Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our Trip to Idaho

WARNING: Large Amount of Pictures!

Checking out the Elk with dad.

Kicked back, drinking a soda (an empty soda, but she felt special)

The boys watching a movie and drinking their rooty-tooty at Stockmans.

The whole fam at Stockmans - the best steak ever, however I think that Brigham City still has the best rolls and raspberry butter.

Our family photo that Kade took - he did a great job on all the photos!

One of the many engagement photos Kade took for Kort and Jessie.

The grandkids and their feet. Aren't they so cute!

Grandpa and Grandma and kids.

Our family pic. There wasn't the best lighting when we took this, but I think Kade made it look pretty good!
We had so much fun with everyone. It was great to stay with Kade, Leah and Evan and Kylan and Mya had so much fun playing with Evan. I think Mya had a little crush on him! Thanks Rexburg crew - we miss you guys already!

Friday, October 23, 2009

We're Going to Idaho

. . . to see all our aunts and uncles who we miss soooooo much!

We're going to throw the kids in the car at 3 or 4am and hope that they sleep half the way there! Wish us luck and I won't forget my camera - I promise!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Five Years

Well, when I posted yesterday it didn't even dawn on me that it was my anniversary, so one day late here is the five year anniversary post. Tim and I actually celebrated on Thursday since last night was the night before opening duck season and he was spending the night with his brother and two hunting buddies (not the right people to be spending your anniversary with). We went to La Fiesta in Fernley because their steak and lobster is about $10 cheaper than the one in Fallon, even though they are owned by the same people, then to Steve's Ice-Cream, and then home to our babies (Thanks Tonya for watching them). We were laughing about since we have kids we don't have to do anything really spectacular for our anniversary, as long as we don't have our kids for a few hours we're good!
Anyway, Happy Five Years Honey, I can't wait to spend another 80 with you (and then forever)!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Wedding Pics . . . Finally!

Here are my pictures from Carly and Kyle's wedding. I am ashamed at the lack of photos. While we decorated, I remembered my camera but forgot my memory card in the computer. We (luckily) took our family pics before the sealing, but I have no pics of them coming out of the temple because Mya screamed from the time we came out until we left. At the reception, I was busy holding Mya and/or chasing Kylan, so no photos were taken there until after my parents took my kids home, so here are the few good ones that I have.

Mya and Kylan (and part of my lense cover) on the steps of the temple.

My handsome boy (not cute, only Mya is cute)!

Climbing up the stairs. I think its funny how you let your other children do things you would have never dreamed of letting your first do, like crawl around in nice clothes on the side walk!
Carly and all the kids. Braylon never would look up! (L to R Braylon 33 months, Mya 8 months, Leah 17 months, Braden 3 yrs, Kylan 2 1/2)
Cutting the cake

The first dance and the beautiful backdrop that Teri made. We were a little skepical of the doors (at least I know I was), but Carly kept insisting that they would look good and it was the coolest and prettiest backdrop I have ever seen! It was awesome!

Mother and son and Father and daugher.

All the guys L to R: Laine, Cameron, Gavin, Steph, Tim, Brett and Braden, Kyle, Kyle's dad, Quincy (brother-in-law), cousin, friend, and step dad. Kyle has all sisters!

All the girls! L to R: Kyles sisters (I can't remember the little girls names, but not pictured is his sister who is a couple months younger than Mya), Erin, Megan, Karly, Carly, Tonya, Rachel, Me, Rayanne and Leah.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wedding Bells . . . Again!!

I am so happy to announce (but a little late in doing it) that my little brother Kort is getting married to an awesome girl Jessie (Kort calls her Jessica, but she goes by Jessie so I am working on calling her Jessie) Potts who is from Washington. They will be getting married in the Seatle Temple December 22 and having an open house in Fallon on January 2nd. We are so excited for them and we LOVE Jessie - she is awesome! Congrats guys, sorry I am so late posting it! I guess knowing before it was official threw me off!!!

P.S. Just in case you were wondering, my two families are following the same pattern as last year, we just moved it up a month - Tonya and Laine in November and Kade and Leah in January, now Carly and Kyle in October and Kort and Jessie in December!

P.P.S. You guys need a better picture of you together, this was all I could find on Facebook and it's not the best - Kort you look like you are on drugs!

Friday, October 2, 2009

What we've been doing . . .

Kylan is super flexible, which I know that all kids are flexible, but he is beyond flexible. Anyway, he loves watching TV in this position, and notice the big boy undies. We are doing it this time, and he is finally getting it! He still will have an accident here and there, but as long as we keep the soda and chocolate milk away, he does great!

Tuesday it was 90 degrees outside, Wednesday the high was 56, so we had to get our gas fireplace started. The kids love sitting in front of it in the morning when they get up.

Kylan picked out these PJ's for he and his sister. Aren't they so cute and cuddly in them!?

Mya likes to beg for food by Ky's chair while he is eating. Here he is feeding her ice-cream. What a nice brother!

Carly's wedding is next Friday, so we have been trying to help grandma Teri as much as possible and we are getting really excited for it to happen! We also got DVR this morning and I am WAY excited!!! I won't be missing my favorite shows anymore!!!