Sunday, April 27, 2008

First (official) Haircut and Happy Birthdays

Last Wednesday we had Bill the barber give Kylan his first official haircut. It started out really well, he loved the clippers, but then things became a little touch and go when he was using the scissors and Kylan suddenly became aware of the fact that he was sitting up very high without mom or dad. He looks a lot more grown up now though, and his hair is much easier to fix.

We've also had a couple more birthdays this month: Uncle Cameron's turned 15 last Wednesday. Here's some pics from his birthday dinner. Great Uncle Derild also has a birthday today, and he would kill me if I put a pic of him on this blog, so since it's his birthday I won't, but Happy Birthday!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Another Sunday Down . . .

I made it through another Sunday with Kylan, and Tim wasn't there today due to irrigating and other unexpected happenings at the dairy that always seem to happen on Sunday. I feel like I have participated in a 3 hour marathon - on my lap, on the ground, read book, throw book, eat crackers, drink sippie cup, run to the front of the chapel, run out the back door of the chapel, sit on grandma's lap, get young women's room ready, go to the library, go to Sunday school, Kylan drawing on tithing envelope and self, wanting to follow around sister teaching the lesson, stealing other children's toys, go to young women's, walks outside with grandma while mom teaches, bawling hysterically in the hallway, get in car, come home, change diaper FINALLY . . . NAP!!! Man did I take childless Sunday's for granted! Only 5 more months until nursery!!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Has it really been that long???

I am ashamed to admit that the last couple weeks I have been mesmerized (sp) by I have had an account for awhile because a good friend of mine from college has a myspace page that we keep in contact on, so a couple weeks ago I strayed from her page and discovered many people from high school and have been reading up on their lives ever since. All of this has made me realize how long ago it has been since I was in high school and how much has changed. It will be 7 years in a couple months since I was in high school - really not that long ago, but when I look at how much has happened during that time, it seems a million years away, so you will all have to humor me with a little trip down memory lane!

Where I lived for most of college. I lived in an apartment for about a year before moving here. The last pic of all my best friends from school. Jessie is now engaged and a dental hygenist; Karin is married and has two little girls; Michelle teaches kindergarten in Reno and then there is me!

My two favorite roommates in college: Amanda and Darrin. In the first pic we are at a UNR football game. After all games we would go to the Little Nugget and get "Awful Awful's". I also went there a lot going out with work friends on weekends. I ate so many in college I'm sure I knocked 10 years off my life!

Picture of a bulliten board I made at work. I had the best on campus job in college - I loved it! I worked with/for so many fun people! I also went to conference in SLC for the first and only time in college. It was awesome to stand for President Hinkley coming in, but horrible waiting to get in. We didn't have tickets so had to wait in line - not the most enjoyable experience!

Playing dress up in Macy's. Tristin, Carly and I decided one night to go to Macy's and try on clothes in the $100 and over section. Tristin and Carly picked out clothes for each other - I'm not sure they like each other very much!

The night before Tim came home I went out with friends(the people I worked with). I took many more pics than this, but I seem to have lost them, so you only get a picture of me! I cropped my friend out of the pic - it wasn't very flattering of her and she would kill me!! This is the first pic of Tim and I after he got off the plane. I'm not looking too bad for getting home between 4 and 5am, sleeping one hour and then getting up to get ready to go see him. It's amazing how little sleep I could survive on in college!

A couple nights before we got married both fams got together at my parents house. This is a pic of the two engaged couples in the Sorensen Family! The other one is the picture we sent out with our wedding announcements. During our wedding I had the worst cold I have ever had in my whole life! Medicine didn't even seem to touch it. I probably went through a box of Klenix in the temple, not because I was crying, but because my nose was running and my eyes were watering (there were a few tears in there). We had our reception 2 months after we got married.

Picture from our honeymoon at Squaw Valley and our first Christmas married. We took more pics on the honeymoon, but 3 1/2 years later I still haven't developed the disposable camera! Tim remembers our honeymoon as me sleeping the whole time because of the massive amounts of cold medicine I was taking and him catching up on the movies he had missed on his mission.

Our second honeymoon/graduation present for me - our trip to cancun. And finally the best thing in my life (other than being Tim's wife), becoming a mother!

No wonder I'm tired, a lot has happened in only 7 years! I can't wait to see what the next 7 will bring!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Yard Work Part III . . . New Windows Part I

Well, we are finally (almost) done with our yard. Today we got up extra early to beat the winds (which there was still a very cold breeze even at 6am) and covered, lined and had the rock delivered for the other half of our front yard. Because of how big this side of our yard is, the rock deliverer was able to spread it out a lot more for us, which will help with the final spreading of it. We have invited all of our family over for a BBQ on Friday to help us with the final spreading!

Kylan helping dad fill the wheel barrow

The plastic down

Half the rock delivered - already looks 100 times better!

Kylan and dad relaxing, watching TV - Ky loves to be just like dad!
Now on to the wInDoWs. As I stated in my first yard work post, not much has been updated in our house since it was built in the 1930's, of course really everything has still worked well - so why fix it, right?? Well our small (just over 1000 square foot) house has 18 windows - and not small onces, but really big ones, which are great for light, but since they are single pane, horribly inefficient. We have decided to begin replacing them this year, starting with the nine in our dining room, living room and third bedroom (this bedroom is included because it contians 4, is whatever temperature it happens to be outside and is Ky's future room). Like everything in this house, nothing can be done easily, so measuring the windows turned out to be pretty tricky. The biggest obstacle is that they plastered all the way to the edge of windows, so we had to chip through that to find the actual jams. So, to get to the point already, we are now on our way to Fernley to order windows at the Lowe's there! Who knew I would ever get so excited about new windows!!
P.S. for those who don't live here in Fallon, our temp's have gone from about 80 degrees yesterday to only 50 today! I really don't think this should be allowed!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Playing in the park and other cute pics . . .

A couple days ago Ky and I decided to walk to the park in the afternoon. It was so much fun!! Now that he walks pretty well he was so excited to be let out of his stroller so he could walk with mom. He was even brave enough to climb up one of the toys by himself - of course he crawled, didn't walk just to be safe!! We went down a slide together (he wasn't too sure about that) and then he swung which he loved - he giggled the whole time. On the way back, since school was out soon, we went to West End and met Reed and Carissa after school - we wished we could have taken them home with us. When we got home Ky slept for 3 hours! We'll have to do this more often!
Yesterday Bradon came over and played so his parents could finish up their front yard (we're both doing the same things in our front yards). It was so much fun! Of course I forgot to take pics of them together but I did get a cute one of Bradon while Ky was sleeping!

Strollin' in the park

Climbing up the equipment - takes a lot of concentration!

I'm the king of the world!! (he made it clear to the top all my himself)

How Ky waits for his breakfast in the morning - snuggled in the chair with his blankie and cow!

My cute nephew - I may be biased, but I think he and Ky are two of the cutest little boys ever!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Yard Work Part II

Yea! One side down (other than plants and couple little things) one more, bigger side to go! Yesterday we lined and spread the gravel - shoveling rock is quite the workout! We decided we will have to do the other side in sections so we don't die shoveling rock because Tim and I are those crazy people who have to finish what they started right now! Anyway, here are some more pics!

Kylan putting dirt on the liner

Liner down, waiting for the gravel - already looks 100 times better!

Is this really enough gravel and do we really have to move it all or is a gravel fairy going to do it for us??

The side of the house

Done, except that we were about a half a wheel-barrow short! Pretty good measuring on my part though!

What Kylan did all day - drink his rootbeer, eat dirt and throw rocks back into the big pile ( I kept trying to get him to through them where there weren't rocks, but he didn't get it!)

What we start on next week!

Happy (late) Birthday Grandpa!

Friday was Brett's birthday. Here are some pics from his party on Sunday and a few other fun things. Happy Birthday Grandpa Sorensen - we love you!

Ky and Grandpa - Ky was fixated on the cake!

Bradon know's the good way to eat cake!

Bradon and Ky playing catch while Kylan is pooping. Can't wait to show this pic to their high school friends!

Ky playing on the kitchen table. He hit these measuring cups together until everyone who was sleeping during conference was wide awake - he also threw a ball at a certain uncle's head while he was sleeping - he was a great sleep nazi during conference!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Yard Work Part I

We have finally started to xeroscape our front yard (we have been planning this for the last year or so, and have been working on our yard since we bought the house). Our house was built in 1937 and after the original owner sold it in the 40's (the manager of JC Penny) it had been in the same family. The Lady who lived here's husband had died about 20 years before we bought it, and even though our neighbors were more than willing to help, she had let the yard get beyond overgrown. The first summer and fall we were here we worked on trimming the trees that had branches to the ground in the back of the house and taking out all of the nasty evergreen bushes (some of which were taller than the house) out which left huge grassless areas in our front yard. Then the city of fallon way increased the price of water and also did sidewalk work along the side of our house causing major damage to our sprinkler system (which we had to fix). ANYWAY . . . it has been quite the relief (I'm sure to our neighbors also) to start getting something done in our front yard. If it hadn't been for the wind, we could have gotten farther - and also if it hadn't been for the size of our yard (we live on the corner, which is awesome but also a lot of work). SO, here are the pics of what we accomplished today - may not look like much to most of you, but trust me, it is a lot of progress!

Our house - this pic doesn't do justice to the size of our yard - our front and side yard is probably bigger than our house - also, ignore the need for paint, that hopefully will be done in the next year or so!

The smaller side of our yard - the side we did the most with thoday. There will be rail road ties all the way around (ones missing in the front) and then a grow box in the middle with the rest in rock.

The other HUGE side of the yard so you can get an idea of what our yard looked like!

Another pic of what we have done from the front porch.

Ky had a BLAST - he dug in the dirt, ate some dirt, and played with the sprinkler parts. He was filthy dirty in no time, but had so much fun. The best part was that he slept 5 hours (2 in the morning and 3 this afternoon), I guess yard work wore him out!

Hopefully in the next week we will have completed pictures of at least one side of the yard!