first steps with his dad and Aunt Tonya. He can only take a couple before he falls mainly because he thinks he can run already! I'm so excited for him! Pics will be coming soon!

Friday, August 12, 2011

More Lake Fun

Brett, Teri, Kyle, Carly, Bill and Cam spent another week out at the lake (well the first week for Kyle and Carly, but the second for the rest) and so we were able to go out one full day and then every night after work. It was a lot of fun! Here are pics from the day we were there all day!

Emmit just loves the beach more and more everytime we go out. He heads straight for the water now as soon as we get there.
Uncle Kyle was so great and fished with the two older kids. Mya didn't last long, but Kylan was glued to his side the whole time he fished.

He even let Ky reel in his first fish. Kylan was so excited!!! He even touched the fish!

Mya had fun taking rides in the Kayak with whoever would take her. She would sing "Row row row your boat" and "twinkle twinkle little star" the whole time!

And at the end of the day when I took Mya out on a jet ski ride she fell sound asleep. It was pretty funny, I kept noticing that her head was getting lower and lower until she was face down on the seat. Of course we all snapped a few pics before we got her off!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Emmit

It's really hard for me to believe that this little guy is already 1!!! Where did the time go?? I know I've said that about both Mya and Kylan, but this time I am really wondering where the time has gone!

The boy who started out as my smallest yet, is definitly not the smallest anymore. I'm afraid he and Ky will be wearing the same size before I know it. He is just a big kid - tall, big and strong!
And he is such a sweet baby - like his older brother in that way - and he loves to smile and laugh. He also gets shy very easily and I love when he makes his shy face when people talk to him. Melts my heart!

He's favorite people (other than mom) are his big brother, big sister and of course his dad. But he is definitly a momma's boy! Tim always jokes that he only uses him as a way to get to me. However, now that he is weaned, he is bonding with his dad a lot more!

And here are the customary messy first birthday pictures. He loved having everyone sing to him and was pretty clean compared to my other two eating his cupcake. Once he got started though he inhaled the whole cupcake in like 30 seconds!

Here are some of the things Emmit can do or likes to do at 1 year:

  • He loves steering wheels. He rides on my lap down to the barn or down to Grandma and Grandpas and he stands up holding onto the steering wheel the whole time we are driving. He also does it when he rides in the dump truck with Tim.

  • He loves to play in the water at the beach. He loves to crawl into it, but he crawls with his bum in the air so his knees don't get in the sand. It's so cute!

  • After weeks of trying to teach him, he figured out during his party last night how to crawl DOWN the stairs! He was so happy this morning because he loves to crawl up to the landing and play and now he can get down by himself!

  • He loves to eat cold cereal for breakfast, frozen chicken nuggets or hot dogs for lunch and really anything for dinner (although I think that meat loaf and brocolli are probably his favorite).

  • He loves to watch the kids and the puppy out of the windows when they are playing outside.

  • He loves to open and close things - drawers, cupboards, doors, etc - but he rarely pulls things out which is awesome!

  • He already wants my soda whenever I have one, but he doesn't like the way it tastes and always spits it out! I guess he just wants to do what I am doing!

  • He hardly ever sleeps in the car unless he is REALLY tired!

  • He says momma, dada, hi, ut oh, stop, done, and grammy (but grandma has only heard that)

  • He can point to things that he wants or where he wants to go.

  • He loves to wrestle and if you lay down he will come up and "tackle" you complete with sound effects!

  • This morning for his birthday he woke up with a cold:( poor baby!

  • He hasn't even tried to walk yet, but he is really good at cruising. I'm okay with him still crawling - at least he can't run from me yet!

We love you Emmit and are so happy that you are part of our family!

Cousins & Our Dog

The boys in their matching outfits. I definitly didn't get my brothers good picture taking genes!

Kylan took this picture of Evan. Evan said, "Kyky, take a picture of me up here." And then he made this pose! I was cracking up!

I was trying to take a pic of the kids with our puppy Abby, but Kylan was mad because he wanted to take the picture and Mya was more into watching the puppy than the camera!

Notice that Stinky Bunny is in the picture. Yes she still carries it around and sleeps with it, Stinky bear and her Minnie Mouse every night.

These three sure have a lot of fun together!