Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Reminder of Why I Am a Parent . . .

And I needed one after having Mya cry for an hour straight, and Kylan insist on pooping in his diaper even though he has diaper rash so bad his bum is bleeding! Good thing they both woke up happy from their naps - prayers are really answered!

Kylan singing the wonderpets to Mya while holding her.
P.S. A BIG CONGRATS to Daniel and Hanna and their new little girl! We are so happy for you guys!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

5 Months Old!

Smiling and laughing. I kept trying to get a picture of her with a really good smile, but she is too interested in the camera to smile good! She is really ticklish now which is tons of fun and she loves to smile and laugh and squeel!

Look at those beautiful blue eyes!

Sitting up. She can almost do it by herself, the only thing holding her back is she will spaz and fling herself backwards - which she did right after I snapped this. Good thing my hand was there.

Here is a short video of her on her stomach. She was blowing raspberries right before I started videoing and so I was trying to get her to do it again. Of course she wouldn't, but she does do her very high pitched very loud squeal and you can see her scooting backwards.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

An update

It's been a few days since I've updated, and we have been really busy and won't be getting any less busy for a couple days, so there won't be any pics on this post, but the next one will have pics! So, here is what has been happening:
Blog BOOK: I finally did the book for my blogs for the years 2007 and 2008. I will be doing a yearly one from now on because it took me forever to get them all formated how I wanted and it is going to be a really long book. I just ordered it, so I should get it in a couple weeks. I will let you know how it turns out. I used and was able to find a promo code online for free shipping, so I was pretty excited!

ROLLING: Mya now rolls from her back to her front and has for over a week now. She still isn't a huge fan of being on her stomach though, so gets really mad if she can't get back over. She is almost doing it in the bath tub too, and doesn't seem to mind that one eye is in the water, in fact she even keeps it open. She loves the water way more than Ky did at this age!

LAKE: Gav and Rayanne spent a couple nights at the lake this week, so we all went out and ate dinner with them on Thursday. Ky was so excited since we haven't been to the "water" since memorial weekend. It was a very nice night and so much fun.

GIRLS CAMP: Tim, Mya and I are heading to girls camp on Monday to help set up camp and conduct family home evening with our ward and the Spanish branch, so I have been working on that. I think we are going to do a half hour (or a little less) of spiritual (I'm going to show them a tak from a general young women's broadcast) and then we will eat some yummy snack mix that the girls love that I make and watch some old church videos, like the old Johnny Lingo. We have a portable DVD player that has an internal battery, so I thought that would be fun and different at camp.

SLEEP: Or lack of. I could not sleep last night. No matter how hard I tried! Everytime I would start to fall asleep something would wake me up - the fire siren, the fire trucks, police cars, wind, Kylan, Mya, etc. Plus Mya woke up at 4:30am and wouldn't stay asleep - she would fall asleep on our laps without eating and then would wake within minutes of being put in her crib. Tonight I may give her some tylenol before bed incase she is teething. Of course I couldn't think of that last night.

Friday, June 12, 2009

What we have been up to . . .

Smiling - Mya smiles and laughs and plays all the time now!

Holding Mya - Kylan loves to hold her, but she is getting less and less cooperative - Oh and Kylan insists on closing his eyes when he smiles now!

Taking pics of ourselves - Tim seems to be gone a lot lately with church stuff, so me and the kids have to entertain ourselves somehow!

Making ninner-nanny eyes - not enough space to explain how this made-up phrase came to be (I was devastated in elementary school when I found out this wasn't a real phrase people knew), but my mom makes these eyes when she is being crazy, and so does Mya, especially when I am taking her picture.

Baking - I LOVE to cook, which is not so good for losing weight, and now that Ky is old enough he is my partner in crime. He usually does the taste testing, and the turning on and off of the Boshe.

Haying - The dairy has been bringing in first crop, which has taken longer due to the enormous amont of rain we have received. Kylan has loved it though and was so sad when they finished this morning. He rode in this truck all days most days and never complained and never wanted to get out!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Grandpa Adams and Mya

While posting about the baby shower I found these on my camera. Tim had taken them of Mya and my grandpa one night. She had been fussy, and grandpa took her and she just settled right down adn layed on him. For those of you who know Mya well, you know this doesn't happen very often (she is a momma's girl), but Grandpa Adams has always had a way with babies! I love these pictures!

The Baby Shower

The cute mom to be before the party started. Her sister-in-law made her the cute diaper cake, and then her cousin brought her another one. They will be good on diapers for awhile!

Opening presents. Tristan's niece Caylee helped her. She even read the cards. One said "Dear Lady, Hope you love your baby." We were all cracking up!

Some of the guests.

Thank you to everyone who helped with food (Teri, Lori, Lynne, Mom), my mom for letting us use her house and all her help, Tristan for coming and everyone else who came and celebrated! It was a ton of fun!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

A First

I'm hosting my first baby shower tomorrow for my cousin Tristan. I hope it goes well . . . No sweat right?!