Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happenings . . . .

Once again, it's been awhile. If only I could blog from my Kindle Fire I would be much more on top of things! Here are some random pics of what's been going on . . . 
 We are having a serious black bird issue at the dairy and since we live on the dairy we also share in the problem. Sometimes hundreds of them will be perched in our trees and they are very loud, so since I don't shoot real guns I have a cap gun (or cat gun as Ky calls it) that I use to scare them away. Lately when I do this Emmit follows me out with his own gun and shoots the birds. So cute!
 We woke up to snow one morning a couple weeks ago. Since it was a preschool day (and snow doesn't typically stay around too long here) we went out to play in it right after breakfast. The kids had a ton of fun!

 President's weekend Kort and Jessie came to Fallon with Kinzie and we had a baby shower for her and Lacy and Kal's baby on Saturday and then they blessed Kinzie on Sunday. It was so much fun to have almost the entire fam together (we were just missing Kent and Stacey). Little Kinzie is the sweetest baby and we had so much fun cuddling her!
 Here is a picture of them with the great-grandparent's that were at the blessing. Next to Jessie is her grandma Mary. She and Jess's mom flew in from Washington for the blessing. It was a lot of fun to see them again as well!
 And here's the little princess!
 Mya and Kylan LOVE Carissa and Reed! And soon Emmit will too, although he cried pretty much the whole time they babysat last. They are awesome babysitters!
 And here I am today at 16 1/2 weeks. I feel like I grow everyday and I am waiting for that to stop for a bit before the real growth spurt starts! I can feel the baby kick a lot more lately (I've been able to feel it some since the 14th week). I can't wait for  Tim to be able to feel it, but at the same time I know that then this little one will start waking me up in the night, so I can wait a little longer.
In other news:
*Emmit is getting a molar. Along with my kids getting their teeth super late, they also get them in a weird order. Right now he has 3 teeth on top and 2 on the bottom in the front and has been like that for about 3 or 4 months. Now he is all of a sudden getting a molar. That's usually how it works, they get most of their molars before they are done getting all their teeth in front. Poor guy had to tell me his mouth hurt today, it's probably been hurting for days!
*They have been hauling manure for a week or so which is great because the kids take turns riding - Emmit in the morning if they start hauling before lunch and Kylan and Mya in the afternoon. The downside is that when they are hauling in front of my house it smells like a poopy diaper and without fail I start looking for the lost diaper, checking to see if my septic has overflown, etc. for about 15 minutes until I figure it out. EVERYTIME! Tim has some cute pics on his phone of the kids in the truck so tonight I may try to get them up on the computer.
* Funny Kylan story. The first day they hauled manure I asked him if it was his dream come true since they finished corn last fall and he said no, if we were chopping hay or corn it would be my dream come true, but not manure because it smells. However, he did agree it was better than nothing and at least he gets to hang out with dad at work. He cracks me up!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Our Kiddos

I have been terrible at blogging. I'm not sure what my deal is, it's not like I have 4 kids now that I'm physically taking care, maybe I'm just preparing for things to come! I thought I would give an update on each of the kids since I haven't done that in awhile! But first, here is a cute pic of the kids from their sleepover with Braden. Notice how they each have a pillow pet (well, I guess Ky's is kind of out of the picture) including the cute little one who so badly wanted to be one of the big kids! Love all of these kids so much!

 Mya Rae:
Just turned 3 and so constantly tells me how big she is now because she is 3
Loves Vegitales, Octonauts, anything princess and pink
Loves to be outside playing
Wants it to snow a whole bunch so she can go play in it (mom doesn't share this wish)
Loves to be in just her undies and wants to put on a new pair after everytime she goes to the bathroom

 Kylan Brett:
Loves to play games on the computer, or all of his Aunts/Uncles/Cousins i-touches, phones, etc
Loves to play outside, even by himself (this is a big step for this kid who doesn't like to do anything alone)
LOVES LOVES LOVES preschool and Mrs. Stark. I really can't even explain how much he loves it!
Already tells "huntin'" stories (and always in a slight southern twang, I blame it on the hunting shows he watches)
Is my biggest helper. Seriously, I don't know what I'm going to do with a new baby and him in kindergarten 4 days a week. He is such a big helper to me!
LOVES the baby in my belly so much already. He can't wait until he can feel it move! He measures my belly everyday!
Emmit Donald:
Thinks he is as big as his brother and sister which is cute but causes him a little heartache sometimes!
Loves to play outside. He requests going outside to play all day everyday, which luckily has been okay due to our unseasonably warm weather!
SLEEPS THE NIGHT ALL THE TIME!! It's like it finally clicked for him! And I can just put him in bed at 9 and he goes to sleep all by himself! 
Is a great nap taker - this isn't new! He helps me gather his blanket and his "babies" and then he walks up the stairs himself while I carry is gear and is more than happy to take a nap - a 2-3 hour one!!!
Is talking a ton now - mama, dada, tyty (ky), mya, cow or moo, dog, grammy, grandpa, wita (what the kids call Aunt Carly), Tonya, more, done, work (because he asks where dad is all day long), bye bye, love you and a bunch more!
Points to my belly and says "baby"
Is a total daddy's boy now!
And this little boy or girl:
Is growing growing growing (or at least I hope so because my belly sure is)
Can kick/move enough now that I can feel it if I am laying down or sitting very still
Is already driving me crazy! This has been the weirdest pregnancy for me and I think it's because this one wants to make sure it is the baby forever! 
Caused us to go to the ER superbowl Sunday night, but thankfully looked great on the ultrasound. They just think he/she kicked my placenta, causing some problems, since it's a little lower than normal right now, although not dangerously low!
Has a big appetite . . . or at least that's what I blame MY big appetite on!
Is still making me extremely tired, but we are so thankful that so far things have been fine and we can't wait to meet the little one in about 5 months!
** Funny story about my nephew Evan. My mom, Carissa and I went shopping in Reno a little over a week ago and we met up with Kade, Leah and Evan at Macy's. Evan had given me a hug and then was telling me a story and he kept looking at my belly. Finally he stopped and said "Aunt Kassi, why do you look like that?" I told him there was a baby in my belly and he was so excited (like jumping up and down excited). He told me he would come down and hold it everyday when it was born. This is pretty big because his mom says he usually doesn't like babies, so hopefully he will still be just as excited when this one comes!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Looking Old

Last night after their baths I was helping Kylan and Mya put lotion on and Kylan started telling me that we put lotion on to keep our skin healthy and looking good. I said Oh, really and then he stopped and looked at me and said "Mom you need to put more lotion on you because you're starting to look old lately." I said what do you mean I'm looking old lately and he said well you have all those freckles all over you face. I told him he had freckles too, but he said mine looked older. Having a 4 year old is not good for my self-esteem!

First Belly Pics and Cute Emmit

Well, I have showed earlier and earlier with each pregnancy so I don't know why I am still so that at not even 13 weeks I already can't hide that I am pregnant. I was 8 weeks when we told everyone and even by the week leading up to Christmas I had to wear sweatshirts or zip up hoodies to hide it for the last few days before we told everyone, now you can even tell in them! 
Please ignore my dirty mirror - the kids love to look at their reflection in it and touch it and Emmit loves to kiss it so it's always a little smudged!

 And here is my snuggly Emmit. Tim was wrestling with the kids and then he said Emmit grabbed his blanket and wrapped himself in it and then layed down, so Tim went to cuddle him and he loved it! He is such a sweet boy!!!