Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten

I was so nervious about dropping him off at his first day of Kindergarten, but seeing how excited he was to go just made me excited for him and all the nerviousness left! Here he is outside his teachers door.

Before we left the house. All three kids had to be in the picture.

Kylan with Braden and Drake. He also has a friend from church in his class and they all sit at the same table (poor teacher).

Kylan and Mrs. Bell. He was so excited that morning he couldn't sit still, so he is blurry in the picture even!
He has been in school for about 3 weeks now and he loves it everyday! He has made new friends and loves his teacher and his class!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The weeks happenings

We went to church with 4 kids for the first time. We were even ready in enough time to snap a couple pictures before going!

Tim officially retired from playing early morning basketball. He twists/sprains his ankles easily and often. This one made him sick to his stomach, hurt worse than normal and swelled just in one spot, so we went in for x-rays. His tendons had torn a piece of bone off as they tore away from the bone. He went to the doctor a few weeks later and was told it is like a super bad sprain, and that he already has arthritis and bone spurs in his ankle because of how often he has sprained them.

Randy and Robins trailer was removed! Can't even explain how nice it is to look out our windows and not see the eye sore that was their trailer!

We've had some thunderstorms. The kids love playing in the rain!

And Emmit all dressed up in Grandpa's hunting apparel. I love how serious he was while dressed up!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Emmit is 2!!!

I can't believe that Emmit is already 2! Yikes!! We celebrated on his birthday with Grandpa Donald (his birthday twin) Grandma Kenna and the Adams' at Uncle Derild and Aunt Lynne's house. Emmit and the other kids actually got to go out to the lake with the youth that afternoon and then met us over there (explained Ky's crazy hair). We had yummy dinner and then German Chocolate cake and cupcakes and ice-cream!

 We celebrated with the Sorensen's a week and a half later when Grandpa and Grandma got home and with Kyle and Carly who also have birthdays in August!
At 2 years old Emmit:
Weights 29lbs (62%) is 35.5 inches (77%)
*Is talking up a storm and has a scratchy lower voice that is so cute!
*Loves to play with his tractors and trucks and the train set
*knows the words to a lot of songs on the radio and likes to sing and dance along
*does all he can to keep up with Ky and Mya
*Says why to everything automaticially. I don't think he care why or even really knows what it means to say why he just does it!
*Sleeps in his own room upstairs but still in a crib (I'm not ready for the fight of keeping him in bed) and loves that he sleeps upstairs with the big kids now!
*Loves his blanket. I have to sneak it away to wash it otherwise he has a melt down the whole time it is washing!
*LOVES shoes - yes the boy who refused to wear them for so long is now changing his shoes constantly. His favorite to wear are Kylan's shoes I think because they are so big on him that he can put them on and off easily. He has to immediately remove his shoes when he gets in the house to put on Kylan's. He also loves to go through the shoe basket upstairs of all the kids shoes and try on new ones!
*LOVES to pick out his own clothes and he loves to put his hands in his pockets and often walks around with one hand in his pocket.
*Carry's around an old cell phone all day (that he puts in his pocket)
*Still loves 4 wheeler rides
*Got his first play gun for his birthday and he calls it his bb gun (like Ky's)
*Is such a fun sweet boy who is still afraid of people he doesn't know and doesn't like nursery (I don't think he ever will) but loves his family so much!

Monday, August 13, 2012

The last 11 days . . .

I have to say overall the adjustment to 4 kids has not been too bad. Just the normal new baby stuff - lack of sleep, soreness, etc. All three of the kids have done great with her (yes even Emmit has done great with her) and really she is an easy baby, or maybe she just has to be because she is the 4th, either way, we are really enjoying having her as part of our family and can't imagine what life was like without her. We have also been very spoiled by our families and people in our ward. Tonight was the first time I had to make dinner since she was born. We are so grateful for everyone who has helped out, especially my parents, Tim's parent's, Uncle Derild, Aunt Lynne and Reed & Carissa. It made the adjustment that much easier that is for sure!
So, here are a couple new pics. Tim and my dad both have archery deer tags here in Fallon and their season opened this past Friday. Saturday night Tim shot this buck. Not too bad for his first time! It was very late, so we had to wake Ky up to see it. We knew he was tired but we also knew he would be very mad in the morning if we didn't wake him up to see it!
 Sunday was our first time to church with all the kids. They did great, but Emmit, Ila and I went home after sacrament meeting. Emmit still won't stay in nursery by himself and I really didn't want to take my 10 day old baby into nursery! This was our first pic of all the kids together!
 And we have all been loving on this cute little girl. I know I'm probably a little biased but she is just so dang cute!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Ila Kay Sorensen

Our Ila (Eye-luh) Kay Sorensen joined our family 
August 2, 2012 at 12:27pm
she weighed 7lbs 9oz and was 20 inches long

Now the story of how she arrived. I have said over and over that this pregnancy has been quite different from my others, so it only makes sense that Ila came her own way as well! We had actually been sent home from the hospital the weekend before, with the nurse totally sure that we would be back in a matter of hours, but after getting home and getting into bed my contractions (that I had had all day long) totally stopped, so my parents left to Palm Springs the next morning and I had totally geared myself up to go past my due date. Tuesday my wonderful sister-in-law Rayanne had taken my kids all day so that I could run errands and have some me-time, and so since she was getting ready to be out of town for 2+ weeks, I took her kids Wednesday afternoon so that she could get stuff done. The kids had a blast all afternoon! That night we ran down to Brett and Teri's so that they could give us instructions on watering their yard while they were gone for a week and I kept assuring Teri that I would still be pregnant when she got home! We walked home and then I gave the two younger kids a bath. After I had gotten their lotion pj's on I stood up and felt a small pop and a trickle. The thought passed through my head that my water had broke, but then I thought, no I could never be that lucky. That was about 9pm, and I kind of told Tim, but brushed it off and continued to put the kids to bed. Tim and I watched the olympics, then went to bed at about 10pm. At 11:30pm the on-call phone rang and while Tim was up looking for I'm not sure what (all I know was it woke me up and I wasn't happy because I was actually sleeping well), I thought I might as well go to the bathroom since I am already awake, Well when I got out of bed there was no ignoring it this time. I still didn't really want to go in and was sure I could wait for my appointment the next day, but Tim made me call labor and delivery and they told me I had to.
When we got to the hospital we had the same nurse from the previous weekend and they even put us in the same room. We had called my parents in Palm Springs who were coming home the next day and Teri had come over to stay with our kids. They ran their tests and sure enough my water had broken. Usually once they break my water when I'm in labor things move pretty quickly, so my parents left for home (they actually had left before we even had the test results back) and Bill stayed the night with our kids so Teri could be at the hospital. 

I'm pretty sure Kylan took this pic of me Wednesday evening before my water broke!
The rest of the night was a waiting game to see if I would start good contractions on my own. Even my doctor said she was up pretty much the rest of the night because being my 4th baby everyone thought I'd have her really quickly. WELL, by about 5am I still hadn't gotten into a good contraction pattern, so they started me on pitocin. Even then I would just have a couple good contractions everytime then upped it and then nothing until they upped it again. Finally at I think 9am they started coming regularly and good and at about 10am I was almost at 5 cm, which usually means I'm pushing 30 mins later, so they quickly gave me a partial spinal (it's quicker than an epidural) that would last for 2 1/2 to 3 hrs. Once again Ila wasn't going to be like everyone else, so it wasn't until about 12:20 that I was fully dialated. I was so sick of waiting by that point (and the spinal was wearing off) that once my doctor got there I pushed her out in one contraction!
And she is absolutely beautiful! She has dark brown hair (Tim's color) which made Tim and Kylan very happy! Her skin is very red looking, so hopefully she will be darker complected like Tim. She is also very sweet and so far pretty mellow. 

We're experiencing the normal tiredness of a newborn, and adjustment period, but really things are going pretty well! My parents have had the other kids a lot and have kept us very well fed. I'm finding that knowing this is our last child (although Tim is still reserving the right to have more in the future if we so choose) has helped me keep things in perspective! When I'm up in the night I just tell myself this is the last time I will experience this, and it makes it not so bad!
The kids are in love with her, even Emmit who likes to be a little jokester lately and keeps calling her Baby Uke (Luke) and laughing because he knows she isn't! 
We just feel so blessed to have Ila as part of our family and are so grateful for all of our amazing kiddoes! Each one of them is so special to us and we couldn't imagine life without them!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

More Sorensen Family Fun!

The Sorensen Family Fun continued last week. Once again I only have pics of some of it! Tuesday was Tim's birthday. We spent the day at the lake with the fam (various members of the family camped out there Monday-Wednesday) and had a yummy dinner of hot dog caserole, dutch over potatoes, salad and peanut butter sheet cake. It was tons of fun! Wednesday was Bill's birthday, so we hosted Pizza Barn pizza and DQ ice-cream cake at our house since we didn't go out to the lake that day (I am too pregnant now to go to the lake without my hubby). Gav and Rayanne picked out a barbi princess cake for the birthday boy. The nieces all LOVED it!

 Sometime during the week (probably while I was in the shower) Kylan got ahold of my camera. Here are the two cute pics out of the 20 he took!

 This was taken before my appointment last week when I was 2 days short of 38 weeks. I was really hoping this would be my last doctors appointment, but since the baby isn't here yet and my appointment is tomorrow, I guess I was wrong. Oh well, maybe Emmit will have a good 2nd birthday after all!
 These pics are from Monday morning before the Lewis's all headed back to the airport to go home.
 Mya had so much fun with Coralee! She misses her already!
 Kylan had tons of fun with Landon and Braylon. He misses them!
 And Emmit just had fun with everyone!
 Pretty good pic of all the grandkids (minus Luke). We had Mary take pics of everyone the night of Teri's birthday party (which was SOOOOO much fun) so we did get some with all the grandkids (minus baby sister who refused to come out).

 The siblings (who were here on Monday, once again there is a sibling pic with all 7)
Torturing Billy!
We had so much fun with everyone! All the siblings were together last week which was great! The only family member missing was Rachel husband Steve who had to work (we missed you Steve)! 
We have had such a great summer with both of our families! Yesterday my wonderful sis-in-law Rayanne took my kids pretty much all day (except Emmit who needed a nap) so that they could play before she heads to Idaho for the Young reunion and then onto Kansas for 2 weeks to see her family. I don't know what my kids are going to do with all but Logan out of town! They have been spoiled with cousins! I am just so grateful for such a wonderful family (both Sorensen and Schank)!
As for BABY SISTER UPDATE: After a visit to the hospital Saturday night and getting sent home (the nurse was sure I was going to be kept and then sure that I would be back) I know I am dialated almost to a 4, but baby was still a little high. I'm pretty sure that she has moved down in the last couple days, but who knows I also was 100% sure I was in labor on Saturday! At this point I doubt she will come before her due date because I doubt I will go anymore into labor until they break my water (that's been the trend anyway) and my doctor goes out of town this Friday for a week, which means she is gone until my due date. I'm just trying to enjoy being baby free for a few more days!