Sunday, March 31, 2013

March Pictures

Here are some more pictures from my phone in March:
I believe this was while Emmit was sick:
 Playing with Grandpa and Grandma's puppies
 Napping with Grandma:
 When we went Birthday shopping for Ky it just so happened that Uncle Derild and Aunt Lynne were also going to Reno so they took Ky and Mya with them (which was the best trip to Reno even according to those two) and we took the little ones with us! It was fun!

 Ila thinking about crawling!

 Ila's first bath not by herself! She loved it!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Colorado Cousin's

At the end of March Rachel and her kids came for their spring break to Fallon. We had so much fun with them! Since Ky's birthday party was already postponed due to illness, we had his birthday party while they were here! He loved it!

We also had tball opening ceremonies while they were here.

Grandpa set up a shooting thing for the boys to shoot at with their bb guns. He and grandma bought cheap soda and the boys shot at the shaken up cans. They loved it!

They left a couple days before Easter so we had a great big easter egg hunt before they took off. Here are all the cousins.

Grandma and Grandpa with all the grandkids.

And the siblings who were still around.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Influenza B

We've done the normal stomach flu more times than I can count, but in March we had the REAL flu and it was terrible! Emmit was the first to get it and the poor kid had it the worst of anyone. I knew we had been exposed to it, but the first time I took Emmit into the doctor they didn't run the test for it. The next day his fever was worse, he had been up most of the night and his little body hurt so badly that I couldn't even touch him. Needless to say I ran him back in and the test - that is supposed to take 15 mins to get results from - came back very positive for Influenza B in a matter of seconds! He took Tamiflu although it was probably too late and didn't help much. This stuff is very very very contagious, and both Tim and Ila ended up getting it as well. We pretty much stayed in our house for almost two weeks! Tim said he has never been so miserable or had his body hurt so badly in his life!

We may consider flu shots next year!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Kylan Turns 6

On March 15 Kylan turned 6! Unfortunately his birthday landed right in the middle of our flu epidemic, however we still tried to make it special for him. I took donuts to his class for his birthday helper day, he got a special package in the mail from Uncle Kent and Aunt Stacey, he opened presents from us, and I made him the camo cupcakes that I was going to make for his class, but decided it wouldn't be good to bring homemade cupcakes with the germs in our house! 

At 6 years old Ky's favorites are:
*favorite color: yellow and every color except pink and purple
*favorite food: Mac n cheese and crab cheese puffs from The Wok
*favorite animal: doesn't know
*favorite thing to play: dump trucks
*best friend: Braden, Drake and Nate
*Loves playing golf, basketball and riding his scooter

Thursday, February 28, 2013

February in Pictures

Here's some pictures from the month of February. On February 2nd Ila was officially 6 months old. She was 28 inches and weighed 19lbs 6 oz. She loves to eat baby cereal and vegies but is not a huge fruit fan, although she will eat apple sauce and pears (no peaches or banana's). She learned to sit up by herself about 2 weeks before she was six months. She is starting to feed herself and likes to chew on her sippy cup and almost drowns herself if she actually sucks anything out of it! She is such a fun girl!

 Mya decided to decorate her bedroom with a permanant marker one day. It was awesome. She colored on every wall, most of her furniture, a bunch of toys and Ila's pack n play and bedding. Thank goodness for Magic Erasers!

 On Valentines Day my grandpa Adams bought all the girls flowers! He is so sweet! We also had a pizza party with all the Adams at my parents house that was super fun!
 After a quick Costco/Winco shopping trip with the kids eating at Wendy's.

 Carissa gave Mya this sleeping bag of hers that has a blow up mattress under it. Mya slept in it every night for at least 2 months and would carry it to different areas of the house during the day. It eventually went flat and I haven't reinflated it yet, but she loves it!
 Ila has learned to wrestle with her brothers. Ky just lays on the ground and lets her attack him! Fun for her, but not so fun for other babies that she interacts with - she is constantly attacking other kids now!
 Emmit attended his cousin Crew's birthday party. It was the cutest party ever, complete with 4 wheeler rides around the farm and this cute cut out that they could put their faces in. 
 Family movie night

Friday, January 25, 2013

Just the 2 little ones

Ky and Mya got to have a sleepover at Uncle Gav and Aunt Rayanne's so we loaded Emmit and Ila up in the car and drove to Fernley to have some ice-cream at Steve's Ice Cream (if you've never been you have to go it is the best!) Emmit watched Rio the whole way there and back and Ila was so good and fun! It was a very fun night!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mya's 4th Birthday

Mya Rae turned 4 this year! I still can't believe she is that old! It seems like just yesterday she was Ila's age!
We had her party on Monday even though her birthday wasn't until Thursday - it was a better night for everyone. We had Mac and Cheese and ice-cream cake for dessert.
 She got a pink bike (her favorite present I think) and rode it around the house for a couple days before we had her take it outside. 

 On her actual birthday she received a card and candy in the mail from Uncle Kent and Aunt Stacey and we took her out to her favorite place for lunch (Jack in the Box).

We love our Mya Rae so much and are so glad that she is part of our family. Here are some of Mya's favorite things as a 4 year old:
*Pink and Purple
*Barbi Movies
*Doing anything with "just the girls"
*Sleeping in just her undies (I am typing this in June so it is now warm enough for that)
*Playing in mud or dirt (I don't think she will ever grow out of that)
*Still hates having her hair brushed or fixed (screams bloody murder every day)
*Loves her big brother the most and tolerates her little brother
*Is so excited about preschool next year