Sunday, July 27, 2008

Elder William John Sorensen You Have Been Called . . .

Last night at about 10:00 Brett discovered Bill's mission call in the mail (Teri had been out of town), so after a long wait (Teri didn't get home until today, Brett had a ward conference in Smokey Valley) he opened it at 5:30pm . . . 

Brothers cuddling with the envelope

You are called the Micronesia Guam Mission and are to report on October 8, 2008 (I think Teri looked ahead)!

Checking out the map - yes it is a tiny island in the middle of the ocean!

The two future missionaries with the soon to be missionary!
We are so excited for Bill and can't wait for him to go - well actually we might be able to wait for that. 
We love you Bill!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy 25th Birthday!

Today is Tim's Birthday! Yes, he has to share it with Pioneer Day (those of you not LDS may not know this holiday, but it is one in our church)

I stole this idea from Dan and Kristin, I thought it was great! So, here are the 25 th reasons I love about Tim:

1. His sense of humor

2. His patience with me (and he really needs it sometimes)

3. How much he loves our little boy and the new one on the way!

4. How hard he works for us

5. His love of the gospel and how he is always pushing himself and me to do better

6. His love of his family

7. His love of my family

8. How much he laughs while watching America's Funniest Home Videos

9. How much he hates reality TV - that is except for COPS

10. His hugs - he is the best hugger ever, just ask anyone in his family

11. How he always hugs me when I am mad at him and makes it so I can't be mad anymore!

12. Spooning

13. His crazy hair - as soon as it starts growing out it just has a mind of its own!

14. Because of how much Kylan loves him - as soon as he hears him coming in the house he runs and hugs him!

15. What a great husband he is

16. His forgetfulness - it always cracks me up!

17. How handsome he is

18. His green eyes

19. How tan he is - he makes me look like an albino, I just hope our kids get his skin

20. How cold his hands get when he is getting ready to play a sport or is really into a good game on TV

21. His fashion sense - lets just say he has decided that whatever I tell him to wear he will wear

22. His love of basketball shorts - when you ask him what clothes he needs that's what he will say, even though he has 10 pairs at least

23. How much he loves being a dairyman

24. Because he lets me drive - everywhere! He says he drives enough during the day and it keeps me from getting car sick!

25. Because he loves me!

Well, I could keep going, but that will have to wait for next year! Happy Birthday Timmy! We Love you!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


20 Years Ago:
1. Starting Kindergarten in a month and was very excited about it!
2. Terrified of "mandatory ski day" (ask my dad)
3. The big sister to all 4 of my brothers already - Kort had just arrived a couple weeks ago!

10 Years Ago:
1. I was turning 16 in a month, so I was practicing on my 1982 Toyota Corolla (was it really that long ago??)
2. Hanging out with Tim as just friends - boy how things would change!
3. Still dreading "Mandatory Ski Day"

5 Years Ago:
1. Tim had one more year left in his mission.
2. I was working in the Center for Learning and Literacy at UNR.
3. I was taking a summer class of some kind - I can't remember which one!
3 Years Ago:
1. I had just moved into our house, so I was still getting things set up.
2. Really Really nervious about student teaching - really I had nothing to worry about, it was tons of fuN!
3. No longer had to participate in mandatory ski day, instead I would just wakeboard to rub it into my brothers friends that I could and they couldn't!
1 Year Ago:
1. I was still figuring Kylan out, but loving being his mom!
2. Had just gotten back from Clearlake with my family - the most relaxing trip Tim and I had ever been on!
3. I had no idea I would be pregnant again in a year!
So Far This Year . . .
1. We've started the baby process over again
2. Redone our front yard
3. Put new windows in half our house
1. I heard our baby's heartbeat for the first time
2. Water my mother-in-laws flowers and lawn
3. Ate dinner with my whole family
Today I:
1. Played outside with Kylan
2. Cleaned my house
3. Started my laundry
Tomorrow I:
1. Will have a BBQ for Tim's birthday
2. (Hopefully) take a nap
3. Kiss my little boy 100 times (at least)!
I tag: Zippy, Mary, and Tracy

Nothing much to Post. . .

So I'll post some baby news. Tim and I were able to hear the baby's heartbeat at my appointment this week. I know it sounds crazy, but now I know for sure there is a real baby in there! Like Dr. Reimer said, enlarged uterus is a sign of pregnancy, positive test is a sign of pregnancy, however a heart beat is a definit sign of pregnancy - a tumor doesn't have a hearbeat (you probably have to know Dr. Reimer to really get this - he laughs when he tells you you are sick). So, now I am 11 weeks pregnant, which means, the baby is about 2 1/2 inches long, about the size of a fig (thus the picture) and is almost fully formed. Eleven weeks also means that over the next month I should start having more non-sick days than sick days (if I remember right from having Kylan, and I've had a hard time remembering, so maybe this is just wishful thinking)! Eleven weeks also means only 9 more until my ultrasound to find out what we are having! I know, I know, still a long ways away, but I have to set short term goals during pregnancy, otherwise it just drags and I am not a patient person!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Congrats to Josh and Catherine!!!

Our friends Josh and Catherine welcomed their little baby girl on Monday! She is beautiful and we are so happy for them! They are such great friends and we are happy that they are now parents, because they will be the best parents ever! Congrats again guys, we love you and little Sophia!

Monday, July 14, 2008

10 in 10

Recently a good friend tagged me to do a "10 in 10 minutes." The idea is you take ten pictures of the specified "items" below, write-up a post about them, and let all your friends and family get to know you a bit better. The trick is, you can't do any "clean-up" before you take the just point and shoot. So without further ado, here you have my ten:

1. Dream Vacation

Hawaii with my husband! I got to go with my family after I graduated from high school, but I would love to go back with Tim someday!

2. Self-Potrait

I know, this isn't what you would think I would pick, but first, there aren't many pics of me to choose from and second this picture makes me laugh. It's a joke that goes back to when I was first in college and my mom decided that her, I and my grandma needed to take a three generation potrait in Reno one day. So, we went to Kiddie Kandits, and we ended up with a portrait that my brothers make fun of constantly. This is our recreation of it a couple months ago!

3. What are my kids doing right now?

Kylan is taking a nap! Wonderful part of the day! My other, unborn child, is busy making mom sick! This is typically what my living/dining room look like daily. Believe it or not, I vacumed, swept, mopped and dusted today, it's just that with all the toys it always looks dirty! My new goal though is to put all his toys away before going to bed so that I wake up to a "clean" house! I've had to learn to let go since having a child!

4. My CLoset

I HATE MY CLOSET! I can't even believe I am putting this picture on here! Our closet has a regular door that goes to it, however the closet is way bigger than the door opening, meaning it goes back an additional 2 feet each direction which means clothes get lost in the closet! The same goes with the shelf over the hanging clothes! We want to expand the opening and put sliding mirror doors on it, but who knows if we'll ever get around to it!

5. My Favorite Room

My dining room is my favortie room. It has two big windows that let in a lot of light, and an antique chandelier and a corner shelf (not pictured) that I think make it so cute!

6. My favorite Shoes

Flip flops, really any comfortable flip flops are my favorite. These are my current favorite, they replaced my other favorites that broke recently. I hate wearing socks, HATE it, so when flip flops came into fashion I was in heaven. I may go back and get these in black. My excuse to Tim for that is that I am pregnant, and if I end up as swollen as I was with Ky this will be all I can wear come November!

7. My Laundry/ Mud room:

I refuse to put a picture of this mess on my blog. I am blessed to have a laundry room in a house this old, however it's not the most functional at the moment. Our huge old, but still a central air unit, takes up most of the room, then there is only room for a stackable washer/dryer which has been replaced by just a washer and my dryer is in the garage. My washer, however, is broken and shakes so badly during the spin cycle that it is coming apart (the top is no longer attached to the bottom). Our air conditioning condensing tray is leaking, so I have (conviently) two buckets catching the water, and there is what is considered a 1/2 bath at the end of it, that you can't even close the door to and is only used in extreme emergency. Ya, not posting a picture of this mess!

8. The Guest Bathroom

Our guest bathroom is also our only bathroom. If there is any room I hate more than my closet it is this room! It has blue tile floors and pink everything else (except the toilet and tub). It also had blue walls, but we have painted those white to try to neutralize the pink. This is our next project for next year - get rid of the pink, put in a smaller vanity and redo the flooring!

9. My Kitchen Sink

I swear the dishes were done last night, this is just the accumulation from this morning. My kitchen sink is actually pretty awesome. It is HUGE and of course old like everything else, but I love it. It was perfect for bathing Kylan while he was still an infant!

10. The Fridge:

My dream fridge is one of those french door ones with the freezer on the bottom, but this is a big upgrade from what was in the house when we bought it. The original fridge was bought in 1955 and had to be defrosted once every two weeks! While I really liked the way it looked, this one is a lot more practical! (below is a picture of one similar to ours)

Well, I hope you feel like you know me more! I now tag anyone who is up to doing this tag - it was actually a lot of fun!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Just Like Dad

This morning, the first thing Kylan did when he got down off my lap was go get one of his dad's workshirts from the back room and bring it to me and insisted I put it on him. He walked around in this for about an hour! I love how much of a little boy he is becoming!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Some Pictures

Kylan LOVES watermelon! He ate 7 slices the day I took this picture. Needless to say, I am keeping lots of watermelon on hand for him!

All the Sorensen cousin's. We took this pic the night before Rachel left. Miraculously they sat like this long enough to snap a few pics. The only way I could get Ky to sit was to let him sit by Leah. (L to R: Braden almost 2, Braylon 18months, Coralee 4 1/2, Leah 5wks, Kylan 15months, Landon 3 1/2)

Kylan enjoying the water in the waterslide Grandma bought.

Kylan at the lake. I was horrible at taking pictures this 4th of July. I only have pictures from one day at the lake! On the fourth, Tim had the day off so he went with us to lake with my family. That night we had a BBQ at Brett and Teri's and then our own fireworks. On the 5th Kylan and I were at the lake again! It was a fun couple of days, but very tiring!

We also had Leah's blessing yesterday, which I of course once again forgot my camera for. She looked beautiful in her blessing dress! It was a wonderful blessing!

Also, for those of you who don't know, someone from Fallon is going to the Olympics this year - Aarik Wilson who was Tim and my age in school, took first in the triple jump trials yesterday and is going to Beijing! We are so excited for him! It is even more fun to watch them when you know someone, we just hope that the jumping gets more coverage during the actual games then it did during the trials! He is ranked 4th in the world, so depending on how things go, he could win a medal!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Reunion Continued

Last weekend was a ton of fun and very tiring! I tried to get pics of everything, but sometimes my camera just wasn't very accessable. So here is the recap:
Friday we went to the lake (no pics) and then had a BBQ with just the John Sorensen Family at Marty and Brian's (pics)

Kylan kissing "Eeah" (Leah) - the poor girl is malled by him everytime he see's her!

Everyone at the BBQ - there were about 80 from our family there, so when you think that there were two more groups of about that size, that's how many people were at Lattin's on Saturday night:

Our dairy bought this for the reunion. The kids LOVE it! Kylan just plays in the pool part, and then has to have help going down the slide, but it has been so much fun the last week! We set it up at Lattins, and it was a big hit! In the pic are Ashley going down the big slide, Kailyn (sp) being squirted in the face by Bradon, Landon, Kylan and Coralee.

They also had a couple bouncy houses, so once we were done with the waterslides, Kylan lived in these. He would just bend his knees up and down and laugh because he thought he was jumping!

It was either playing in the dirt, or eating ice out of the cooler when the bouncy houses were taken down, I opted for the ice, much cleaner. I will try to put the video on, but they had some dancing going on and Kylan loved it! Thanks Aunt Tonya for taking him out on the dance floor, it was the highlight of his weekend I'm sure!

Just a cute pic of Leah asleep on her mom

Another cute pic of Leah. She is so stinkin' cute! I can see why Kylan loves to kiss her so much, who wouldn't!

Rachel had taught Landon and Coralee about whales in pre-school, so she, Landon and Cora, Grandpa and Grandma, Bill and Cameron all went to Sea World on Monday night and came home Tuesday night. Rayanne and I watched Braylon on Tuesday while Tonya was at work. Here are Braylon and Kylan eating an afternoon snack like big boys at the table. They had a blast together!

And here is my baby bump. This developed pretty much the day I found out I was pregnant - the doctor says since it hasn't been that long ago that I had Ky my body still remembers well what it has to do to be pregnant, so lucky me I am showing early! I just hope this doesn't mean I will be bigger this time around - I couldn't imagine being bigger than I was with Kylan!