Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Gav and Rayanne needed to make a Reno trip so we got to have the cousins come play! It was like having 3 sets of twins and a baby! It was so much fun! We sure do love them! Here they are eating their popcorn and drinking their Sonic drinks that grandpa Donald and Grandma got them when they picked up the boys for me from kindergarten!


We are so proud of how well Ky is doing in school! At his parent teacher conference a couple weeks ago his teacher told us how smart he is and how he is always so nice to everyone and a great example! This week he brought home his first WOW card and also was chosen as Student of the Month for his class! He was so excited!

We Voted

It's kind of tradition that on any voting day the Sorensen family all meets for lunch and then goes over to vote! I think it's great because since the kids come along too they are all excited about voting! Despite the fact that my candidate didn't win I am still thankful for the opportunity to vote and wish President Obama the best of luck in this next 4 years!

3 Months Old

Ila turned 3 months old on the 2nd. I can't even believe it! She is still a sweet baby. She loves crowds of people - the chaos seems to lull her to sleep! She isn't a great napper although she has improved this week but she does sleep the night so that makes up for the inconsistent napping! She loves to talk to you and smiles a ton! She also loves to STAND in her Exersaucer or sit in her bumbo on the counter while I cook - the bouncy seat just doesn't do it anymore but she does still love her swing but is almost over the weight limit for it!