Friday, December 21, 2007

Remodel Continued

Had to add this pic of Ky at the grocery store - he likes to lounge in the cart and smile at everyone!

This post is mainly for Rachel and Steve. For any of you interested, Brett and Teri have their new door and flooring done. Now all that's left is flattening out the walls in what used to be the office (they are textured right now) and painting them along with putting up some trim and chair railing - then on to the kitchen. All this has been put on hold though until Christmas is over, but I wanted to post pics of the new flooring and new door which is my absolute favorite - oh and the new book case in the new office!

The new front door and the entry way with the new wood (carpet isn't new in this pic)

The new bookcase - sorry the pic is kind of dark

All the furniture from the living room in the dining room in preparation for carpet being laid & the living room empty!

The new carpet! And the newly painted wall behind the entertainment center (they also painted the ceiling in the old office area)

Left: Close up of carpet and wood from entry way. Right: close up of the wood encasing the step down into the old office.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Not a good day for Kylan!

Today Kylan had his 9 month doctor appointment. Last appointment they told me that he wouldn't be getting any shots, but that he would have to have some blood taken to test for anemia. So, stupid me, I thought that they would take blood like they do when they are newborn - little prick on the foot (not that that is great, but better than what I am about to describe). The appointment went well (I will give his new stats in a moment), then we go down to the lab to have his blood taken. To set up the story, Ky was ready for a nap right when we were leaving for the doctors, so he is really tired and getting more and more tired. I had also thought about bringing in his stroller, but didn't, so I am holding him, my big coat, and his diaper bag and walking all over the hospital. We finally get into the lab and then inform me that they are going to take it out of his arm - what?! his little veins couldn't possibly be big enough, and how are we going to keep him still!! They put him on the table, and one lady tries to stick him, the other holds his arms and I have to hold his legs. THREE (thats right, 3 and the first one invloved a lot of "digging") tries later, they finally get blood!! I had to use all the strength I had to not cry! Shots won't seem as bad next time, that's for sure. So, here is the little guy with bandades on both arms that I now have to try to pull off! Poor little boy!!

Well, here are his new stats:

Head: 75th percentile (17 1/2 inches I think)

Height: 28 9/16 inches (75th Percentile)

Weight: 21 lbs 10 oz (she didn't tell me percentile because this is lower than what his curve has been due to the 1 1/2 weeks of liquid diareah and increased moving abilities - I was told to feed him an extra serving of fruit a day!)

Overall, he's doing well, but I think I will be opting not to do this test with any future children!

Saturday, December 15, 2007


My brothers (Kal, Kade and Kort) are getting home today from BYU Idaho! This is my favorite part of Christmas - Family coming home!!!
ALSO!!! We got Kent's travel plans this week - he leaves there on Tuesday, February 26th and arrives in Reno on Thursday, February 28th at 6:15pm!! I feel bad for him that he has to travel for 2 whole days, but I am SOOOOO excited to see him and for him to meet Ky, so watch out all the other uncles out there, the "favorite" uncle is coming home soon (Kent is every little kids favorite - he can make anything into a game, if you don't believe me ask Reed and Carissa about the back ticking game he made up - and remember he "doesn't make the rules, he just inforces them").

Thursday, December 13, 2007

"O, Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree"

We finally put our Christmas tree up and Tim and Gavin got our lights put up yesterday. Kylan is becoming more interested in the tree. We brought it in while he was taking a nap, so when he woke up he kept looking at it and then looking at me like "why is there a tree in my house?" When I started putting the lights on he wanted to play with them, so when I wouldn't let him he just left the room like "this is no fun, so I'm doing something else." We put it in the bedroom right off the living room, so that way if he does start pulling things off of it we can just close the door. At night Kylan will have us pick him up and then start pointing to the tree. Today he crawled over by himself and would touch the lower branches. Maybe he was just scared of it, he is a wimp that way.

Kylan is also 9 months old as of tomorrow - this 9 months went way faster than the 9 months I was pregnant with him! Here are his new tricks:

  • Stands up and then lets go and sees how long he can stand - I swear he does it on purpose most of the time

  • walks along everything

  • shakes his head no (latest one, but I don't know if he knows it means no, he just likes to do it)

  • screams really loud when I do something he doesn't like - we are trying to stop this one!

  • makes lots of noises with his tongue and wants you to make them also

  • gives awesome (french) kisses - but after one shakes his head if you want another one (maybe he does know what it means)

  • says "uh oh"

I don't know his weight or height - I think I have an appointment next week. He has probably lost weight though since he has had the flu. He is no longer throwing up, but things are still not good coming out the other end! Poor guy! He is such a good little boy though. Always smiling and laughing - even when he is sick!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Getting back to normal . . . whatever that is!

Our chaoitic and tiring week is over. It was great to be with so much family, although the occasion was sad. I am so glad that I was able to meet most all of Tim's family and they are all wonderful, warm and loving family. Tim's aunts and cousins have a way of making you feel so comfortable and like you have always been a member of the family. I also loved watching the numerous hugs that take place everytime any one entered or was leaving the house. I am so happy to be part of this family. The outpouring of kindness was awesome this last week and I would like to thank anyone who reads this blog and helped out. It was very much appreciated.

With everything that was going on, once again I have pretty much zero pictures from this last week (Rachel, please send me any that you have). The ones I have posted are of the three youngest grandchildren at Candace's last night. I will also try to post a video of us trying to get a picture of the three of them - quite a work out to get a 17 month old, 11 month old and a 9 month old to hold still for a picture! The old picture has always been my favortie. Teri has it hanging in her room. It is of Teri's full sisters and parents: Val, Teri, Beckie, Avon and Barbara.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Avon Rascon Young

On Friday, November 30, 2007 Avon Rascon Young left this world to help ride herd with the cowboys who have gone before him, his friends, who like him, were the icons of rodeo in days gone by. If he could have chosen how he would pass to the arena of heaven it would have been exactly how it came about, on his beloved horse, riding wild and free with his boots on and his spurs pulled tight.
Avon Young was born April 17, 1940 in Tucson, Arizona to Phillip and Maria (Valencia) Young.
Avon has lived in Fallon for thirty years. He worked for twenty-five years for the Laborers Union, retiring after being injured on the job.
Avon would want to be remembered as a cowboy. For many years he belonged to the PRCA, he participated in steer wrestling and bull riding events.
He spent the last twenty years on his little dream ranch working his animals and doing what he loves best: being a husband, father, grandfather and friend to all.
Avon is survived by his wife Darlene Young; daughter and son-in-law Teri and Brett Sorensen all of Fallon; sons and daughters in-law, Dustin and Georgia Young of Pocatello, ID; James and Wendy Young of Boise, ID; Thomas and Molly Young of Petaluma CA; daughters and son-in-laws, Valerie and Gary Schneider of Tucson, AZ; Rebecca Sharp and companion Dan McQuaid of Apache Junction, AZ; Debra and Scott Grove of Blackfoot, ID; Trina and Steve Krouse of UT; grandchildren, Josie, Sienna, Curt, Christy, Ryan, Jessica, Jay, Brian, Angela, Rachel, Gavin, Tim, Tonya, Carly, Cameron, Billy, Michael, Justin, Brendt, Maddy, Ashley, Whitney, Kayden, Gracie, Jaclyn and numerous great-grandchildren, brother Reynaldo Valencia; Phillip and Lynda Young; sisters Betty Lee and Wayne Elledge; Hannah and Ray Carillo; Melda Farber all of Arizona; Rachel and Michael Bowman of Tacoma, Washington.
Tim and I have both lost two wonderful grandfathers this year; both very unexpected. They were both wonderful men with huge hearts who loved all of us very much. While it is hard for us to be without them, we know that they are happy and that we will be reunited with them one day!