Thursday, January 26, 2012

12 weeks

While I was showering this morning Kylan did a photo shoot with his brother and sister. Here are a few of the good ones! I thought they were pretty funny! I have about 30 of the back of Mya, the TV and the playroom to erase though!

Ah, jumping on the couch while mom isn't around. Lovely! And you can see how Mya prefers to be most of the time - in just her undies! Oh well, at least I didn't come out to the them playing outside with Mya not dressed in the middle of winter (it has happened before, so I wouldn't put it pass them)!
Anyway, I had another appointment today for an official early ultra sound to confirm my dates and then to go over the test results I had done a couple weeks ago. Tim came with me and it was so fun to see how much bigger the baby is even from just 2 weeks ago (even though he/she is still only 5cm) and to see just how active this little one is! The baby was kicking and moving it's arms and flipping around the whole time! We could even see the little ones profile (mouth, nose and eyes) and it's little toes and spine and rib cage! I have a feeling this one will be keeping me up a lot once I can start feeling all that movement! The ultrasound gave me a due date of Aug 8th which is Emmit and my dad's birthday, but since it's just a few days sooner than my original, we are sticking with Aug 11th. Only 8 more weeks and we will find out if "it" is a girl or boy! I'm just excited for the tiredness, not-wanting-to-do-anything to leave now that I'm starting the 2nd trimester! Oh and the gagging everytime I cough to be done (and since I have a cold that is often the last couple days). I think Tim is ready for all of that to be over as well!!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Mya

Our Mya Rae turned 3 on Tuesday and I can't even believe she is that old!!! Where did the last 3 years even go??? She was pretty fun this year because she is old enough now to know what her birthday is! I had asked her a few days before what she wanted and she said pink and purple cupcakes and strawberry ice-cream, so we had cupcakes with pink and purple frosting and strawberry swirl ice-cream. I also took her the day before while Ky was at preschool to walmart and let her pick out plates, cups and napkins (of course she picked all Tangled themed, she loves Repunzel). The day of she was so excited all day and kept dancing around the house saying "I the birthday girl, the birthday girl . . . " 
 When she saw her cupcakes all done and presents all wrapped she kept telling me this was her best birthday ever!!!
 This was while we were singing happy birthday and about the time I realized I had forgotten to light the candle . . . oops! I quickly dashed to the matches and got it lit right after we finished!
 And finally opening her presents. After each one she would ask if she could open another one!
We are so blessed to have Mya in our family. She is such a funny girl! She tells the best stories because she has the best facial expressions while she tells them, she loves everything pink and girlly and princess, but she also loves to play in the mud and get dirty and go hunting. She is a great friend to her big brother (he thinks Emmit needs a little sister just like Mya to play with, so she must be really fun to play with) and she is growing up more and more everyday! We love you My-my girl! Happy third birthday!

Sonic Drinks and Tables

I've been a little behind on my blogging. This pregnancy is making me a lot more tired than I remember being with the other three and it's driving me crazy! I'm about 12 weeks though so I'm hoping to get that burst of energy you get during the second trimester really soon! 
Now onto the photos . . . a few weeks ago I was afraid my dishwasher had completely died. It had gone from not washing too well to not washing at all. Luckily I have my Uncle Derild who is very good at fixing just about everything. He came and fixed it - it was all clogged with hard water stuff - and he also brought Sonic drinks for all of us (isn't he the best?)! Well, it dawned on me that this was the first time Emmit had had a Sonic drink all to himself, and he was pretty excited! So thank you Uncle Derild for bringing Emmit his first Sonic Drink!
 For Christmas this year my Grandma Adams got the kids a little table just their size. The original one we ordered was a little tikes picnic table and when we went to put it together Christmas Day we found it was broken, then when I returned it I couldn't exchange it for a new one at the same time because it was priced specially for Christmas, so I ordered this one to replace it (my sister-in-law has this same one and since it's metal I knew it wouldn't arrive broken). Well the kids are loving it! It is permanantly up in our dining room and they eat just about every meal at it! Even Emmit loves it! Here they are eating breakfast at it the other morning!
** Notice the paper bowls and plastic spoons. That is how lazy I have been lately. We use mostly throw away stuff lately because then dishes are one less thing I have to do!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Say Cheese!

Our first picture of our new little one! Even though this is baby #4 it is still just as exciting as it was with Kylan to get our first glimpse at our new baby! I have a new doctor with this baby because my old doctor has retired from delivering babies. I'm happy for him, but was a little sad for me! However I am loving my new doctor. She is young, recently had a baby of her own and told me today at my first appointment that she likes to take a look at the baby on ultrasound every appointment purely for entertainment because she loved looking at her baby all the time while she was pregnant! I am so excited about this! Now there is something more to look forward to rather than just finding out how much weight I've gained, having my blood pressure taken and "leaving a sample." I have an "official" ultrasound scheduled in two weeks so it will be fun to see just how much this little one grows in that short amount of time. I know the pictures aren't too exciting, but in real life you could actually see it's arms and legs moving around! I'm in love already!