Thursday, August 28, 2008

You say it's your birthday . . . It's my birthday too!

Oh ya, today is my Birthday, so Happy 26th to me!! Other important birthday shout outs this month (since this is the BEST month to have a birthday):
Teri (Aug 4th)
Dad (Aug 8)
Darci (Aug 8)
Uncle Mark (Aug 19 I think)
Carly (Aug 21)
Alisha (Aug 21)
Josh (Aug 26)
Michelle (Aug 30)
Uncle Ernie (Aug 31)
Happy Birthday Everyone!
(The title is a little reference to 16 Candles one of my most favorite movies of all time)

More Cute Wedding Pictures

Here are some more pics from the wedding weekend thanks to Inkham.

A somewhat better pic than the one I had. This one isn't washed out, but I don't know what faces my mom and dad are making.

Cooling off between pics at the temple. It was pretty warm outside and Tim is always warm as it is, so after each pic he would run over to the shade to hang out.

This one was at the reception. We were taking a photo with Kal and Lacy and all of her sisters on one side and me and all the brothers on the other and Kal came over to talk to us, so she took a pic of just us. Aren't my brothers so handsome!?

Ky was no longer running from Cy and they had a blast together at the reception. Here they are kissing (and spreading his flu germs, which now Cy and Taye both have).

I just liked this pic of Wade, Cy and Taye with grandpa and the horse. Taye and Cy actually sat on the horse. Ky was so scared when we went to see the horse a week ago there was no way he would get on. We'll have to work on that.

P.S. In baby news, I had an appointment this week and every thing sounds good. Unfortunatly though we will not be finding out in September what we are having because my Dr. wants to wait until I am 24 weeks to do an ultrasound, so we will have to wait until October. The only good thing about that is that we found out Kylan was a boy on our anniversary, and 24 weeks puts us around that date again, so that would be fun even though I am a little disappointed to have to wait so long!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Kade's Photos

My brother Kade has developed an interest in taking photos and he does a pretty good job, especially considering he hasn't had any training (he is starting to take some classes this next semester at school). He has a shutterfly website and I added a link on my friends and family to it - so check it out! And for all of you that he has taken pictures of your kids this year, you can order prints from shutterfly right from his website. I personally really like shutterfly, I have ordered a lot of prints and other things through them. I also really recommend their calendar maker. Last Christmas we did both a Sorensen one and a Schank one which made great presents for grandparents and wasn't too hard to make!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

One Wedding Down, and Another to Announce!!

Not only does Kylan get a new Aunt this year, but we found out today that he will also be getting a new Uncle! Layne and Tonya announced their engagement today! We are so excited for them! They are planning on the end of November!

Wedding Festivities

The wedding weekend is over, and although we weren't able to enjoy it as much as we had wanted to, it went well and I think that Kal and Lacy had a good time and that is all that matters! Due to the fact that both Kylan and I had the flu pretty much the whole time (I got is Friday, luckily after the sealing) I didn't get as many pics as I had wanted to, so here are the few pathetic ones I did get.
The happy couple coming out of the temple. The sealing ceremony was beautiful and they were so cute!

The family - (L to R) Mom, Dad, Kort, Kent, Kal, Kade, Tim, Kylan and me.
At the reception on Saturday. They had it in Mark and Anne Hyde's backyard. It was gorgeous with the river and their new house. The lawn was huge, they said Pat mowed it on Friday, and it took him FOUR HOURS!!! It looked beautiful though!
Kylan enjoyed the dance floor. We left at 8:30, so we didn't see anyone else use the dance floor, but it sure kept the little kids entertained!

A not so good photo of what the reception looked like before everyone got there.
The cake, which I am very disappointed that I was too sick to sample.
Uncle John, Aunt Lynne, Carissa and Uncle Derild hanging out.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Poor Kylan!

So, it is one day before Kal and Lacy's big day and the day of the family dinner at my parents house and Kylan woke up puking this morning! Poor Kid! A flu has been making it's way through the Sorensen Fam this week, and Kylan has gotten it. Fortunately it only lasts one day, so he should be good as new for tomorrow. The bad news is, he and Tim will be missing out on the family dinner (Tim is such a good dad), but I will be sure to bring them some food so they won't miss out on that! Kylan is always sick when it's important he not be, but I just feel so bad for him!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What Not to do when you are Pregnant

FYI: Kneeling while pregnant for any period of time will cause you to pass out, no matter how far or not far along you are pregnant. Found this out last night, although I got up before I actually passed out, it was too close for comfort!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Let the Wedding Frenzy Begin!

(The size of our 15 week old baby)
The wedding celebrations are beginning soon and so I may not be posting for about a week or so. Tonight is a family dinner for my cousin Cody Hendrix's wedding which is tomorrow. Kal and Lacy's festivities start tomorrow with her bridal shower in the morning, then going through the temple Tuesday, Family dinner Thursday, wedding Friday and reception Saturday. I will try to post pics asap, as I'm sure Lacy will look gorgeous.
In other news, just been watching the olympics. We have to put our "Friends" dvd's in when we go to bed at night or else Tim will stay up until 1am. Wouldn't bother me except that he thinks he needs to wake me up everytime something happens. Aarik, the Fallonite, jumps in the qualifiers at 10am China time on Monday morning, which is about 7pm Sunday night our time, however I doubt they will show it, but I guess you never know.
Pregnancy is going well. I'm having fewer and fewer sick moments, although I almost passed out yesterday while at the vet with Tim (sick calf). It's been unusually hot here and I probably hadn't drank enough, so I'm sure that's all it was, but still not fun! This pregnancy seems to be going really fast all of a sudden, and I find myself not as anxious as I was with Kylan to have it over, I think it has something to do with knowing how sleep deprived I will be for about 6 months afterwards, I'm really not afraid of delivery though, last time was a pretty good experience.
Well, wish us luck and I will post pics asap of Kylan in his cute outfit for the wedding!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Visiting Dad at Work

Monday we went to visit dad at work. We have done this a couple times and Kylan loves it! The first time we went he was a little scared - there are a lot of really big things everywhere - but now he just has fun. Here are some pics of what he got to do with dad:
He rode in the tractor (one of his favorite words) with dad and also the feed truck and 4-wheeler.

He insisted on sitting in the seat next to dad, not on his lap. He is getting so big!!!

And of course there are plenty of rocks to throw around. When we were walking around and watching the cows he always had at least three rocks in each hand - I think he go this from me who got in trouble in first grade for stuffing my pockets full of rocks.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Harry Potter 6 Trailer

I'm SOOOO Excited!!!

Clearlake, CA Vacation

We are back from Clearlake, which is good, but we miss it already. I think Kylan was a little confused as to why he couldn't immediately head outside after he woke up and where all of his aunts and uncles were (the entire Adams family went this year). Here is a picture recap of the last 5 days - sorry there are so many, but it was hard to narrow down which ones to post:

Our house. It took two pics to get the whole thing. It had an amazing back yard - perfect for the little ones and really good gates and a fence keeping them from the lake!

Kylan and his cousin (well, actually my cousin) sharing a bowl of popcorn. This was one of the few times they played well together. Cy is used to wrestling with his older brother and Kylan didn't like that. Next year I'm sure they'll be best friends!

Kylan standing on the bottom of the fence just like Carissa.

Uncle Kal feeding Ky some of Grandpa and Grandma Adams' anniversary cake.
Grandma cutting her anniversary cake. I know there are a massive amount of banana's in this picture but you have to know our family - I think Kylan ate at least half of those and we had to buy more later!
Grandma got frosting on her fingers and wanted to recreate feeding the wedding cake, unfortunately grandpa can't eat frosting so she had to lick her own fingers - I'm sure she was sad about that!
Kal and Lacy working on their invitations. This was the project we all worked on at night. We would have finished them if the printing company had printed the right amount, but they were 98 short, so unfortunately there are still invitations to work on!

Grandma helping Ky ride the scooter. He loved this and so did grandma - she and Taye had races!

Kylan on the way home. He was super good on the way there, but the only night he didn't sleep all night was the night before we left so he was extra cranky. I didn't even get any pictures of us eating delicious crab sandwiches and drinking milkshakes at Leatherby's on the way home because he was so crabby!
In his little pool. I brought this for the little ones since there really isn't much of a beach at clearlake and if there is the water is so mossy off of it you don't want to play in it. Kylan loved it!
Someone else took this and I didn't know it until I was doing this, but I'm glad. This is me and uncle Johnny while we are playing phase 10, which I ended up winning!
Feeding the ducks. Kylan is obsessed with animals, so lucky for him there were constantly geese, ducks and swans to be fed. Grandma always helped him.
Taye and Kylan playing. While Ky and Cy didn't play much, he loved Taye!
We had a great trip!