Monday, June 21, 2010

30 Weeks 5 Days & My Best Friend this Pregnancy

Here it is in all it's glory. I have grown so much and I still have about 7-9 weeks left! Yikes! I have discovered a new best friend this pregnancy and I want to share it with everyone because I know I am not the only one who has tummy issues during pregnancy (or any other time). It's a Univera product called Aloe Gold and it is awesome! I am very skeptical of products like this, and because of this it took me quite awhile to even try the products let alone start selling them, but I am so glad that I did just for this one product if nothing else!!! So if anyone else would like to try it and see for themselves, let me know!
P.S. I forgot to take it yesterday in all of our father's day business and I had a HORRIBLE day tummy wise, so that was just the nail in the coffin for me!

I Found the Camera!!!

This morning a miracle occurred and I found my camera! I was so excited!!! So here are some pics that I have been wanting to blog and now I can take some more pics of what the kids and I have been up to . . . too bad I have missed so many things though since it has been lost!
Our first (and only so far) beach trip of the summer:

The kids favorite foods: Mya and her scrambled eggs and Kylan and his toast and sausage and a few eggs:

Making cookies with mom and eating the dough at the end:

I need to take another pregnancy pic since I am almost 31 weeks now (scary!!)! I am definitly getting to the uncomfortable, can't sleep, can't eat (even though I still do) and can't move!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

MIA Camera

I'm so mad because I can't find my camera (I hope two little kids haven't hid it, but I have a feeling they may have had something to do with it) and I have pics from our first day at the lake and pics that I wanted to take, so I am forced to give a pictureless update!

Kylan: Is a "working boy" who rides all day with dad in the dump truck (first crop) and even got to ride in the new big chopper with Aaron (thank you again). This morning both he and Mya rode while I was at the doctor and he was nice enough to allow Mya to sleep on his shoulder - such a good big brother! He also has quite the imagination, and even when he isn't at work he is working in the yard "breathing" (breading) the cows, gettting them back in the pen, disking the field, etc. He is also a great bubble blower for Mya!
Mya: Is talking more and more everyday. Her favorite words to say are "dink" (drink), "tankou" (thankyou) "that", "Ianknow" (I don't know), and "sorry". She is getting closer to being able to walk up and down the stairs - something she has been working on since we moved in, she really hates that she is the only one crawling up and down them. She loves to help me empty the dishwasher and to wipe her lips and hands with napkins, but flips out when you wash her!
Baby Boy: He is getting bigger and bigger everyday and he is VERY active! He really doesn't like it if anyone or anything presses against my belly and always kicks the kids if they lay on my belly. He even tried to kick away the heart beat thing today at the doctors office when the nurse was listening to him - she thought that was pretty funny! He isn't as low as his sister, but is still much lower than Kylan was which is good and bad sometimes, but he has been very nice to me in the swelling department and hasn't caused me to swell at all yet (the doctor was pretty impressed with that today). He should be arriving in 9-11 weeks (I am 29 weeks today) and I am getting excited to see him!

Well, that is our update. Hopefully I will find my camera soon and have some pics of everything to add later!

Friday, June 4, 2010

New Songs

I added Ky's two favorite songs to my player - Rain is a Good Thing and Bad Romance. I'm so glad Glee sang the last song so that I had an edited version to add! Hopefully I will have some video of Ky singing them to add!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Avon Young Family Reunion

On the flight from Reno we had to stop in San Diego first. From San Diego to Phoenix there were about 30 people on the plane total, so that was so nice!

The first day we spent at Canyon Lake. It was so nice to be in HOT weather, especially since it ended up snowing after we left Reno the night before.

A picture of the hills behind our resort. We stayed at the Gold Canyon Golf Resort near Apache Junction where Teri's sister Becky lives.

Tim and Logan on Saturday morning.

Saturday we all drove to Tucson to visist Avon's grave and to spend some time with his siblings who get together every memorial weekend.

Tim, Logan, Gav and Brett melting at the cemetary.

Avon's siblings and children - Teri, Debbie, Trina, Becky, a sister of Avon's, Val, Dusty, another sister, Jimmy (can't really see him), Uncle Phil (Avon's brother), Phil's wife and the third sister that was there. Avon has one more sister who wasn't able to make it.

Avon's three (out of 4) sisters singing at the luncheon at the park.
Friends and family of Avon's at the park.

Some of the cousin's who grew up together at the park. Kristy, Tim, Angie, Gav and Tonya.

Logan zonked out at the park.

Everyone who was at the park.

Siblings and spouses (who were there): Debbie, Trina and Steve, Dusty and Georgia, Becky and Dan, Teri and Brett, Jimmy and Wendi, Val and Gary.
All the cousins and their kids and Uncle Phil. Kristy and I are due at the same time and her little girl and Mya also were due at the same time!

Teri and all of her siblings with Uncle Phil: Dusty, Val, Trina, Becky, Phil, Jimmy, Teri and Debbie.

Avon's siblings and his children.
Tim and his cousin Ryan. For those of you who have always thought Tim looks nothing like a Sorensen, now you know where he comes from! I really wish I had gotten a picture of him with ALL of his cousins since most of them weren't at the park in Tucson!

The cactus in front of Becky and Dan's house. I loved the landscape in Arizona - it was so beautiful!!!
Tim and I had such a great time and I loved being able to see where Teri came from and see her family where they are from! Tim realized once we got there that he hadn't been to Arizona in over 10 years! We hope to go back with our kids someday and spend some more time in Tucson with Teri so that she can show us where she lived! Thank you thank you everyone in Arizona for taking such great care of us and planning such fun things! We had a great time!!!