Thursday, June 26, 2008

Family Reunion Time

The BIG Sorensen Reunion is this weekend, but we have been having a family reunion of our own since Rachel and her kids came into town on Monday. Here are a few pics of the festivities:

All loaded up in the back of grandpa's truck to go to the barn - Ky, Braden, Landon, Cora, Leah and Rayanne

Playing baseball in our backyard. We BBQ'd hamburgers last night at our house and then the adults and kids played baseball.

Cora up to bat.

Braden playing on the slide - Thank you again Uncle Derild and Aunt Lynne for the slide and playhouse, the kids LOVED it!

Braylon going down the slide.

Landon up to bat

Kylan running around. Everytime someone hit the ball he would just start running in a circle - he thought he was playing also!

When it got dark we all hung out in the house for a bit - the blur is Braden running by. My walls really aren't neon green, they just always look that way in night time pics!

In other exciting news, Kylan has a second tooth, this time on the bottom on the same side as the top one and at my doctors appointment this week he gave me a prescription for some medicine and it is amazing. I took it yesterday and I felt NORMAL, instead of like I was going to puke at any second!

Friday, June 20, 2008

A Tooth!!!

Last Saturday Kylan finally sprouted his first tooth! It's his top left tooth - I know, usually the bottoms come first, but hey, we're not picky! It looks like the others aren't far behind! All I can say is thank goodness for baby tylenol! I will try to get pics soon, however my "morning sickness" (I want to know who's only happens in the morning!!!) is in full force. This is about 3 weeks earlier than it occured with Ky and worse! Maybe this means it's a girl - Grandpa Schank would be so happy!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

50 Years and Counting!

Today is my Grandpa and Grandma Adams' 50th Wedding Anniversary! I just wanted to say congrats to them and tell them how much we love them! They are the best grandparents and great-grandparents ever!

Engagement Pics & Ultrasound

Kade wanted me to post the engagement pics he took of Kal and Lacey so those of you not on facebook can see them. They turned out good! Of course Kal and Lacey are both so cute how could they not??

I also had my ultrasound today, no pic to show you since there wasn't too much to see, but you could see the sac and the flutter of it's heart, which is what is important! According to the measurements of the ultrasound, I am 6wks 1day pregnant right now! Hard to believe that by Kylan's next birthday we will have a 6week old little baby!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

What We've Been Up To!

Watching TV with dad - new favorite thing to do before bed, not snuggle, or rock, but act like a big boy sitting next to dad and drinking his milk.

Going to the Lake - actually we have only been out on a Saturday once, but on Monday my family went out after work and it ended up being windy and really rough, but still fun - my dad still tried out the new wake boarding boots. Also, these photos are stolen from Kade's facebook, that is why there are so many of Tim and I. Kade is really good at editing photos, so he has been playing with these for us, however these one's aren't the edited ones, so ignore my zits - I am definitly pregnant!

Tis the haying season! We have been enjoying riding in the dump truck with dad in the afternoons - Kylan even rode with dad today by himself (of course strapped in his car seat) so mom could finish getting her stuff ready for the mystery dinner we did for mutual tonight. When I ride also, Kylan gets to sit on dad's lap while we are in the field being filled up. He takes this very seriously as you can see from the photos, and has to have one hand on the gear shift and the other on the steering wheel at the same time. He will even push Tim's hand off the wheel!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Baby countdown . . .

I am really considering removing my baby countdown thing because it is really depressing to look at right now! So if it disappears, don't think something bad has happened, I'm just not a very patient person!

Monday, June 9, 2008


Nothing exciting to post here, we've just been busy as usual. We finally planted our little garden in the back yard, we're so excited, we just hope it grows now. Kylan loved playing in the mud and dirt, but was deathly afraid of the rodatiller (sp). We have also planted our boxes in the front yard, actually did this a few weeks ago, and have our drip system working well except something is leaking somewhere. I think it's a capped line along the outside, Tim thinks it's somewhere in the middle, we still need to figure it out! I will post pics of the yard soon!
In baby news, things are going well. I'm not sick every day, but the frequency of sick days is increasing. At my appointment last week my doctor scheduled an ultrasound for next Tuesday just to make everyone feel better, since this is a little soon. I am super excited because we will get to hear the heartbeat and see our little jelly bean (I also had an early ultrasound with Ky and he looked just like a little jelly bean). I am also convinced now that what I had a couple months ago that everyone kept assuring me was round ligament pain because it was my second time around was not round ligament pain, because I have had it the last couple days and it is NOTHING compared to the pain I was feeling those 3 days!
I have started preparing Kylan's future bedroom. I started painting the blue part way up the wall and getting rid of things we don't need that are kept in that room. We want to move him in there in his crib first at the end of the summer, and then get him into a toddler bed around December. I hope we don't mess him up too much by moving him, but his room now is by far the best room for a newborn baby! I will also post pics of this when I get the painting done.
Well, that's about it on updates - oh ya, we still need to complete the window installation by sheet rocking them in on the inside and painting the outside of our house and putting new trim up. It's a never ending process!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Scary Movies give 14 month olds bad dreams!!

Yep, that's right! Last night we rented "I Am Legend" (which was a big let down) to watch on our new TV. Kylan is into rather than being rocked when he is tired, sitting on the couch like a big boy next to dad and drinking his milk and "watching" tv. Well, since I am extremely tired with this baby, we started the movie before he went to bed. Poor kid jumped so high at one point that he got milk all over his face, but he didn't cry, just kind of laughed nerviously, so we thought we did a good job distracting him, and even paused the movie at a particularly intense part to put him in bed. He went to sleep fine, but than from 1:30am to 4:30am cried unless Tim or I was holding him in the recliner in the living room while he is asleep. At 4:30 we put him in bed (for the 10th time) and left the hall light on. He still cried a little here or there, so ya, just give us the PARENT'S OF THE YEAR AWARD!
Moral of the story, 14th month olds can have bad dreams from scary movies!

P.S. on a side note, not too impressed with the movie. I was liking the movie until it just all of a sudden ended. I don't like movies that end without tying up the loose ends, or when it seems like they are just getting started!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Cement Pouring

Wow, three posts in two days, that should be a record for me!!! BE SURE TO READ THE TWO PREVIOUS POSTS! Anyway, Kim is always so good about taking her kids to watch cement be poured, and Rayanne also, but I am the slacker dairy wife, so today Ky and I went for the first time. Other than being very upset he couldn't ride in the lodder with "pampa" (grandpa) and it being a little warm, we had a great time. Here are some pics. They are pouring new cement in one of the pits, and this the second phase of three. Man am I glad I am the wife and not doing this hard work (I always remind Tim I am the wife of a dairyman, not a dairyman wife:), and he says that's why he married me!)

Right before they started - it's about 50 yards long - that's a lot of cement!

Brothers working together - Brett and Brian

Brothers working together - Tim and Billy

In the middle of the work from above - everyone working hard!

The fam - a little hot and sweaty, but having fun!

Riding in the Loder at last - he just kept blowing me kisses and waving!

Random Pictures of Kylan

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Wedding Bells

My little brother is getting married - or course he is bigger than me, so I don't know if little fits. Kal and Lacy Sloan are engaged and getting married the end of August, or at least before they have to be back at BYU-I the second week of September. We are so excited to have another married couple in the family and since Kylan has a huge crush on Lacy (you should see the flirting that takes place whenever she is around), we think he will like having her as an Aunt - the only Aunt on my side!!!