Monday, July 16, 2007

Kylan's 4 Months Old!!

Kylan 5 days old and 4 months old

I can't believe that it's already been 4 months since Kylan was born! I also can't believe how much he has changed in that time and how much more he is going to change in the next months. I look at his cousin Bradon who will be 1 year on Thursday and think "wow, in 8 short months Kylan is going to be a little boy and not a baby any more!

But, enough of the sentimental stuff. Here are his stats:

Head: 44.1 cm (50th percentile - until now it's been the 90th)

Weight: 17lbs (90th percentile)

Length: 26.5 inches (75th percentile)

The doctor said he was doing really well, looked good and seemed like a very fun baby! She okayed giving him the stage one baby food, and so we had sweat potatoes today and he ate the entire container. It was funny though, because for the first 10 bites or so he would shudder after every bite, but wanted more. I guess he just isn't used to so much flavor.

Kylan and I are off again, but this time Tim won't be able to come with us. We are headed to Las Vegas tomorrow for a couple things. First, Darren and Marrie are getting married on Saturday, which we are so excited about! The other reason is to meet my new cousin, Cy who was born July 9th (Reed's Birthday). He was about the same size as Ky and I am so excited to hold a newborn baby again. I've decided that you enjoy other people's newborns more than your own because of how tired you are when it's yours! Here's a pic of Cy and his big brother Taye who I am also excited to see! It will also be the first time that Wade, Inkham and Taye have seen Ky!

Friday, July 13, 2007

More Pictures. . .

Kal and Kade on the dock

Kylan asleep at lunch on grandpa and the family the last day we were there (I don't know why my part looks so weird - I really don't have a bald spot!)

Kylan and I the day we arrived and playing in the lake. The lake was very warm and nice to swim in.

Kylan asleep and Kylan playing in the hot tub. Kylan had a great time!

Thinking he is such a big boy sitting on the chair all by himself!
As you can tell we had a ton of fun on this vacation. Kylan was really good, slept good, was the perfect child! This may have to be a repeat spot for family vacation!

Schank Family Vacation

So here are the first set of pics of our family vacation to Clearlake, CA. It was so much fun. We were in a house right on the lake. Every morning the guys would wake up pretty early and go out wakeboarding for a couple of hours. I would get up a feed Kylan, put him back to bed and then quite a few mornings grandma got him out of bed when he woke up again and fed him which was so wonderful for me! We didn't go out and do much, (the area of the lake our house was in wasn't the nicest, although our house was very nice) which was very relaxing! Thank you again Grandma, Grandpa, Uncles Kal, Kade and Kort for taking us along with you! We had so much fun!

The back of our house and all the guys in the back of the boat.

Grandpa and Kylan driving the boat and Grandma and Grandpa swimming

All the guys in the hot tub - don't worry we cooled it way down so it was like a warm bath for Kylan.

Mini Sorensen Family Reunion

Last week during the fourth of July and after we had a mini sorensen fam reunion, however it was disrupted by a very contagious flu bug that made it's way through pretty much the entire family! These are pictures of the healthy ones at Pizza Barn the night before Tim and I left on vacation with my family. Even though we didn't see much of some of you, it was great to see those we did see!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Sister Sorensen You Are Called To Labor In The . . .

Well, the day Carly and all of us have been waiting for for months (we thought the papers were turned in, but they weren't about a month ago) arrived yesterday! Carly received her mission call. Here's how the evening went:
We first met at Quedoba and ate (bying time for everyone to get over the Brett and Teri's). After eating we went to the house where Brett mysteriously disappeared for what seemd like forever. So, we got everyone on the phones (Rach, Tonya, Billy and Cameron), took the customary pictures with the unopened envelope and waited.

Then Brett finally showed up. . .

the envelope was opened . . .

and she is going to the . . . .


We are so excited for Carly! We will miss her, but she will be a great missionary! We still have her for a few months though, since she doesn't leave until October 31st, and she will be go to the MTC in Preston, England!

Here are some more cute pics of the reactions to where she is going. Brett is relieved that she isn't going any place scary, Carly, Teri and Bradon on happy about it too. Kylan is going to miss his Aunt Wita too much and isn't sure he is ready for her to leave! He'll have a couple months to get used to the idea! Also, aren't Kylan and Bradon two of the cutest babies in the world!

Fourth of July

Happy Late 4th of July! We hope everyone had a great one! We went to the lake (Lake Lahontan) with the Schank fam. It was very hot but very good boating weather, too bad all the other boats on the lake made it not great wakeboarding weather! Kylan enjoyed himself. He went on Grandpa's boat (forgot to take my camera along) and did alright. He doesn't enjoy his life jacket too much, but he's getting better. Kylan did enjoy going in the water with Grandpa and he hung out in the floaty thing with him for awhile

The rest of the day we spent on the shore. Kylan enjoyed playing on a blanket under the shade and laughing at everyone. That night we went to Tim's Aunt and Uncles where a bunch of his cousin's are here visiting, but due to Ky's crankiness, we didn't get any pics again. After that we went and watched the great Fallon fireworks. Kylan enjoyed them, until the mosquitoes came out. It was a great first 4th of July!

Monday, July 2, 2007


Tim, Ky and I had a crazy weekend. We had youth conference. The kids had a great time. Those who planned it did an awesome job (Brett & mom)! Kylan especially enjoyed Friday night out at Lattin's Farms. Kylan loves being outside! If he is cranky, all we have to do is take him outside and he is happy as can be. He eventually tired himself out and fell sound asleep at 8:30pm and didn't wake up until the next morning. Saturday we just helped out in the morning during the service projet. Once again, we were outside, so Kylan was happy. Of course I didn't get any pictures. I don't know what I was thinking, so instead I have posted pics of Kylan playing with his cousin's Reed andCarissa. I love how little kids, even babies respond to other little kids. It's like they know this person is way more fun than an adult. Kylan loved holding their hands and just looking at them. Thanks Reed & Carissa for playing!

Also, update on the rolling, Kylan now rolls everywhere! It's so cute, but a little nerve racking! He doesn't like being on the hard wood floor, so once he runs out of rug, he starts screaming! Also, he gets caught under the couch, so I am constantly having to move him, but it so nice for him to be able to move a little on his own! I'm trying to figure out how to add some video. I just discovered how to connect the camera to the computer, now I have to get the video off the camera and onto the computer! Wish me luck!