Friday, March 15, 2013

Kylan Turns 6

On March 15 Kylan turned 6! Unfortunately his birthday landed right in the middle of our flu epidemic, however we still tried to make it special for him. I took donuts to his class for his birthday helper day, he got a special package in the mail from Uncle Kent and Aunt Stacey, he opened presents from us, and I made him the camo cupcakes that I was going to make for his class, but decided it wouldn't be good to bring homemade cupcakes with the germs in our house! 

At 6 years old Ky's favorites are:
*favorite color: yellow and every color except pink and purple
*favorite food: Mac n cheese and crab cheese puffs from The Wok
*favorite animal: doesn't know
*favorite thing to play: dump trucks
*best friend: Braden, Drake and Nate
*Loves playing golf, basketball and riding his scooter

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