Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fun Pictures

Relaxing up to the bar at Grandma Sorensen's

Being silly

New Mom and baby

Is Aunt Kassi taking my picture again???

Eating at Taco Bell - they shared a root beer.

Kylan's lips were glued to the root beer!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Introducing Leah Jane Sorensen

Leah Jane Sorensen
6lbs 9oz
18.5 inches
born May 22, 2008 at 8:25pm

Mom, baby and Dad are doing great, although a little tired from being at the hospital since 5:30 this morning. Braden was so excited to see her, but not too excited about touching her or getting too close, I'm sure that will wear off soon!

Braden getting his first look at his little sister in the nursery. He wanted to go in, but no babies allowed!

The whole fam all together for the first time. They were trying to get Braden to kiss her, but he looked a little scared!

Mom, Dad and Leah. Look at how beautiful Rayanne looks and she had just given birth 30 minutes prior to this! I sure didn't look like that, and that is why there will never be a picture of me right after having Kylan on this site!

Dad getting a good look at his little girl - she was starving, and dad can't help that!

Grandma Fraker holding her -she still hasn't eaten and isn't too happy about that!

Braden checking her out again - still no kisses though!

Still checking her out. Look at all that dark hair!!! and little bow!!!
Congrats Gav, Rayanne and Braden! She is absolutely beautiful!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Blog to Book

I came across this in my blog perusing, and I hope it turns out great because it's an awesome idea! A site called allows you to make your blog into a book, which is a great idea because I don't really keep a journal, but my blog is my journal in a way! They don't seem too expensive to me either. Anyway, I'm working on creating a book right now, so I will let you know how it turns out!

Monday, May 19, 2008

3 days to go!

New baby girl Sorensen (Gavin and Rayanne's) will be arriving on Thursday. Mom and Dad are a little overwhelmed, but Aunt Kassi is ready to meet this new little girl! Pictures hopefully to come on Friday!
P.S. Uncle Tim is hoping that the constant buying of baby girl things will end when the baby comes, little does he know it will probably only get worse (hehehe).

Friday, May 16, 2008

Family, a journey to forever.

Last night we were able to be part of Gavin, Rayanne and Bradon's sealing. What a wonderful experience to be present as this little family who means so much to Tim, Kylan and I were sealed for time and all eternity in the Reno Temple. Words can't describe how we feel about them, not only as part of our family but also as our friends. Congratulations Gav, Rayanne, Bradon and soon to arrive baby girl, we love you!

The night before getting ready to bless Bradon - isn't Rayanne the cutest pregnant lady ever!!

The whole fam after the blessing - Stephen and Rachel were able to come from Denver for the festivities

After the temple with most of the people who came

Just the fam outside the temple

Bradon looking awefully handsome in his white suite

Bradon and Grandpa

Gavin and Rayanne

Tim and I . Hard to believe that it was almost 4 years ago we were in the same room doing the same thing!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Windows and Cousins

We have started the installation of our windows thanks to the help of my cousin Abe (at the moment, he is my favorite cousin). He and Lindsey put new windows in last summer, and since Abe is awesome at this stuff he offered to come over. We were so glad because Tim and I tend to panic when things don't fit just right or we aren't quite sure what to do, but thanks to Abe we were able to install 4 of the 7 yesterday and will finish up tonight! I love them already. I will post pics later of how they look!

Bradon came and played today (always fun) and he and Kylan had a blast. I couldn't find my camera for part of the day, but they danced to 4 minutes to save the world, the new Madonna song, which I don't care for but Ky (and apparently Bradon) love, ate pancakes, took a bath (poor Bradon tries to get as far away from Ky as possible due to his continual splashing), played outside and layed on Tim and my bed, drank orange juice and watched Greece. Grandma Fraker picked him up after she got done subbing, and Kylan was pretty broken up to see him go. We are so excited that he and his parents are going to be sealed this week in the temple! We are also so excited to be able to see Rachel, Steve and Braylon for a few days while they come for this event! I can't wait to see these three boys together again!

I did take one quick pick of the dining room with the two installed windows. The big window was two smaller windows, but one window unit, so we decided to just put a big picture window. We were a little nervious, but we love it!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Our windows were delivered today! Now if they would just magically install themselves life would be great!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mothers Day Present

Yesterday for my mom and I for Valentines Day my dad took us to Reno and let us shop while he played with Kylan. It was so much fun and so sweet of my dad - I am convinced he is the best in the world! We were so busy shopping I didn't get any pics of Kylan and my dad together, but I think Kylan had just as much fun as my mom and I. My dad first dropped us off at the mall while he and Ky went to Sportsman's and Best Buy. After those two stores, he took Ky to Petsmart to look at all the animals. After a snack in the food court he took us to the new mall (the summit) and strolled Ky around until he fell asleep, then he took us to dinner at BJ's (my new favorite place) and then home. It was so great to be able to shop without keeping Kylan busy at the same time and it was great to be able to spend the day with my parents! Tim got me (well actually I got it because I was somewhere where they were on sale) a new chain for my diamond. My grandma gave me a diamond necklace when I got married that had been her step-mom's and the chain it was on had a broken latch, so being afraid that I would lose it, Tim got me a new gold chain for it. While moving to Logan I broke that chain, so I got a sterling silver chain for it (it's white gold anyway) hoping that it won't break as easilY!
In other news, if you are familiar with my family you probably know of my brothers horrible knees. Except for Kent and I, the other three have all had at least two knee surgeries and as many as 6 and they are still horrible. Well Kort had surgery again to repair both of his meniscus' (sp) on both knees about a month ago. A little back ground, he had torn his left ACL over 2 years ago and then recently tore his right one. When they did the test to see if it was torn they found his repaired one had been retorn for quite sometime. You can function without your ACL's, however they had to repair the other torn things. So, when he got to the MTC due to the millions of stairs he had to climb and sitting in class all day without being able to stretch out his knees, they began to swell and hurt really bad again. The MTC called last week wanting to request his medical records from his knee doctor, so when Kort saw the MTC doctor and told him he didn't have either ACL they said he had to go home. Needless to say Kort was pretty sad because he was loving it and had worked so hard. His branch president told him that all that matters is that he was willing to serve, and his Heavenly Father knows that, so he should feel good. They did say if he had them replaced and his knees were 100% he could come back, but in our family that just isn't possible. So, welcome home Elder Schank, we are all very proud of you!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Cousins and other fun things

Today Bradon has been at our house all day, and Kylan and he have been having a blast. Of course getting a good pic of them both together is impossible, but I will post the best I got. They first took a bath and splashed until my bathroom was soaked. They then got dressed and Bradon wanted to wear matching of what Kylan was wearing, so instead of his pants he wore Ky's other khaki shorts and they both wore flip flops (so cute!). They played and when Kylan was down for a nap Grandma Teri came by and took Bradon to the bank (to see his mom) and Sonic with her. At lunch, Grandma, Uncle Gav Aunt Rayanne and Tim all ate with us. When everyone left they played outside while I did dishes and sorted through some storage shed stuff, and then at 3:30 both boys went down for a nap and that is where they are now! I love that these two love each other so much. I remember loving being able to play with my cousins pretty much whenever I wanted to, and I'm so glad Kylan will have that same opportunity.

Helping me clean our extra room. Having Bradon for the day forces me to clean out this room where all of our crap seems to gather (which is a really good thing). While doing this I wonder where we are going to store all of this when we have another baby and this is Ky's room!!

In other news, we took Kort to the airport at 5AM on Wednesday to go to the MTC. Since we had to be there so early, we decided to spend the night at the Grand Sierra Resort (for those of you familiar with Reno, but not living nearby it's what used to be the Hilton). We also did this with the Sorensen's for Carly leaving. Poor Kylan, I swear he is going to think that whenever we stay at a hotel he has to get up at 4:30am. Anyway, we got there just in time to go and eat at the buffet (which was pretty good), then we watched a basketball game in Lynne and Derild's room, after which Tim, Ky and I went to bed. The boys played a round of bowling before going to bed. The next morning after the airport, we ate breakfast and then tried to go back to bed for awhile. Kylan slept about another hour. We then left and picked up Tim's new suite pants that were being altered, got Ky a few things at Old Navy and then came home.

Kylan loved walking with everyone around the hotel, and got a lot of practice walking down our 1/4 mile long hallway (I'm not kidding, it was the longest hall on the floor and we were the very last room). We've had a few very busy days to keep our minds off things!

Tim and Kylan in our hotel room relaxing on the bed.

Kylan exploring the whole hotel room - he was so hyper!!

The boys watching the ball game.

Kylan folding his arms. He kept doing this at church a couple sunday's ago and I thought it was a fluke, but Aunt Lynnie got him to do it over and over.

My grandma, me and mom recreating a 3 generation pic we took while I was in college. Notice the blank expressions on our faces - I don't know if we know where we are???

Kylan looking like a big boy walking out to the car with dad. The scary thing is he won't hold our hands without throwing a massive fit, so luckily there weren't any cars around, being that it was pretty early still.

The cutest little bum ever! Also, notice the flip flops. We bought them at old navy that day (for the lake) and he wanted me to put them on him as soon as we got home. I think we have another Uncle Wade and Uncle Kort on our hands!