Saturday, June 23, 2012

Nesting a little . . .

The nesting bug hit me a little today, but first here are some cute pics of the kids from Tim's day off this week. They all went out and played a little baseball in their pj's . . . 

 Then we all went swimming at the outdoor pool for a couple hours before Kylan and Mya's swim lessons started. Emmit was so tired by the end he wasn't even that unhappy about not being able to be in the water during the lessons. 
 And here is the final product of my nesting. This I actually did last. I wasn't going to do it, but after lunch I got a second wind and decided to get all of the baby girl stuff washed and the sheets put on the crib.

 In the morning I vacuumed and dusted the kids rooms upstairs, then we moved some things in Ky's room and moved Mya's bed into Ky's room. They will share until baby sister is old enough to share a room, then Mya will move back into her room with her sister, and Emmit will share with Ky, but for the sake of getting as much sleep as possible the next few weeks and months/years ahead Emmit is sleeping by himself in Mya's room. Luckily Tim came home for a quick minute right at the right time to move the dresser/bookcase over and Mya's bed into Ky's room otherwise I probably would have tried it myself and then I would have been in big trouble when he came home.
 We bought this crib/toddler bed from my brother and his wife before they moved a month or so ago and Ky helped me put it together for Emmit. I decided to set it up as a crib for the time being, once again to get as much sleep as we can. Once we are already sleep deprived we'll get him into a toddler bed!
I've been waiting for the nesting to start. This to me is the only good thing about the last trimester so I was so excited it started today! Also the kids, even Emmit, are so excited about their new sleeping arrangements!
We've hit 33 weeks as of today, so about 5 weeks left hopefully until this little girl is here! Yay!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Swim Lessons

Mya and Kylan are doing swim lessons right now at the outdoor pool. I am just glad that we are doing them right now and not any later in the summer because I'm not even swimming and I am exhausted afterwards!
Here's Mya not listening to her teacher for a change. She just kind of does what she wants until I yell at her, then she listens for a bit and then wanders off again. At least she is now staying in the pool the whole time 
and not getting out to tell me or grandma something constantly!
Emmit isn't old enough (you have to be 3 or turn 3 soon) so he has to sit at the side with grandma and I. A few times he has gone to work with dad (makes my life a lot easier), but he is usually seeing how close he can get to the water before I pull him back! Luckily my mom comes everyday with treats of some kind to keep him busy and to bribe Mya to stay in the pool.

 Ky and Braden are in the same class (the white and blue shirts with their backs to me). Kylan is getting braver ever day, but he doesn't like to put his face in the water. We have told him if he wants to be a good swimmer than he has to do it, so he is trying!
 Jumping in.
 Mya waiting to go down the little slide.

The kids do love the outdoor pool, so I told them once lessons are over (only 4 more left) we will have to go once a week in the morning. My pregnant body just can't handle swimming with them for an hour or two and then lessons. Funny how so much changes in one week. Last week I was hoping this baby would stay in past 38 weeks, but now 38 weeks can't come soon enough. I have hit the up 5 times a night and can't get comfortable part of the pregnancy and I'm over it! Oh well, she'll be here soon enough!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

31 Weeks & Baby Birds

So I am just about 31 weeks (30 weeks 5 days to be exact), but since I rarely wear something other than a big t shirt and shorts, I thought I better take the 31 week pic today while I am in "normal" clothes. I can't believe I am already this far along! The weeks seem to fly by anymore! Only 7-9 more weeks left (7 if she comes when the last two did and as many as 9 if she waits a little longer, which I wouldn't be opposed to right now).
 And this cute little girl cannot wait to meet her baby sister!
 Isn't she just so cute??!! I hope this next one is just as cute as Mya, but maybe a little less feisty and with darker hair like Ky (Kylan is starting to feel left out with all these blondies around him)!
 Kylan and Emmit found a baby bird that is hurt and has fallen out of the nest. Ky put it in the back of Emmit's red car (not the safest place). 
 I've reassured him that I'm his mom will find him while we are at play group (which means dad will come find him and take him away. I had a BAD experience with my mom letting us keep a baby bird and attempt to feed him. Lets just say my brothers and I couldn't eat deviled eggs for SEVERAL years afterwards). 
And even if dad didn't come take him away, the kids will have killed him by the end of the day anyway. They can't leave him alone!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Twin Falls

Kal and Lacy blessed little Jackson on Sunday, and since Tim was haying we couldn't all come so my wonderful mother-in-law and sister-in-laws helped Tim watch the boys so that Mya and I could go with my parents to the blessing. Grandpa was Mya's "Best Buddy" on the trip. He rode all the way to Twin Falls and back in the back seat with her and did all kinds of fun things with her in Idaho (Uncle Kentie did too). We had a ton of fun seeing Kal and Lacy and Jackson and Kent and Stacey who came down from Rexburg and this was the first time that I have been to Idaho when it hasn't been cold! It was so much fun!
It was Western Days in Twin Falls so we went to the park and walked around and had the best hand dipped corn dog I have ever had in my life, tri-tip sandwiches that were also pretty dang good and these things called Elephant Ears which were big pieces of fry bread with honey butter on them.
 They had some carnival rides and since everyone except grandpa would be sick riding on them Grandpa took Mya on the merry go round . . . 

 and the ferris wheel. I though Mya might get a little nervous being up so high but she said she wasn't scared at all because Grandpa held onto her so she wouldn't fall.

 I tried to get a picture of the guy running the ferris wheel but this was as good as I could get. He was a total carny - mullet and all!
Saturday afternoon we bbq'ed at Shoshone Falls. They were pretty cool!
 Mya loved looking at them!

 Sunday was the blessing. Jackson looked so cute! And Kal gave such a great blessing!

And here are some pics I stole from my mom's facebook. Grandpa and Mya relaxing at the hotel.
 Playing in the hot tub.
We had such a great time! Thank you Teri, Carly and Tonya for helping Tim with Kylan and Mya so we could go!

T Ball

Kylan and Braden have been playing T Ball this year. Tim and Gavin coached them. Kylan had so much fun playing and it was pretty fun to watch them. This last week was there last week of games and even though I am happy to not be sitting in the hot sun and chasing Emmit, I am a little sad to see it end! Doesn't he look so cute in his uniform!

Memorial Day

Memorial Day was our second time out to the lake this year. My parents have either been gone or the weather has been bad ever since we went in April. The kids (and I) were so excited to get out again, and we made it there without Tim (they started haying that week so he couldn't come) or anyone else to help us get down to the water. I was pretty proud of myself! I'm also enjoying this "easy" year at the lake because next summer it will be back to having another little one!