Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 10

Day 10: A picture of my makeup bag and a description of its contents.

My makeup bag is very important to me - probably too important. If I were to go on vacation and forget it, it would be close to the end of the world, and no matter the cost I would have to go out immediately and replace everything in it. Ya, I'm that bad. I don't leave the house without make up on. It just doesn't happen. Even if I haven't had time to shower, am in labor, whatever, I always throw some make up on. I blame it on my mom, she is the same way. I have gotten a little bit better, in that if I'm not going anywhere I won't put it on (I used to put it on whether I was going somewhere or not).

Anyway, here's the description:

*Anti-wrinkle moisturizer (just the walmart brand, I'm worried, but not worried enough to pay a lot of money for the stuff)

*Mary Kay foundation - I just recently switched from Clinique (it's in there too) and am very happy with it

*concealer - whatever was cheapest at Walmart

*blush - once again, something from Walmart. I may switch to MaryKay when it's out - the older I get the more I need it!

*Mary Kay eye shadows - these are new as well and I love them

*Mascara - I have some cheap stuff right now that I don't like. I need to get some good stuff from Clinique (they have my favorite)

*Lancome charcoal eye shadow that I use for eye liner under my eyes (great trick that I love)
*Eye liner

*Mango lip balm from Bath and Body Works

*Some brushes

*Whats not in there is tweezers. One of those things I keep forgetting to replace at Walmart. I got them out to get a sliver out of one of the kids foot, and they didn't get back in. So if you've noticed how ungroomed my eye brows have been lately, now you know why!

Day 9

Day 9: The last thing you purchased

A 20 piece chicken nugget and large french fries for lunch for my kids (and Tim and I) for being good during visiting teaching (well, one of them was good, the other is officially a terrible two, but girl style, which means she cries constantly for no reason). I ate half the fries on the way home, and definitly paid for it during my workout, but it was worth it. I LOVE McDonalds french fries!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 8

Day 8: A Recipe

This is our family's latest favorite recipe. In fact, I think that no one eats the banana's anymore just so they will go bad and I will have to make this! This is the most moist banana bread I have ever had and the crust of cinnamon-sugar that it gets when it bakes is to die for!!! Now, I'm not a huge chocolate person, so I don't put the chocolate chips in, but I am sure that for all you chocolate lovers out there they are really good in it too!

Moist Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

4 T sour cream

1 tsp baking soda

1/2 c butter

1 c sugar

2 eggs
1 1/2 C flour

3 ripe bananas, smashed

1/4 t salt

1 c. semi-sweet chocolate chips

2-4 T cinnamon-sugar

Mix sour cream and baking soda. Add the butter and sugar and mix into a cream. Add eggs, vanilla, flour, banana's and salt. Add chocolate chips and mix. Grease a loaf pan, then sprinkle with 1-2 T cinnamon-sugar to coat. Pour in dough, the sprinkle with another 1-2 T cinnamon-sugar. Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour.

P.S. The afternoon is turning out to be much better than our morning was! So glad!!!

All Complaining

WARNING: This post is just going to be me complaining about the last 12 hours, so if you don't want to hear it, don't read it. I have to complain somewhere and since my husband has had an equally hellish 12 hours, I'm complaining here and not to him.
10:40pm last night - take my contacts out, go to get my glasses from my side table only to find they are gone. Can't see, so Tim is trying to help me. We can't find them anywhere. Oh, my lovely children!
10:50pm - Tim gets a call that a canal or ditch (I'm not really sure) is full of sand from the lovely wind storm we had last night and the water is coming soon and so the ditch needs to be dug out, so he leaves to go do that (poor guy, and poor Aaron and Brian also). I put my contacts back in to continue looking for my glasses.
11:20pm - Still no glasses, I go to bed WITH contacts in (which means itchy eyes today)
11:45pm - Tim gets back. I don't really remember it except he says it feels like he just did Insanity for a second time today. Poor guy.
1:20am - Emmit wakes up. WHY????
3:00am - Tim gets a call about changing water in a couple hours. He is so asleep that the phone call goes on FOREVER because he keeps falling asleep while talking to his dad, so I have to keep hitting him to wake him up.
4:30am - Tim's alarm goes off, so he gets up to go change the water.
5:20am - Emmit awake AGAIN!
5:40am - Back in bed and Tim is finally back.
5:45am - Ky gets in bed with us and falls back to sleep. I think "Good, I will get another couple hours of sleep before Mya wakes up" . . . WRONG!!!
6:00am - Mya comes down the stairs yelling, so I crawl out of bed and am up for the day with her. We eat breakfast, I ask her about my glasses - of course she doesn't know!
A Couple Hours Later - Tim and Ky get up. I attempt to start my workout and Emmit wakes up. Feed him, then get everyone happy in the toy room, inform the kids until my glasses are found they are not allowed in my bedroom (which means no morning cartoons).
8:30-9amish - Finally start workout, then Mya proceeds to hit Emmit over the head with a random toy. Send her to her room. Continue workout, let her down and her and Ky fight until 30 mintues into the workout I send them both to their rooms for the remaining 5 mins of it.
9:15-9:30ish - clean playroom. Then go to give the kids a bath, Mya says "ew, yuckie" about the toilet. I think Ky forgot to flush, but oh no, he did, he just clogged the toilet again (and I've already flushed it again). Start bailing out water before it overflows onto my recently cleaned floor. Try to unclogg it, but can't . . . . .
So that is where I am now. I am tired, cranky, I still haven't found my glasses and I have a bucket of sewage water in my bathroom and a toilet I can't unclog. Ky is in his room until said toilet is unclogged for not telling me it was clogged in the first place (he does this daily). Oh and now Mya is playing in said bucket. Wonderful. This is going to be a great day.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 7

Day 7: A song to match my mood and why

This was just the first song that popped into my head, not really sure why. Could have to do with the fact that it is supposed to be cloudy and rainy for the next couple days again (boo), and for some reason this is one of the songs that reminds me of school getting out and summer starting when I was in high school (it came out in March of 1999, which means it was probably played on the radio here in May). I remember listening to this on the radio while driving home from high school. I'm sure none of this has to do with the "real" meaning of the song (I'm sure it has something to do with drugs or whatever like most songs), but that's what it reminds me of and why it's in my head today!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 6

A photo of an animal I would like to keep as a pet. I like animals, but I don't like them as pets or want to touch them or want them too close. We have a whole dairy of cows in our backyard, and that's all the pets I want. However, we do have a cat and a dog, both of which I was not too excited to get. I have to say the cat (to my surprise) has been pretty nice to have around. You kind of have to have one out here to keep the mice out of your house, plus he also eats the annoying birds in the trees (it sounds like a bird orchestra outside our windows every morning). The dog still hasn't grown on me. He is a bird hunting dog, so the kids and I don't play with him. All I know is that he jumps out of his kennel, which is annoying.

Monday, May 23, 2011

We had a very fun weekend full of birthday parties and the kids have one more to attend this afternoon.

First was Uncle Gav's 30th birthday party. It was fiesta themed (as mentioned in a previous post) and since I am not a costume person, the kids costumes weren't too creative. Kylan was more of a cowboy (he wanted to dress like dad, once again, see the previous post), Mya was a Spanish rose kind of - her rose wouldn't stay in. The party was tons of fun though and the food was excellent!

Some of the cousins. Mya was more worried about when we were eating than playing with everyone.

They had a pinata and Mya LOVED it! In between every person, she would say "me turn" and then was a little disappointed when it wasn't. Luckily the pinata was a really hard one, so she got plenty of turns.

Kylan really liked it as well.

Sunday was Leah's third birthday. I didn't get any pics there, but it was a fun party too with more good cake and ice-cream. Today we have their friends Ava and Dillon's party to attend. It is Phantom of the Opera themed and should be fun. Ky was excited, until he found out I didn't know if I was staying or not (this is their first real "kids" party and I'm not sure if parents stay or not), so I told him I would. Wish me luck since Emmit just had shots this afternoon!

Day 5

Day 5: A picture of me two years ago.

I still remember taking these pictures one morning before church. It was spring 2009 and Tim was still doing chores, and Mya was having a Mya moment (no surprise during this time of her life), but she was facsinated by the camera, so I took it out and started snapping. I'm glad I did otherwise I would have no pics of me two years ago. That is one thing I have learned from this 30 day challenge - I have no pics of myself! Need to do better with that! And look at that red hair on her! I still can't believe it was so red!

A little post-script to this post: Emmit slept without waking up from 9:00 until 5:45 this morning! Whoohoo!! I have no problem getting up early if I get a solid 8 hours of sleep!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 4

Tim's costume for Gavin's Fiesta themed 30th Birthday party last night. He was trying to dress like their older workers do for going out on the weekends, but ended up looking just like his grandpa Avon, who was half Mexican, so it worked either way. He ended up winning for the best costume.

20 of my favorite things:

1. Summer time. I love everything about it - the heat, the smells, the sounds, being able to go to the lake with family, my kids being able to play outside, watching the crops grow in the fields, the smell of freshly cut grass and alfalfa, summer clothes, it being light out until 9pm. I love everything about it!

2. The feeling I get when I hold my babies for the first time - first the relief and sense of accomplishment, and then the love I feel for this new little person. That is what gets me through pregnancy, being sick, fat, uncomfortable and then of course labor!

3. Kisses from Kylan. He is 4 and still will give me kisses whenever I want one, but there are certain times that he HAS to kiss me or he gets upset - first thing in the morning, before going to primary, and before bed. If we forget he gets very upset. In fact the first thing he said when he got home from his sleepover with Braden was, "Mom, we didn't do our good morning kiss."

4. Snuggling with Mya. She wasn't a very cuddly baby, but she is now when she wants to be. Sometimes she will come snuggle up to me on the couch and she just snuggles right up to me and is still (unlike her older brother) and likes me to play with her hair, and most of the time I end up dozing off. That's the kind of snuggling I like!

5. Newborn baby breathe. People may think this is weird, but I love the way newborn baby breathe smells especially right after they nurse (but before they spit up of course).

6. Babies first kisses. Emmit is in this stage, the open mouth, tongue out first kisses that my babies give are so fun! Emmit's are especially great because he grabs either side of my face and pulls me towards him. So cute!

7. Spending time with my husband. I just love it when we can get away just the two of us, or at least the two of us and whoever is the baby at the time. Whether it's for a few hours or all day it really recharges me, lets me get things back in perspective and reminds me of how in love I am with him!

8. Spending the day at my Grandpa and Grandma Adams' house. I haven't done this in a long time, but even now if the kids and I go to visit them during the day, grandma will send grandpa to McDonald's for lunch and we can order whatever we want, and we just get to hang out and relax like I did when I was little.

9. Sunday dinner at Grandpa and Grandma Schank's house. Once again, I haven't experienced this since I was little, but I loved it when they invited us over for Sunday dinner. The food was always extra good (because it was grandpa and grandma's), grandpa always put a can of Mountain Dew in the punch, and we always had Jello with fruit cocktail mixed in and little marshmellows on top.

10. Spending time with either my whole family or Tim's whole family. I get so excited when we are able to have all of our siblings together. It's so fun to remember when we were little and just hang out.

11. Watching Tim's family's home videos from when they were little. Tim's parents always had a video camera and they were good about using it AND kept good track of all their videos. They have had them all put on DVD now and I love being able to see what their family was like when everyone was little.

12.Food. I love to eat it, cook it, think about it, plan it out, try new kinds. I just love food!

13. Eating at Maddox's in Brigham City. While Tim and I were in Logan I think we ate there at least twice a month (sometimes more). Not only is it good food, but it reminds me of Adams family reunions. If you ever go, get the prime rib and make sure you go during peach season so you can get the fresh peach pie with a scoop as big as an ice-cream scoop of real whipped cream on top!

14. Diet Coke. If you know me, it needs no explanation.

15. When all the kids are in bed and we aren't so tired that we just go right to bed too, but Tim and I get to stay up and watch TV together and just hang out.

16. New things - clothes, sheets, towels, furniture, dishes, toys, etc. I just love new things.

17. Having a clean house - and having the whole thing clean all at the same time. Doesn't happen too often anymore, I usually clean in stages, but when I do have the energy and time to do it all at one time, it's awesome!

18. Fresh flowers. Someday when I can afford it, I will always have fresh flowers in a vase on my island. For now, I have to settle for having them when my Iris's are in bloom, or my lilacs or for special occasions.

19. This is a recent favorite - Reeces Whips candy bars. I am obsessed with them at the moment!

20. Living out in the country. I grew up living out of town, but I didn't truely appreciate it until Tim and I lived in town. I am so grateful to be living out of town again. I love the openness, the quiet, the space, and the privacy. I also love that we live right on the dairy, so we get to see Tim during the day when he pops in and we can go visit him easily!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 3

Day 3: A photo of my best friend.

No it's not the little one in front (although if you asked him, I'm sure I'm his best friend), but the handsome one in the back. Tim is definitly my best friend, and has been for a very, very, very long time. That was the worst part about him being on his mission was that it wasn't just a "boyfriend" that I was without, but my best friend! I officially met him for the first time when I started playing basketball between my 7th and 8th grade years while we were both doing "Jam On It" and we hit it off as friends immediately and stayed that way for the next 4 years before we started dating. He has always been so patient with me and just seems to understand me (however if you ask him, he will say he doesn't understand me, but he does).

He puts up with all my craziness, but never tells me I am crazy (until I am able to admit it to myself afterwards, and then he laughs with me about it). He is also the best helper with the kids. He never makes me feel like it is just my responsibility to raise them and is always willing to do anything with them (except nurse, although he assures me if it were possible he would do that too:). What can I say, he is the best best friend ever!

Day 2

Day 2: Photo of me and how my day went.

Well, it just so happened that yesterday was Tim's day off, so we had a very fun (very full) day. Started off by making "those roll up things with frosting in them" aka crepes with cinnamon and sugar in them (Ky's description). Got Emmit down for a nap, worked out while Tim and Ky and Mya mowed the lawn (thank goodness it was the recovery day), then started the yard work. Tim and I have found that we enjoy yard work more than we used to think we did, and so have been trying to get our yard looking better since it had been a little neglected the last few years before we moved in. We pulled out some over-grown-gone-wild-with-some-kind-of-vine-thingy-mixed-in roses that were outside our bedroom window first. We are going to spray them and then get the rest out later, but at least they are gone and won't be scratching at our window anymore (this is the after picture - they were taller than the bottom of the windows and were the whole length of this area).
We loaded the branches we had cut off of trees the last couple months into the loader and hauled them off along with the roses, and then while I got Mya lunch (she was STARVING), Tim and Ky pulled out the stump with the loader of the tree that was in the middle of the lawn that we cut down this winter.

We then went shopping for Tim's costume for Gavin's 30th birthday party tonight (he banned me from putting up a picture until after the party), came home and ate dinner, then went out to my parents house to visit the golden retriever puppies. The kids loved them and Mya was holding hers like a baby by the end of the night (and choking it a little, so we had to keep a close eye on her).

Needless to say, it was a pretty good day!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

15 Facts About Me

I'm going to try to do the 30 day challenge, so here is day one. 15 Facts About Me:

1. I LOVE Fallon. It took me moving to Reno for four years in college to realize that, but I love living here. I love how good it smells in the spring and summer. I love that when I tell people my name they usually know who my parents and my in-laws are. I love that my kids have a possibility of having some of the same teachers I did growing up. I love that people at church tell me that they remember when I was my kids age. I just love Fallon.
2. I think it is important for kids to be raised around their grandparents and aunts and uncles. I think it just ups the posibility that much more that they will turn out good if they have lots of good examples and love around them.
3. I'm not very social and it's because I'm lazy. I hate to admit this, but sometimes I think it's too much work to have too many friends outside of my family. That doesn't mean that I don't have friends outside of my family, it just means that I'm not a very good friend (I need to work on that).
4. I'm a home body. It has taken having 3 kids for me to become this way, but I am now. I like people to come to me (once again, a lazy thing). It's just a lot easier to keep my kids in their normal environment, where I don't have to worry about them breaking, destroying, staining, etc. other people's things!
5. Growing up, I was always super skinny. So skinny that I didn't really like it and I didn't have to work to be that way. Then I went to college, gained a few, then lost it, then gained it, then started having kids. The worst part is that in my head I still picture myself as a skinny person . . . Then I look in the mirror. Anyway, I am working on that now and I am trying to be patient about it.
6. I'm not a good budgeter. I am trying to be get better at it, but it's been a LONG process!
7. I think I'm pretty good at keeping my house somewhat cleaned and organized. I do have my moments, but for the most part I try to make sure the dishes are all done and everything is cleaned up before I go to bed and throughtout the day and that I mop, vacumm and clean the bathrooms at least once a week.
8. If my house isn't clean I am stressed out, cranky and not fun to live with (ask Tim).
9. I would have more kids then we are planning on having if I didn't get sick at the beginning. I think I can only handle the 4-5 months of being sick one more time. It it kind of funny, because before getting pregnant with Mya I had forgotten how it felt being sick with Kylan, then I hadn't totally forgotten when I got pregnant with Emmit, but enough to be okay, but now I can't remember many things, but I can vividly remember how it feels those first few months and I don't know if I can go through that more than one more time!
10. One of my pet-peeves is people who just make up random middle names for their kids. Sorry if I am offending anyone, but I think a middle name should mean something, not just be a random name.
11. I have to have sleep. When my babies are newborn I am a bit of a crazy woman because I don't do well without sleep. I never have. I didn't really like sleepovers when I was younger for this reason. Going along with this, I am not a night or morning person. I would be so happy going to bed at 9pm every night and not waking up until 8 or 9 every morning. Maybe someday . . .
12. I LOVE to read. Absolutely and completely love it, but like many things I don't have much time to do it anymore. This makes me a little sad sometimes:(
13. Another pet peeve - my 4 year old biting his toe nails (I think I have told him about 5 times just while typing this to stop)! DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!
14. I loved being the only girl in my family growing up. I didn't have to share many things, got to do lots of fun things with my mom, and if you never have something you don't know what you are missing . . . so no, I don't think I missed out on anything by not having a sister!
15. I don't do many crafty type projects, because if I do I HAVE to work on it until it is done. I can't do anything else. I totally ignore my kids, house, husband, etc until it is done. So, it's better that I just don't even start or only do really easy fast things!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Mya coloring - her favorite thing to do. After she was done here, she found her Mickey Mouse Club House coloring book (one of her favorite cartoons), her princess lap desk and wanted to watch Tangled (her favorite movie) while coloring. She's a pretty funny girl!
And Emmit playing in the kitchen. He loves opening and closing cupboards, and so he scooted over to the play kitchen while Ky and I were cleaning the playroom and was so happy! He kept opening the doors, putting stuff in, closing them then opening them again and pulling the stuff out. He also loves to do this in the kichen in my tupperware cupboard:) He has also started getting into crawling position all the time and then sitting back up, so shortly after taking this pic I was able to coax him into CRAWLING a very little bit, but still he was doing it (though screaming the whole time), so there may be hope for him crawling yet! He is also trying really hard to pull himself up by the coaches and stuff, but hasn't been successful yet! I can't believe he is a month and a half from being 1! Crazy!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wrestling with Dad

Emmit wanted to so badly to participate in the lunch time wrestling match that when it started he bounced up and down on his bum until he was close enough . . .

to protect his brother and sister from his dad! It was so cute and he was so excited! As soon as Tim would start getting Kylan and Mya Emmit would attack . . .

and he has some claws! I also figured out that he purposely says hi. He has been saying it for awhile, but I didn't think he knew what he was saying, but when Tim brought him downstairs from his nap, when I looked up at him he said "Hi", and then when Tim answered his phone and said hello, he said "hi" again. It's pretty cute!

Even though it has been cooler it hasn't been cold enough to freeze my beautiful Iris's. These starting budding in the warm weather of last week, and thank goodness they are still blooming despite the weather here. Our last cold spell froze one of my just-starting-to-bloom lilac bushes. The other one has help off on blooming, so I will hopefully get one bush full of lilacs in a few weeks! I can't wait for this crazy weather to finally decide it is spring/summer and just stay warm!

And this is our cat. What we thought was a she is actually a he, which is fine with me because that means no kittens and no vet bill to keep that from happening. However, we do have to chase off other male cats a lot to protect ours. He has started taking naps in the funniest places lately, this was where he was this afternoon. He has a house, but will sleep in the garbage can full of weeds, bushes, the tree (this scares the kids), inside cinder blocks, etc. He doesn't have a name (the kids don't get the whole naming thing yet) but we like him. He isn't annoying, doesn't try to get in the house, is nice to the kids, and eats mice and birds all the time.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Daddy and His Girl

Mya wanted dad to cuddle with her after he got back from running this morning. She has her dad wrapped around her little finger (lets be honest, she has every male member of the family wrapped around her little finger, her big brother included, we're in trouble).

And since Emmit gets SOOOO excited whenever I start snapping pictures, we had to get one with him in it too. He seriously LOVES the camera! So cute!

Kylan had his first REAL sleep over last night with Braden at Gavin and Rayannes (they have slept over at grandma Teri's many times together), and he did great! I wasn't worried about him, just those taking care of him, but I have been told he slept great and they are having a ton of fun this morning. I can't believe he is this big!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

"Who brings us presents on Mothers Day?"

Me: Hey Ky, guess what today is . . . It's Mothers Day!
Ky: Yipee (and yes that is what he said)! But mom, who brings US presents on Mothers Day?
Me: No one brings YOU presents, you bring ME presents!
Ky: Ah, Man!


Friday, May 6, 2011

"Sicko" De Mayo Party!

Tim and I (and Mya a little bit) celebrated Cinco De Mayo last night. Tim changed it to "Sicko" in honor of our sick kids. I had made Ham Hocks and Beans, which Tim's family likes to eat on tortillas like a taco or burrito (very yummy) and while at the store yesterday to buy things for Kylan to drink while waiting to get Emmit's antibiotc, I bought limes for Brazilian Lemonade, and avocado's for guacomoli and then since jalepeno's were on sale I bought some and then found a yummy recipe for bacon wrapped jalepeno thingies that you cook in the over (a big hit). So, inbetween holding crying sick kids, cleaning up messes and just taking care of sick kids, we ate yummy food and made the best of it. Just some highlights of the last couple days:

*Mya is the least sick of the three, so she is kind of being neglected, so she likes to walk around and say "me sick too!" Yesterday she walked around with nothing on her bottom half most of the day because while she can take her undies off to go to the bathroom, she can't put them back on and mom was too busy to keep putting them on for her (thus the reason there is no pic of her on this post). She is missing her big brother though and seems very lost without him to play with!

* Emmit HATES taking medicine. The other two always (and still do) loved taking it. They loved the flavoring and thought it was like candy. Since Emmit is not a small boy and has stubborn ear infections, he has to take the FULL dropper (3ml) THREE times a day. I'm just glad his fever has gone so I don't have to also fight him to take tylenol every 4 hours on top of the antibiotic. He is also back to crying if I am not holding him, and if he does happen to let me set him down, crying if I go out of his sight. Fun Fun.

*Kylan is one sick sick little boy. By last night he couldn't even take a sip of anything without throwing up, and yet he was thirsty that he would grap a cup and guzzle what was in it before we could stop him (and the end up in the bathroom a few minutes later). He is doing MUCH better today, in that he can drink and eat a very little bit without getting sick. He has just been sleeping all day though, waking up just to eat and drink a little here and there. Tim told him last night how everyone was asking why he wasn't in the dump truck, so this morning Kylan told me Rob and Aaron and Gavin are missing me at work, so I have to get better so I can ride with dad tomorrow. That is how sick he is, he doesn't even want to go in the truck today.

*Dad and Mom are hanging in there. Of course it just so happens that they are chopping rye at the dairy, so no day off this week, working late and short or no lunch breaks for Tim. Teri came today and let me nap (I lost count of how many times we were up last night), but poor Tim just has to tough it out in the truck. He is so great though, and after dinner last night told me to go get us a treat because if he had been home with three sick kids all day he would need a break (I didn't even have to ask him, he just knew).

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sick . . . Again!

So everyone told me that the more kids you have the more they are sick, and it is so true! Kylan was never sick as a little baby, then he would get the flu once-in-awhile, but he didn't have to have antibiotics until he was 2 1/2. Mya did have to be on antibiotic before she was one, but it wasn't for anything too bad. Poor Emmit is now on his second time of being on antibiotic in his short 9 months of life. Kylan had the cold first, then Emmit got it and Mya. Well Kylan got over it in a couple days, Mya is just about over it and Emmit was getting worse. Luckily his doctor was able to squeeze him in today and he is now on medicine for another ear infection. I hope this doesn't mean that everytime he gets a cold it's going to turn into an ear infection!
The bad news is that Kylan has the flu today so I'm sure it's just a matter of time until the other two get it.

My happy baby BEFORE he was sick.

Kylan making himself chicken and noodle soup out of playdough.

And the three in the tub before being sick. I may have already blogged this, but I can't remember (did I mention that Emmit was up from 12:30am-4am and then again at 5:30 and the night before he was up almost every hour).