Wednesday, May 26, 2010

27 Weeks and Happenings

When Mya wants to add some extra drama to her fake crying she puts her hand over her mouth like this. It cracks me up everytime!

One of the many benefits of living out here is access to Teri's riding lawn mower (which we really need with our big heavy lawn). Here is Kylan mowing with dad on "Grandma Teri's tractor" as he calls it.

And here I am in all of my 27 weeks-pregnant glory! Baby boy is getting bigger, heavier and closer to being here! I can't even believe that we are this close already! It seems like August 26th should be further than 3 months away, but I think that has something to do with our crazy cold weather!

In other news, tomorrow evening Tim and I are off the the Young family reunion in Tuscon, AZ. I know I am probably crazy to be willing going to 90+ degree weather, and I may regret it if I start swelling, but I am so excited to be in HOT weather and to be going without our kids (although I know I will be missing them and won't be able to get home fast enough Sunday night). I want to tell my family THANK YOU THANK YOU ahead of time for keeping the kids for us! Now, as long as Kylan doesn't wake up puking tomorrow (or Tim or I) we will be good.

This next story is not for the faint of heart. WARNING!!! Tim went upstairs to close Ky's door when we got up this morning because we knew he was extra tired (he had a very fun afternoon with Braden yesterday) when he could smell something going up the stairs. He figured out it was coming from Mya's room and when he opened her door discovered the poor thing has puked all over her bed and herself and had never cried (when we took off her jamies to put her in the bath we discovered that wasn't the only thing she had done all over herself). She hasn't thrown up again, but she hasn't eaten much either and has been down for a nap for 4.5 hours. Little Leah was sick also, so we are all praying that us and the rest of our kids will remain healthy so we can all make our flight tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

99 Days!!! And Our Old House . . .

That's right people, I am down to under 100 days until my due date, which if this little boy comes when his sister did, then I am down to about 85 days until he comes. I know to some of you that may seem like a long time (and with Kylan's pregnancy it was), but it really isn't and I will be having this baby before I know it!

Anyway, in other news our old house is cleaned (better than it ever was when I lived in it thanks to Maricela and her sister-in-law) and may be rented soon and while I am glad to have it rented and to be in our wonderful new home, I am a little sad to not call it my home anymore and I know that once someone else lives in it then it will officially not be mine. So, here are some pictures of it all cleaned out and in fairly good condition before it is officially a rental:

Master bedroom

Mya's room (formerly Kylan's room)

Kylan's room (formerly the guest/junk room)

The 1930's side of the kitchen (except the dishwasher of course).

The 1950's side of the kitchen (except the fridge, the 1950's version is out in our storage shed).

My small laundry room and the 1/2 bath, that should only be considered a 1/4 bath, but whatever, Kylan loved using it. He called it his little bathroom.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

25 Weeks . . . and 1 day!

This isn't the best picture, but if you look closely you can see Kylan and Tim in the tractor. Ky is in seventh heaven right now because if he isn't riding in a dump truck, then there is something that needs to be done in a tractor and he is more than happy to ride with dad. And not just for an hour or two, but all day!
I was slow getting to the camera, but Mya was so happy because the cat was letting her pet it. She loves this cat, and for the most part it puts up with my kids, but only for a few minutes at a time and then it is out of there!

And here is the belly at 25 weeks and a day. Ignore my whiter than white legs. I am roasting hot on days like this already, I know, I am going to die this summer! I had a doctors appointment today, and besides tripping on the stairs on the way up to the office with Mya in my arms and gaining a little more weight than I wanted to, it went fine. My doctor even said he wouldn't make me go clear through to my due date since it is so hot in August, but we will see. Like my mom told me, I should have gotten it in writing!
And one more thing, we are almost down to double digits in the day countdown until my due date, which always makes me a little panicky, especially since we never made it to single digits with Mya!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Party Party

So we had an awesome Nacho Libre party on Saturday night thanks to Mary. You will have to go to her blog for pictures (Rob and Mary on my sidebar). The food was great, the people were awesome and everyone seemed to have a great time! We want it to be an annual thing, so I can't wait for next year!!! Thanks Mary for being so fun and having a party at my house!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What's Been Going On . . .

  • We kind of took a break from all things to do with our houses and now we are trying to get our old house ready to rent. We have gotten several calls a day. Two people seem really interested - one is looking at the house on Friday, the other one is a friend of the renter across the street (who is really great), but has a small inside dog, which we aren't sure if we are okay with. The bad part is we still have A LOT to do before it is move in ready.
  • Tim and Kylan have been driving dump truck the last three days. They are taking a break now for a couple weeks, which means I will have a really upset boy tomorrow when he doesn't get to go to work with dad.
  • We had a fun family dinner last night with the Sorensen clan because Kyle and Carly came through on their way to Kyle's sister Karly's wedding. It's so fun to have a house full of people and to have the ROOM to do it!
  • I am almost down to the 100 day mark and I'm feeling it! I have decided that I just get HUGE with boys. Tim told me I am as big as I was when I had Mya, and he is right (don't think he is mean, he really thinks I am very beautiful when I am pregnant).
  • It almost got up to 80 here the other day and I thought I was going to die of heat!!! I have also started swelling a little by the end of the day. This summer will be very interesting to say the least!
  • We have all been very tired - the picture above is Mya asleep in our bed. She was watching cartoons on our bed and when I went in to check on her that is what I found!!! I have been so tired also, and eating LOTS of ice, so I'm thinking my iron is low like it has been in both of my other pregnancies, luckily I have an appointment next week and will ask the doctor if I can take extra iron!

Well, that's about it! Maybe by the time this baby comes things will settle down again, just to get hectic with a new baby!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Milk Shakes at Fudruckers

Tim had to go do baptisms with the youth in Reno, so the kids and I decided to tag along at the last minute. We sure are glad we did. We went to Costco while he was at the temple, then we went to Scheels to see the fish and the mountain of animals. Before we came home we went to one of our new favorite places, Fudruckers. Tim and I had hamburgers and milkshakes, while the kids just had "childrens size" chocolate milkshakes since I had taken them to eat after Costco. It was quick, but so fun to spend time together!