Thursday, February 28, 2013

February in Pictures

Here's some pictures from the month of February. On February 2nd Ila was officially 6 months old. She was 28 inches and weighed 19lbs 6 oz. She loves to eat baby cereal and vegies but is not a huge fruit fan, although she will eat apple sauce and pears (no peaches or banana's). She learned to sit up by herself about 2 weeks before she was six months. She is starting to feed herself and likes to chew on her sippy cup and almost drowns herself if she actually sucks anything out of it! She is such a fun girl!

 Mya decided to decorate her bedroom with a permanant marker one day. It was awesome. She colored on every wall, most of her furniture, a bunch of toys and Ila's pack n play and bedding. Thank goodness for Magic Erasers!

 On Valentines Day my grandpa Adams bought all the girls flowers! He is so sweet! We also had a pizza party with all the Adams at my parents house that was super fun!
 After a quick Costco/Winco shopping trip with the kids eating at Wendy's.

 Carissa gave Mya this sleeping bag of hers that has a blow up mattress under it. Mya slept in it every night for at least 2 months and would carry it to different areas of the house during the day. It eventually went flat and I haven't reinflated it yet, but she loves it!
 Ila has learned to wrestle with her brothers. Ky just lays on the ground and lets her attack him! Fun for her, but not so fun for other babies that she interacts with - she is constantly attacking other kids now!
 Emmit attended his cousin Crew's birthday party. It was the cutest party ever, complete with 4 wheeler rides around the farm and this cute cut out that they could put their faces in. 
 Family movie night