Friday, March 23, 2012

20 Weeks . . .

tomorrow that is, but I was blogging today so I thought I might as well write this post as well! Ignore my very white legs, but I am already getting hot even when the temp is only in the 60's! I know, good luck this summer!
 Ignore me in this pic, just look at the cute little guy sitting on the floor! Isn't he so cute!
Because of our little get away I had to reschedule my appointment that I had for yesterday. I told them to just schedule it and my 20 week ultrasound together for next week, well as my luck would have it, the ultrasound techs are now requesting that everyone wait until 22 week until having the BIG ultrasound so that they can see the baby better, so now my next appointment and ultrasound won't be until April 11th. Just my luck, I think Kylan was the only one that I got to find out boy or girl at 20 weeks, the others have been 22 weeks or later. Oh well, life goes on! My kids (except Emmit who doesn't have a clue what is happening) are still hoping for a girl. Mya even told me if it's a boy she isn't going to like him (she is anti boy at the moment), so that's what we are hoping for, but really either one would be fine!
I don't have too many complaints yet, just that I am still tired ALL THE TIME! I get tired so easily and it drives me crazy! I did start taking extra iron (I always become anemic while pregnant) and that did help a little bit. I guess taking care of 3 kids while pregnant just means you are tired all the time and I better get used to it!

Little Get-Away!

Tuesday my mom called while we were in Reno and invited Tim and I to go overnight to California with she and my dad to watch UNR play Stanfort in the NIT tournament, spend the night and then go to the temple  and eat crab sandwiches and milk shakes at Leatherby's on our way home. Of course we couldn't pass that up! Thanks to my wonderful in-laws, sister-in-laws and the rest of the young mens presidency (who took over the court of honor Tim was supposed to do Wednesday night) we were able to have a night away from our kids and a fun couple of days!
It was so fun to see the Stanford campus (absolutely beautiful and we saw a lot of it because we took a few wrong turns on the way to the stadium) and go to a UNR game (I haven't been to one since I was pregnant with Kylan and we were living in Logan) even if they did play terribly! Stanford has an awesome gym to watch basketball in!

 I hadn't been to the Oakland Temple except to do baptisms when I was 12 or to wait outside during weddings, so it was great to do a session there! Plus it is where my parents and Tim's parent's were sealed. I promise I am pregnant in this picture, my black shirt is just blending in with Tim's jacket so you can't see my belly!
 From the roof looking down. It was kind of cold up there so my mom and I didn't go all the way around, but it was such a clear day (probably because of the wind) that you could see all of San Francisco from the temple.

 We stopped in Sacramento at Leatherby's on our way home and had delicious crab sandwiches and milk shakes. THE BEST EVER! I could eat probably 4 of these they are so good! I didn't get any pictures of our ice-cream, but they make all their own on site and their own carmel and chocolate sauces, which we bought a bottle of the carmel one and I may or may not be eating it by the spoonful since we don't have any ice-cream at the moment to put it on!
And here are the two that took us along on their fun date! Thank you so much mom and dad! It was just what we needed and was so much fun!

Kylan's Friends Party

Since Ky turned 5 we decided he was old enough to have a friends birthday party. He loved it! He chose who to invite and was so excited! We borrowed grandma Teri's Wii for the boys to play, but they only played it for about 20 minutes and then played outside most of the time, even though it was not a warm or nice day at all!

 We did make them come in for a few minutes to eat cake and ice-cream and then open presents, but after that was over they were back outside! The only girls Kylan allowed at his party were his sister Mya and his cousin Leah so that Mya had someone to play with (isn't he a good brother)!
 And here they are making silly faces! They are all such cute kids and it was so much fun to have them all over to play and celebrate Ky's birthday!
And now the birthday festivities are over in our family until Tim's birthday in July! Whoo Hoo!

Friday, March 16, 2012

First BB Gun

 Grandpa Brett and Grandma Teri got Kylan his first BB Gun for his birthday. They asked for suggestions for his birthday and Tim told them a good toy gun that wasn't plastic (we have gone through about 5 of those already, they break too easily). At the store they told them that people get BB guns and then use them as toy guns, so that's what they did (they aren't much more than a toy one anyway). Well, of course Tim couldn't let him just use it as a play gun, and he is old enough anyway to start learned how to use one, so today he shot his first BB gun and I don't think I can even start to describe how excited he was!
 Tim had him shooting at a can, and of course I had turned off the video camera and taken this picture instead when he hit it for the first time! I then went in the house and Tim said he hit it another 10-15 times after this.
 Here are the boys, their gun and the can. Of course Emmit couldn't be left out of the action (which made me a little nervious), but he stayed out of the way!
And here's a close up of the can. One step closer to being dad's best huntin' partner!

Happy 5th Birthday Kylan!

 I can't believe my boy is 5! Crazy!!! I also have to sign him up for kindergarten this month (yikes)! We had his family party last night and then he is having his first friends party (which is mostly his cousins) on Saturday. He requested chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate ice-cream, so I made him one chocolate/chocolate cake and one yellow with chocolate, because I'm not a huge chocolate fan and I think mom should get a little something for doing all that work 5 years ago!!! We also had homemade ice-cream thanks to grandma Kenna which is always better!
 Waiting while everyone sings to blow out his candle.
 Everyone singing.

 Opening presents. He got so many great things! When everyone left he told me he had the best birthday and that he loved all of his presents!
On his birthday Kylan:
* woke up at Grandma Kenna's house. He had stayed the night with Evan who is staying there while his mom and dad are out of town.
* chose to have jack-in-the-box for lunch because he loves their curly fries and chicken sandwiches
*went to the Lorax movie with Grandma Kenna, Carissa, Evan and Mya
*had popcorn and skittles for dinner because the movie didn't get over until 6 and the party was at 7 and grandma had to hurry and make the ice-cream and get over here! His dream come true!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYLAN! We are so glad you are part of our family and we love you so so so much!

Enjoying the warm days . . .

 We are starting to have some really nice days every week and the kids take full advantage of them! 
 Emmit has discovered the slide this spring. He has a hard time getting himself situated to slide down it, so he has decided that going down on his belly is the best way!

 Both Bill and Cam had Spring Break this last week so they have been here. Last weekend them, Kyle and Gavin got Ky and Braden and they all played baseball out in the driveway. Kylan and Braden are playing Tball this year (their dad's are coaching) so they loved it!
 Braden on base.
 Ky hitting.
Kylan has made so many cute things at preschool this year and we have been hanging them up around the playroom. Well, we have started to run out of room so he took a picture in front of all the ones we took down to make room for more. Of course Emmit had to get in on the picture taking!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Our Week . . .

After being relatively healthy all winter all of us except Tim have been sick this week. I started the cold off on Thursday, then Kylan had it come Sunday, and then Mya and Emmit followed a day or two later. Kylan, Emmit and I seem to be getting over it today, but poor Mya girl started with a fever last night and even though she insisted when she got up this morning that she was all better (I think it was just because she wanted to see Uncle Bill who came into town last night) . . .
 She looks like this right now back on my bed. She has a fever again, but hopefully now she will just relax because Uncle Bill stopped in this morning and saw them!
 Kylan started Tball this week. His dad and Uncle Gav are the coaches and he is loving it! They found out on Monday that their first practice was Wednesday, and since he is a lefty we of course could not find a tball  glove for a lefty in Fallon, so we had a little family trip to Reno on Tuesday to get his tball stuff and his birthday shopping done. We left here at 9:30am and were heading home by a little after 3pm. The best part was the kids were awesome the whole time! We had no major breakdowns, didn't even have to bring the dvd player in with us to eat lunch and everyone slept on the way home. Plus we went on the worst weather day of the week so Tim was pretty happy he wasn't at work!
And there is my little Emmit boy in the background. His worst day of the cold was while we were in Reno, which was good for us (he was very calm and didn't care that he couldn't just run wherever he wanted) and I think good for him because he was pushed around in a stroller and could just relax! He still sleeps in the playroom and has been getting up earlier and earlier lately because there are lots of windows in his room and no blinds. Mom and dad were not happy about this and really neither was he, so I spent the $25 and got blinds for the playroom and we put them up this week. We are all so happy and I kicked myself for not doing this earlier! I forget how cheap mini blinds are now! I know the kids will probably break them (it is their playroom) but for $4 a blind it is well worth it! 
 Here he is saying cheese and thinking that the flash was going to blind him.
No flash was required so he kept his eyes wide open for the next one, but insisted on putting his hand in his mouth instead! He is a  very silly boy! The poor guy has shots today, that is if he is healthy enough which he seems to be feeling much better! If not, maybe they will give him an antibiotic instead!
On a weather note, Spring is coming and you could tell this week. Total typical Fallon Spring weather: On Monday it reached 75 degrees - my kids were outside all day (until the wind came up, which is always inevitable on a warm day this time of year) I watered the lawn, and eventually the kids couldn't resist the sprinklers and ran through them. Come Tuesday the high was 39, but really it was one of those days that got colder as the day went on instead of warmer. When we left for Reno is was blowing like crazy and snowing. In Reno it kept snowing on and off the whole day! Tomorrow it's supposed to be 69 degrees! So crazy but so nice to at least have some warm days!