Friday, January 25, 2013

Just the 2 little ones

Ky and Mya got to have a sleepover at Uncle Gav and Aunt Rayanne's so we loaded Emmit and Ila up in the car and drove to Fernley to have some ice-cream at Steve's Ice Cream (if you've never been you have to go it is the best!) Emmit watched Rio the whole way there and back and Ila was so good and fun! It was a very fun night!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mya's 4th Birthday

Mya Rae turned 4 this year! I still can't believe she is that old! It seems like just yesterday she was Ila's age!
We had her party on Monday even though her birthday wasn't until Thursday - it was a better night for everyone. We had Mac and Cheese and ice-cream cake for dessert.
 She got a pink bike (her favorite present I think) and rode it around the house for a couple days before we had her take it outside. 

 On her actual birthday she received a card and candy in the mail from Uncle Kent and Aunt Stacey and we took her out to her favorite place for lunch (Jack in the Box).

We love our Mya Rae so much and are so glad that she is part of our family. Here are some of Mya's favorite things as a 4 year old:
*Pink and Purple
*Barbi Movies
*Doing anything with "just the girls"
*Sleeping in just her undies (I am typing this in June so it is now warm enough for that)
*Playing in mud or dirt (I don't think she will ever grow out of that)
*Still hates having her hair brushed or fixed (screams bloody murder every day)
*Loves her big brother the most and tolerates her little brother
*Is so excited about preschool next year

Thursday, January 17, 2013

January Pictures

Ila learned to sit up by herself in January so she would not sit back in her rocking chair anymore!
 Kylan doing his homework. Such a good boy!
 Sitting up and playing during Sunday School at Church.
 Ila went through a phase of not really liking the fruit baby food. She was really mad at me when I mixed fruit with her cereal:
 I had to make a whole new bowl of just cereal. She was much happier!
 Giving dad kisses.
 Playing with Emmit
 Being Video-Egg-Heads together.
 Morning donut run. They all waited in the car while I went into Safeway to grab a couple things. I was so afraid the whole time that when I came out there would be a police car by my car! I went pretty early on a Saturday and parked at the side of the building and pretty much ran in the store the whole time while I got my stuff! Their reward was donuts!
 Sitting up playing her favorite toy. Wade and Inkham got this for Kylan and it was all my kids favorites (and a lot of cousins too) when they learned to sit up!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Quick Trip to Reno

We braved Reno with all 4 kids in January. We didn't do much, just ate at In N Out, waited in the car while Tim went to the Scout Store, and maybe went to Costco or something (I can't really remember).
 Ila had her first french fry. She loved it!