Monday, March 18, 2013

Influenza B

We've done the normal stomach flu more times than I can count, but in March we had the REAL flu and it was terrible! Emmit was the first to get it and the poor kid had it the worst of anyone. I knew we had been exposed to it, but the first time I took Emmit into the doctor they didn't run the test for it. The next day his fever was worse, he had been up most of the night and his little body hurt so badly that I couldn't even touch him. Needless to say I ran him back in and the test - that is supposed to take 15 mins to get results from - came back very positive for Influenza B in a matter of seconds! He took Tamiflu although it was probably too late and didn't help much. This stuff is very very very contagious, and both Tim and Ila ended up getting it as well. We pretty much stayed in our house for almost two weeks! Tim said he has never been so miserable or had his body hurt so badly in his life!

We may consider flu shots next year!

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