Saturday, December 31, 2011

Baby #4

Feel free to skip over this post, I am doing it for my journal keeping purposes. It all started on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. I didn't feel good all morning while I was trying to get ready for church and I told Tim that when he got home from doing chores. He asked if I had the stomach flu and I said no, I was pretty sure it was morning sickness, however it was really too early to take a test. We were both super excited though! Well that continued the rest of the day, so the next morning I did take a test and it was just barely positive. I wasn't sick everyday at first, but after about a week and a half it was everyday. We wanted to surprise everyone for Christmas, so we tried to keep it to ourselves as much as we could but I think most people had figured it out by the time Christmas came around because it's hard to act normal when you feel like you have the flu all the time.
Everyone always asks if the morning sickness is worse or the same with each pregnancy and I honestly can't tell/remember. It seems worse with each one, but that could also be that with each one I have one more child to chase after so I can't take it easy as much as I would like to. I was waiting until after the new year to go into the doctor (I'm being cheap, I want it all on one deductable), so hopefully in the next week or so I will have some medicine and will be able to keep up with things a little more! Right now I have no cravings really, but there are only a few things that after eating them once I feel like eating again: life cereal, pretzels, sandwiches (with pickles), milk, water, and eggs, toast and bacon (I know, weird). Everything else it seems like sounds good once and then I can't even stomach the idea of eating it again. Oh well, only 8 more weeks of this (at the most hopefully) and then I will be fighting not to eat everything in sight! And I am hoarding some of my favorite Christmas goodies (Tim Tams and scotchmallows) until then!

Christmas Day

Christmas day was fun but crazy. We kind of woke the kids up so that Tim could see them open presents before he had to go to work. I have a ton of video of this, but no pictures. While he was at work I got everyone bathed and back in their jammies so we could go down to grandpa and grandma Sorensen's for a little bit before church. We let Kylan and Mya tell everyone that I was pregnant. They liked being the ones that got to share the surprise with everyone! I did snap a couple pics before church:
 Here's Mya with her Repunzle doll and matching dress on. For some reason she won't smile for pics lately, but I promise she was happy!
 Here's kind of a group shot. Brett and Teri also got the kids a kid sized trampoline. They absolutely love it and have been taking advantage of the warm winter weather the last few days and playing on it every chance they get. They were even out the other night after dark with Tim jumping on it! Emmit even likes to sit in it while the other kids jump. I will have to get some pics one of these days! After this we went home, got ready for church, went in and got to listen to some beautiful music and deal with some very hyper kids that had had way too much sugar and then came home, changed and went back to Tim's parents. Later in the afternoon we went over to my parents and opened more wonderful presents! Us and the kids were very spoiled this year!
 These pics were taken the day after Christmas. Emmit loves this little chair that my parents got him. I found him like this the morning after Christmas watching a movie with Mya.
 Mya once again not smiling with her baby cinderella.

Kylan with his machine gun from Uncle Kent and Aunt Stacey and his cross bow from Grandpa and Grandma Schank. He has a target up on the wall and spent hours on Christmas day at my parents house and then countless hours since at home practicing. 

And this was my favorite present for Christmas - a pair of diamond hoop earrings from Tim! I was so excited! He actually hung them on the Christmas Tree Christmas Eve during the party and then couldn't wait until Christmas to point them out to me. I think this was the first time I have taken them off since that night to take a picture. I actually haven't worn earrings for close to a year because I have very sensitive ears that used to allow me to wear gold and sterling silver, but even sterling silver has been bothering them and I didn't have any gold ones! We usually don't really get anything for each other, but this year we did and it was a lot of fun! We were very blessed and spoiled this year! 

Christmas Eve

We had the Schank Christmas Eve party at our house this year. It was a lot of fun to be able to have this tradition of mine at my own home and it was a lot of fun for Tim as well because our house is where he always had Christmas Eve growing up! Here's kind of a group shot after dinner. I was terrible about taking pics this Christmas!

 Tim and Emmit hanging out.
Carmen led us in some songs, and then had Craig, Ernie and my dad sing a Christmas song. We then went around and told some of our favorite Christmas memories.
It was a very fun night! After everyone left we went down to Tim's parent's house really fast to reinact the nativity scene with his family. The kids did so good and very forgetful me forgot my regular and video camera. Oh well, there's always next year!

Candy Houses

I'm doing some back tracking and trying to get all of Christmas blogged before the new year, so here goes! We decorated candy houses this year (Sorensen tradition) and as usual it was  a ton of fun. 

 Thought I'd start with a cute picture of Emmit. He was still too little to actually decorate, but he had a ton of fun eating every skittle he could get his hands on (which I think was even more than I know). 
Tim and Tonya frosting their houses. 
 Everyone at the big table. Mya and Kylan each had their own houses this year. They loved it!

 Here is Mya's finished house. 

And here is Kylan's. 
And here is Tim and mine. I was pretty proud of my house constructing abilities this year. It was supposed to be our house with a few tweeks so that it wouldn't fall apart. Ignore how terrible I look. I probably felt as sick as I look in this pic!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Surprises

This was the kids Christmas morning after opening all their presents. Happy kids! This was one of the first Christmas's in years that Tim and I were surprised right along with the kids! So here are some of the highlights:
* Tim got me diamond earrings. They are so pretty!!!
*The mp3 player I got for Tim
*A Kindle Fire from Tim's parents (love it)!
*Tim's camo sweat shirt and my new pots and pans and silverware from my parents
*And we finally announced to everyone that we will be adding another bundle of joy to our family around August 11, 2012.
Hope everyone had as wonderful of a Christmas as we did. More pics to come when it settles down a little around here!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Kinzie Kay

My new neice Kinzie Kay Schank was born last night in Idaho.

Kylan wants to drive to Idaho and see her . . . SO DO I!

Congrats Kort and Jessie! She is perfect!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Here Comes Santa Clause!

We had our ward Christmas party last night and it was a lot of fun. Before we left Mya said she wasn't going to sit on Santa's lap, and Kylan was very concerned because then he wouldn't know what she wanted for Christmas, but when the time came she was just find sitting on his lap and telling him what she wanted for Christmas.

The primary kids sang some songs and did a little nativity. It was very cute and the kids were a little confused, but that just added to the cuteness!

THe kids were SOOOO excited to see Santa that it made me excited! Here are their faces when he first walked in. It was funny because Kylan had to go to the bathroom right before he came so Tim ran him to the bathroom and the whole time Kylan was so afraid he was going to miss him, but he didn't! Even Emmit knew who Santa was. If you asked him he would point to Santa!

Mya was a little nervious standing in line to see Santa, so she made Kylan hold her hand the whole time. Well, Wyatt wanted in on the hand holding action. I thought this was too cute!

We knew there was a no chance in you-know-what that Emmit would sit on Santa's lap, so I just held him, but even that was too close for him and he was ready to bail!

Mya said Santa was nice, just like Grandpa Adams! Kylan was just so excited he could barely contain himself afterwards!

Christmas Tree Hunting

The first Saturday in December we went up to Carol Summit to look for Christmas Trees. This has kind of become a Sorensen Family tradition the last few years. This is only the second Tim our whole family has gone. Last year Emmit was still pretty little and Tim and I had bad colds, so grandma and grandpa came and took Kylan. There was so much snow last year that it was pretty misserable and Brett and Teri ended up with what was referred to as the "Christmas Bush" after hours of looking for the perfect tree. We also had a few sap problems - Gavin and Rayannes tree fell over covering their carpet, wood floor, tv stand and tv in sap and we had them get us a small tree that left puddles of sap on our tile floor. Needless to say, neither us or Gavin and Rayanne actually cut a tree this year, but Brett & Teri and Laine and Tonya found very nice trees! Teri made soup and hot chocolate and the kids played in the little bit of snow there was, looked for little pine cones and went on "hikes". It was fun, but very cold so we were only there for a couple hours. And the best thing to come of the trip is that Emmit has no qualms about wearing shoes anymore. In fact he is excited when I put them on because it means he gets to go outside!

Emmit and dad by the fire.
The kids playing in a little pile of snow.

Our attempt at a family photo Emmit was not having it at all!

Mya at the end. She had had it, so while we packed up she sat in the car, watched a Christmas movie and undressed (she just started peeling layers off when she got in the car). Everyone slep the whole ride home, except mom who had to drive. Tim claims he only slept for a few minutes, but don't believe him!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our Christmas Tree

We decorated our Christmas tree last night and this little guy was so excited! It was a little crazy with Kylan being the only one who could really get the ornaments on right, Mya just kind of setting them on the tree so they fell off eventually and Emmit taking the ornaments off almost as fast as Ky was putting them on. We only decorated about half before I couldn't stand it any longer, so today while Emmit napped and Mya was occupied elsewhere Kylan and I finished decorating the tree and putting up the rest of our decorations!

Kylan was so excited to decorate the tree that even though Grandma Teri asked him if he could stay at her house and play with Logan (an offer he normally would never refuse) and I said we could decorate the next day if he wanted to stay, he said no he wanted to decorate his Christmas tree.

We are trying the tree in a new spot this year and I have to say so far I really like it. It's a lot more out of the way than it was last year and I don't feel like my house is consumed with Christmas deocrations since it is in the upper living room part and not right my our tv in the lower living room. HOWEVER my kids are driving me crazy with the tree. I understand Emmit touching the tree and grabbing ornaments, he is only 15 months old, but it's Mya who is really driving me crazy and even Kylan. I may or may not have threatened them with taking the tree down (or at least taking all the ornaments off) if they don't leave it alone!

*** a little p.s. while typing this Mya covered my whole island and her shirt with windex while she was supposed to be eating her snack (which is also covered in windex). i swear christmas makes kids crazy!!!***


Saturday night after Thanksgiving we went bowling with the Sorensen clan. It was tons of fun as usual! Our kids really love bowling!

My little lefty doesn't like to use the kids ramp anymore. He did pretty good and didn't even have bumpers to help him!
Eating french fries with Uncle Bill and Grandpa Brett.

Gavin and Rayanne's cute family.

Decorating Christmas Cookies & Decorating Grandma's Tree

My mom always has the kids decorate Christmas cookies and decorate her tree (she such a good sport, she just lets them put the ornaments on however and then she usually has to take them off and redo them, but they absolutely love it)! This year we did it the day after thanksgiving so that all the visiting aunts and uncles could be part of it.

Emmit was totally entertained by this garland!

My mom's kitchen light stopped working and my dad had to take it completely down to try to fix the wiring and then put it back up. Here are all my brothers and dad putting it back up. Turned out we needed Kent because he got it up and it still didn't work!

Decorating cookies. Kylan piled on the sprinkles on each of his and Mya would only use the "pink" (was supposed to be red) frosting and made all of hers into sandwich cookies.

Thanksgiving Day

We had Thanksgiving dinner with my family this year and my grandma and grandpa Adams. Kal & Lacy, Kort & Jessie, Kade & Leah and Leah's mom Barbara were there along with my uncle John this year since he came to help take care of my grandpa his first few days home. It was a smaller group, but a lot of fun. Later that night some of the schank's came over to my parents house, and then we went to see the rest for a few minutes over at my grandma's before going out to see Tim's family. It was a very tiring day, but a great one!

Here's my cousin Martin helping Emmit go down the roller coaster. My cousin's daugher Natalie is at th end and my Uncle Mark (my dad's brother in case you can't tell).
Here's a group shot of some of the family hanging out.

My dad took Evan and Kylan hunting after dinner. Kylan actually went quite a few times with my dad over the weekend! I think it was his favorite part of the whole weekend.

Or his favorite part may have been having Kort and Jessie here for so long, and then Kal and Lacy! Kort and Jessie were actually able to come the Friday before Thanksgiving and stayed until the Saturday after. It was great seeing them for so long since they won't be going anywhere for Christmas because my cute little neice Kinzie will be born sometime around Christmas Day! We can't wait to see her!

The kids also took pictures with my parents for their Christmas card. In true Emmit fashion, he is screaming in every picture. I also braved Walmart on Black Friday (actually Thursday since all my stuff came on sale at 10pm). It was CRAZY!!! And not fun at all. I don't know how that is fun for anyone! I guess I am too much of a browser and hated being so rushed!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree!

I have a ton to catch up on, but first I wanted to get this story down before I forget it! Last night Tim and I went with a bunch of his family to the new Twilight movie and so my parents came over and watched the kids for us. The movie was at 8pm, so it wasn't early in the day or anything. Well, Kylan had been begging me all day to get the tree out. I kept telling him I couldn't because 1) it's too heavy for me and 2) it was buried in the very back of the storage shed behind my sis-in-law and bro-in-laws stuff. So Ky being Ky asked grandpa if he would put up the tree and at first he said no, then Kylan kept asking and finally he said he didn't know where it was. Kylan told him it was in one shed, so they went and checked and it was the wrong shed. They came back in and Ky convinced him to go out to the other shed. They started out and right when they got across the porch coyotes started howling. My dad said Kylan turned around and ran back to the house, got in and jumped on grandma's lap and then said "There are coyotes howling out there and grandpa was a little scared of them!" My dad thought for sure he wouldn't go out again, but sure enough about 10 minutes later he told grandpa "I think we can go back out now." They somehow found the tree in the mess and got it up for us. After it was all up he made them all hold hands and sing "Oh Christmas Tree" around the tree (would have loved to see that). Then, Kylan was too excited to go to sleep because he wanted to see how surprised Tim and I were when we got home! It was so sweet and he was so brave to go back out after he had heard the coyotes! And I think his grandpa loves him just a little bit! Now I chuckle everytime I look at the tree!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Emmit and Shoes

Emmit has a HATE relationship with shoes. That's right, a HATE relationship, not a love/hate because he absolutely doesn't love them. There have been a couple times that he has tolerated them, once being when we were out in the middle of a chopped corn field eating lunch. At least he realized there was no way he could walk in that without shoes on his feet, but any other time what we get is what you see in the picture above. He bawls, screams, and flat out refuses to stand let alone walk. On this particular day we made him keep them on all during church. The kid didn't take one single step the whole 3 hours. He sat on our laps, was carried around and played while sitting. He used to have the same reaction with socks and footie pajama's, but I got him past it with those two things and I've kind of given up on the shoe thing. Oh Well!

Idaho Trip

We decided on a whim to go to Idaho and visit my brothers and their wives a week ago. We are so glad we went because we had a great time! I was terrible at taking pictures, but here are the few that I snapped. We left on Wednesday, ate dinner with Kal in Twin Falls before continueing on to Rexburg. We stayed at Kort and Jessie's and got to hang out with them and Kent and Stacey. Kent and Tim hunted most of Thursday, then that night we went and ate at a super good place called Stockman's in Idaho Falls. On Friday we headed to Kal and Lacy's in Twin Falls and ate dinner with them and stayed the night. On Saturday Kal took Tim and Kylan to see a big dairy, while Lacy and I took Mya and Emmit shopping. We met to eat lunch at a very yummy burger place called Burnt Lemonade which had great burgers, sweet potato fries and flavored lemonades. We left for home from there. The kids traveled so well and had a great time and were so good while we were there. It was so nice to just be able to hang out with everyone and really do nothing!

At dinner at Stockman's
Hanging out at Kort and Jessie's.

Kylan and Kort. Kylan fell asleep more than once on Kort while he was tickling him.

Eating cupcakes from Cocoa Bean. They were very yummy!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Photo Card

Modern Christmas Christmas
Seasons greetings with personalized Christmas cards from Shutterfly.
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