Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Room is Clean!!

Before . . . After!

The motivation worked and I finished cleaning the room yesterday and then Tim and I moved the matresses in. They are on the floor, I just need to buy a bed frame one of these days, but with the way my brain is remembering things lately it won't be for awhile. I also discovered that since this bedroom has an entrance off the living room, it is perfect for storing all of my baby stuff that just takes up space in the living room (swing, blankets, toys that are too old for Kylan but that his cousin enjoys, etc). The before picture was taken after Tim and I had emptied about 10 boxes - ya, it was out of control! The breakfast nook is still not clean, hopefully I will still be motivated today and get it done! I'm just happy to have another functional room! When Tim got home his comment was "It looks like it did before we left." Once again, hard to know that a year ago all of this was already done!
Also, here's a cute pic of Ky in his high chair eating his cereal. I know he is only 3 months old, but mom just wasn't keeping him full enough and he wouldn't take a bottle (if I were a dairy cow, they would have sold me by now). Once we started cereal he started sleeping about 10 hours at a time and he loves it! He also likes to suck on crackers or pretzels. He just wants to be able to eat with everyone else, but for now cereal is going to have to do! I hope the pediatrition doesn't yell at me at our appointment in a couple week!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Tim and I bought our house in July of 2005. We lived in it until August of last year, when we had to rent it out while Tim completed the Dairy Herdsmen program at Utah state in Logan. We then moved back from Logan, with a baby, the end of April of this year and have had to move back into our house. I hate moving. I have hated even more knowing that a year ago everything was where it was supposed to be and all my pictures were on the walls. Now I am putting all the same stuff back in the same place, except that now I have the added degree of difficulty of having a baby while doing all of this.
Anyway, to get to the point of this. . . After moving back from Utah I concentrated on just unpacking the stuff we had taken to Utah with us and brought back, and in about a week I had unpacked and put away all of that. The plan was to then bring in boxes from storage one at a time so that the house wouldn't be full of boxes again. My husband (who I love) decided one night while my brother was here to just bring in all the boxes. That was about a month ago and since then my breakfast nook and third bedroom have been full of boxes.
I may be crazy, but to motivate me to get rid of the mess, I have agreed to have kids stay with me during youth conference just so that Tim and I will have to clean out the boxes in the extra bedroom and set up the bed that is still in the storage shed. Wish me luck! I will post pictures if this is accomplished, if not our living room will be wall to wall blow up mattresses!
P.S. Two posts in one day - don't think this is going to happen often!

Rolling Over

After weeks of trying as hard as he can, Kylan has finally been able to pick up his 'Adams' head and rolled from his back to his stomach. Of course, I haven't actually seen him do it, but when I went to get him out of his crib this morning he was on his stomach. The biggest obstacles in this have been of course what to do with the shoulder and also lifting his head. He has been rolling from his stomach to his back since he was 3 weeks old - he really didn't enjoy tummy time! Here are pictures of what I have witnessed so far in the rolling. What you can't tell in the pictures is the amount of energy that Ky puts into this. It's almost painful to watch! I'm just so excited to see him moving more and I can't wait until he starts crawling and walking. I know, I'm probably crazy to say that, but his cousin who is almost a year old is doing all those fun things and I can't wait for Ky to be able to play with him, rather than just stare at him!
On another subject, I was in Walmart yesterday and saw a girl with a newborn baby and I couldn't believe how much Ky has changed in just 3 short months! Of course he is as big or bigger than two six months old that I know, but he is already so much more independent than he used to be!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My FIrst Post

So I love looking at other peoples blogs - friends, family, etc - and so I decided I would start my own. I wanted to start this blog by telling a little bit about me and my little family. Tim and I have been married since October 16, 2004. We were high school sweethearts and after Tim's mission, me finishing school and him finishing school, now live in our home town of Fallon, NV. My husband works on the family dairy with his dad, uncle, brother and cousin. He is a 4th generations dairyman. I stay home with our sweet son Kylan and plan on going back to subbing at the high school one day a week next school year. I went to school to become a social studies high school teacher, and absolutely love being with the high school kids, I know hard to believe, but I think that they are the greatest. We are members of the LDS church. Tim is the second counselor in the young mens and scout master, and I am first counselor in the young womens (love the teenagers).
First and foremost Tim and I are the parents of Kylan Brett. He was born March 15, 2007. He weighed 8lbs 5 oz and was 19.5 inches long. Since then he has doubled his weight and then some. He is smiley and loves to laugh and play on the floor. He has brought so much happiness to our lives! This blog will most likely be dedicated to him and any other siblings that come along!