Thursday, September 15, 2011


My dad had an archery elk tag this year, and since my brothers are all married and responsible now (so weird to think we are all that old), Tim went with him. They were gone for about 8 days (8 very looooooooooooong days), and unfortunately they didn't get anything. My dad did shoot one big elk, but it didn't kill it. Here are some pics from their adventure.

This guy Larry and his wife went with them (they had tags for the same area, but different weapons and different hunting dates) and they brought their horses/mules, which was a lifesaver really, but Tim is not a huge fan of horses! The one above actually bucked my dad off.
Tim is much more comfortable riding the quad!

Behind my dad is the horse Tim rode. They claim they had a ton of fun. I don't get it, but I'm glad they had fun together.

I have no pics of the kids and I here at home. I don't know why the kids think while dad is gone is a great time to get sick, but they do. Kylan's allergies got so bad that he ended up with a sinus infection, which meant a trip to the doctor and a day of being really sick. Emmit came down with the flu and was sick until today. Luckily Mya held it together! We wouldn't have made it without my moms help though. She spent every evening with us, whether at our house or hers and helped me bathe and get the kids ready for bed every night and made special trips to the store for us. Rayanne also saved me one day by taking Mya and Kylan pretty much all day which ended up being the day Emmit was the sickest and rental drama occured. Needless to say I am very happy to have my hubby home!