Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pictures and Update

Kylan wanted to take a picture of Mya and I. Not so cute of me, but cute of Mya girl!
Ky and Mya in some of their new fall clothes today. Grandma and I got them some clothes for the fall/winter while we were birthday shopping yesterday with the girls and my kids insisted on wearing them today.

Modeling their new shoes this morning. Mya also is in her new princess nightgown. She insisted on wearing her shoes last night until she went to bed, and then wanted them back on as soon as she got up today!

Emmit in his church clothes on Sunday and 3 weeks old. Isn't he so precious! He is such a great baby, I am very lucky to have 3 great kids! Now I have to go get Mya out of bed and I'm sure Emmit will be awake soon also so here is the quick update:
Emmit has gained over a pound since he was born, Mya is starting to talk more (yay), Kylan is as busy as ever and I turned 28 on Saturday. We are doing great!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Brother is the Best!

These may be blurry on here because I took them off of facebook, but trust me, Kade did an amazing job with these! I can't wait until we do family pictures, because I'm sure they are going to look great! Kade does an amazing job, and he will be here in Fallon through December, is cheap and only charges if you like the pictures, so if you need pics done please let me know and I will get you in touch with him!!!

Emmit's Blessing

Evan, Kylan and Mya on Grandma Teri's tractor (the ride-on lawn mower).
Tim and I and Emmit

Us with Grandpa Brett and Grandma Teri

Us with Grandma Kenna and Grandpa Donald and Mya (who loves her grandpa's, or "pompa" as she calls them)

We blessed Emmit at our house on Sunday because all my brothers were in town and wouldn't be here on the first Sunday in September. Tim gave him a beautiful blessing and afterwards we had a lot of fun eating and visiting with the family. Poor Emmit is obviously the third child. Rayanne had to remind me to put him in his blessing outfit and she actually changed him for me (thank you Rayanne), we didn't get a picture of our whole family and really I have hardly taken any pictures of him period! He is really such a great baby and we feel very blessed to have him. He was way more layed back than our other two children are, and because of that I don't think it has been too bad of an adjustment going from two to three, of course he is still immobile, so that may change at some point, but so far I have loved having three kids!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Yesterday when we blessed Emmit (pics coming soon), my grandpa Adams brought over a photo album from their house with a whole bunch of baby pics of me and my brothers and my mom, so I decided to scan some of them this morning before I give it back. Here are my favorites:
This has always been my favorite picture of my brothers when they were little. Aren't they so cute!
My mom at about 5 months. Isn't she so cute!

And this is me at about 16 months. This pic is on the front of the album and my grandpa brought it over saying that he had found a picture of Mya. I knew that we looked similar but I was even surprised at how much she and I look alike!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

You Are 40 Weeks Pregnant

All I have to say is THANK GOODNESS I AM NOT!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Story . . .

So here is the story of Emmit's birth. If you don't want to know, quit reading now, but for my posterity I am going to blog it.
Saturday we went to the lake. My dad really wanted me to have him on Sunday, and Friday I had a little hope that it would happen, but unless I was on the boat on Saturday I wasn't feeling anything. We went to dinner that night for my dad's birthday, stopped at DQ on the way home and went to bed with really nothing happening. All night though I kept waking up here and there because I was uncomfortable and it took me until Tim left to irrigate at 5am to figure out why I was waking up. By 6am I couldn't sleep anymore so I started timing them, then got up and started doing some laundry and packing when I realized that moving around just made them stronger rather than stopping them. They kept coming 5-10 minutes apart all morning, and although my husband thought I was crazy, I insisited that we go to sacrament meeting because I needed the distraction. By 2:00 pm they were closer and harder, so we took the kids to my parent's house and headed into the hospital. By 4:00pm they had decided to keep me, had me hooked up to everything and broke my water. For some reason breaking my water slowed down my contractions, so they started me on on pitocin and that got them going. I had my epidural (the best thing ever invented) and I got some sleep. By 10pm I could tell I was passed a 5 (the magic number for me) and by 10:25pm I was ready to push. The nurse almost had to deliver her first baby without the doctor present, but the doctor got there just in time and Emmit was born at 10:47 pm. Everything went so well and my recovery has been great! We stayed two nights in the hospital, which was better than I thought it would be. The second night we had them keep Emmit in the nursery so that we could get some good sleep before we got home to Kylan and Mya.
Since we've been home things have been good. He is by far my easiest baby. He doesn't cry very much, and when he does he is easily consoled. He is such a sweet baby and Ky and Mya just love him to pieces!

Monday, August 9, 2010

A Family of Five

Emmit Donald Sorensen

August 8, 2010 10:47 pm

6lbs 10oz

19 inches

Everyone is doing great!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Just a Thought

Dear Baby #3,
If you are really ready to meet everyone (which you are acting like you might be), tomorrow would be a great time so that you can be Grandpa Donald's birthday present. He has worked really hard to get you to come - boat rides, spicy food, even tried to get me on the jet ski. Just a thought. Love you!
P.S. If you aren't ready, please let me sleep tonight! Thanks!

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Baby's Corner

Our new crib! We had a hand me down crib for Ky and Mya from my Aunt and Uncle and we really liked it, but after going through 5 kids it was falling apart, so we got a new one for this baby. We got one that converts into the toddler bed and then a double bed hoping to get some additional use out of it! Kylan wanted to help me put it together this morning and I was very surprised by how much help he really was! He helped me hold things in the right place and he tightened all the bolts for me (don't worry I double checked them when he was done, but I really didn't have to tighten too many). I just can't believe how old he is getting!
The cute clothes that the baby's grandma's have already gotten for him. He is so spoiled already!

The baby's corner in the playroom. We decided to set the crib up here for now so that we don't have to go up and down the stairs at night. Once he is sleeping the night then we will move him upstairs either into Mya's room and then move Mya in with Ky, or we will put him in with Ky. During the day he will nap in the pack-n-play in our room. The changing table will stay put - I'm not goint to go up and down the stairs all day to change diapers!

The nesting instinct has kicked in today and I love it! I love having the drive to get things cleaned and organized - it makes me feel useful again!