Saturday, October 27, 2012

Trunk or Treat

We had our ward trunk or treat last night and the kids had a great time! Emmit even dressed up and wasn't afraid to go from car to car! So proud of him!

2+ Months Old

Ila had her 2 month check up and her first set of shots. She did so good for all of it and the shots just made her really sleepy the rest of the day. We found out she is a big 2 month old! She was in the 98th percentile for height and weight! She is 24 1/2 inches and 15lbs. Right now she loves to smile, sleeps the night most of the time but is hit and miss on napping good during the day! She loves her swing, loves to nap in it. She also likes the Exersaucer. She's still a pretty happy baby for theist part and that is so nice! We sure love her!

8 year Anniversary Trip well kind of

On October 16 Tim and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary! I did little things for Tim all day like bringing him a sonic drink, getting cinnamon rolls from Latins, lunch from slanted porch and then taking him to pizza barn for dinner. It was a fun day! Then that weekend the dairy needed someone to go check out some dairy barns in Modesto CA so very last minute Tim, Ila and I took an overnight trip there. It was tons of fun! The first day we looked at dairies from the time we pulled into town until about 8pm. The next morning Ila and I relaxed while Tim looked at a couple more. We then headed home stopping at Leathwrby's for lunch and Machato's in Auburn for some goodies on the way home. The best part was that Ila was so good the whole time! She slept all night and took a 2 hour nap the next morning while Tim was out and she was such a trooper while we were driving and looking at dairies!

Sunday Activities

The kids had a pamper dad night one Sunday it was so funny! They tickled his back by driving cars on it and then made him into a prince charming by combing his hair! Kylan even talked in an English accent while doing it! Too funny! And look who is already sting in her Exersaucer and isn't even 3 months old yet!

Happy Birthday Grandma Kenna

For my moms birthday we all went to eat at Pizza Barn! It was so fun and the best part was we left the mess there! And of course a cute pic of Ila is a must for every post!

General Conference

We went to Uncle Derild and Aunt Lynne's for the afternoon session on Sunday. The kids love going over there and were so excited! What kid woyldn't like going over there you have Reed and Carissa to play with, Uncle Derild's iPad to play on and Aunt Lynne to read to you!

Catch up post!

Here are some pics of what we have been up to the last month or so!

Blogging from iPhone!

Finally figured it out! Wouldn't you know there is an app for everything! I should be caught up soon!