Monday, July 23, 2012

Sorensen Reunion and 37 weeks

All of Tim's family has been here visiting and we have had so much fun! Rachel came last Tuesday and Cam came on Friday so all of his siblings are here and we are loving it! Carly and baby Luke have been staying at our house when they are here and Kylan and Mya have LOVED it! They love holding him, and playing with him and making him smile. One morning we let Carly sleep and we gave Luke a bath and Ky was in heaven! It was pretty cute! I hope they enjoy their sister as much as they have enjoyed Luke. Even Emmit is pretty dang cute with him!

 Saturday we went out to grimes point. We got there a little late so it was pretty hot. I wasn't sure how long I was going to last and was dreading having to make my kids leave early, but I didn't have to worry about that! We did the small loop and then Kylan announced he was done and ready to go home . . . so we were there a whole 15 maybe 20 minutes! Perfect! The kids did so good, until right at the bottom of the hill when Emmit tripped and hit his head. He was fine and luckily it was right at the bottom so I didn't have to carry him too far!
 Here's the group. The rest continued to the top!
We have done lots of other fun things, this is just all I have pics of. We have played in grandma's sprinklers, done the slip 'n slide, had sleep overs, and just enjoyed each others company!
I am now 37 weeks 2 days pregnant and I am ready to be done. I wouldn't be so ready if baby girl didn't keep acting like she wants to come and then changing her mind! I had an appointment last Thursday and I was dialated to a 3, so I had progressed a whole cm since my last appointment. I had lots of contractions on Friday, and they were very consistant. I tried not to get my hopes up, but since no amount of activity or inactivity made them stop I started getting pretty excited. We went to bed kind of expecting to head into the hospital my morning at the latest. I fell asleep for on hour, only to wake up to some pretty painful and uncomfortable contractions. I watched tv for an hour or two and then decided to try to get some more sleep before we headed in. Well, I fell asleep and woke up a couple hours later only to feel nothing. That's right, everything had completely stopped. I was so mad, not necessarily because she wasn't here, but because I had lost sleep for no reason. Luckily she hasn't kept me up all night again, but I am still contracting during the day a lot. 
Tomorrow is Tim's birthday, so even though I have given up hope on going into labor before my next appointment, I am trying a few things in the hopes that she and her dad can have the same birthday. I made egg plant parmesan, I bought a pineapple to eat tomorrow at the lake and I will be riding on the jet ski and hopefully the boat tomorrow night when my parents come out. At least I will be able to say I tried!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Adams Reunion, Tim's Stay-cation & Baby Update

I'm going to start with the baby update because it will explain my lack of pictures of anything from last weekend. I had my first weekly appointment last Thursday and even though I was 2 days short of 36 weeks they checked me (I was measuring over 36 weeks anyway). I am dialated to a 2 and 50% efaced. I was so excited! However, for the next  3-4 days after that appointment I was having so many contractions I was afraid the baby was going to come over the weekend and I was not ready and I don't think the baby was either. Luckily things have slowed down considerably and I have been able to accomplish all my "nesting" (or at least most of it) before the next family comes to visit!
ANYWAYS . . . since Tim was unable to take the week of the 4th of July off like planned he took a stay-cation last week from Tuesday-Sunday. We got a lot of things cleaned out/rearranged/dejunked before my mom's brothers came to town. On Friday all the Adams' went to Wild Island in Reno. We reserved a Cabana (which was awesome) and the kids had a great time! I didn't do much because anytime I did I would start contracting, but it was nice to sit in the shade and chat with everyone! 

One morning during the stay-ca the kids played baseball with dad, then ran through the sprinklers (why Mya is only in her undies) and then when they were done they got out their beach chairs and enjoyed a snack in their sand box)

Saturday some of us went to the lake. My dad got stuck for the first time ever docking the boat on the shore. It took Derild's truck, Jeremy's Jeep, and Tim's truck to pull him out. We ate lots of good food at night (thanks Lynne, Derild and Carissa) and had a great time hanging out! 

Sunday we were able to go to Reno to baby Luke's blessing. We had a yummy luncheon afterwards and had a great time! Later that night I was able to get together with two good friends and catch up. 
Today Rachel and her kids get here and will be here for 2 weeks!  They (and we) are really hoping that baby sister makes it here before they leave, and with the way things are going I'm pretty sure that will happen! We are having such a fun and busy summer it has made the time fly by! 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Schank Reunion

Over the 4th of July all my brothers, except Kade and Leah who just recently moved to Michigan, came for a reunion. It was so much fun! Everyone got here late on Tuesday and then Wednesday-Friday we went to the lake during the day, came home and got cleaned up and then ate together and hung out. On Saturday the guys all went golfing (except Tim who worked in the morning) and the girls had their nails, toes and hair cut by Stacey (she was a trooper) and then Tim watched our kids and Jackson so my mom could take us out to lunch. When the guys got home we had pizza, hung out and then Sunday after my parent's ward everyone left. I was so sad to see everyone leave. I hate that my brothers and their families all live so far away, but I was so happy they could come this past week! We're going to try to make this a tradition each year!
Even though I had fun, this pregnant body of mine wasn't too happy with me for doing so much. The baby has already dropped and I was hurting pretty bad come Sunday, but now that I have relaxed for a day and  a half my WHOLE body doesn't hurt anymore so that is nice! I also only have pics from the lake!

 These pics are from today. Mya would not give me a normal face and Kylan was very busy building his tractor so they only let me take two. I have to get a pic of Emmit with his haircut. He looks so old all of a sudden!

 And here I am at 35 weeks 2 days. I can't believe how much bigger I look from my last pic taken just over a week ago. Crazy how they grow so much at the end!
 And I finally will have cute toes when I deliver. With every baby I have said I was going to get my toes done for when I delivered and with Kylan we were too poor and I was too big to paint them, with Mya she surprised me 2 weeks before her due date and so I had to use the pedicure gift certificate I had gotten from my sister-in-law afterwards, and then Emmit too surprised me with coming 2 weeks early (I just thought Mya was a fluke), but this time, thanks to Stacey I will have cute toes and then will last for a month or longer so I am covered for whenever this little girl decides to come!
Now Tim is taking the rest of the week off since he didn't get to take last week off like planned so we will have a few days to get some things done we want done before baby sister comes, then on Friday we head to Tahoe for 3 days for the Adams reunion, then on our way home go to Luke's baby blessing. The next week Tim's sister comes for a two week visit and then we are all hoping the baby comes the week after so they can be here to meet her! Time sure does fly when you are having fun!

Monday, July 2, 2012

34 Weeks & Going to the Lake

Last week Gav and Rayanne's family camped at the lake from Tuesday to Thursday. Tim took off Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday and he and Mya stayed one night, Kylan stayed both nights with Braden. Emmit and I came out during the daytime and hung out and then we all came out again Thursday night for a few hours with my parents and the boat. It was very tiring for me, but a lot of fun! Just as proof to how tiring it was, these are the only pics I took and as you can see they were probably taken before we left on Tuesday (Ky doesn't have a picture because he rode with his dad) and I'm not entirely sure when I took them!

 And here is the 34 week 2 day belly. 
I've now reached the point where everyone assumes that I am due any day, which is totally understandable because I look like I am. I get it from my mom, what can I say. I'm really tired again and it's hard for me to get motivation to do much of anything, especially once the afternoon comes and it's hot! I had my last "normal" doctors appointment last week and now the weekly appointments begin next week. So far I my foot (and I do mean foot) has only swollen once while at my Aunt Martha's funeral a couple days ago, so I can't complain too much about that. I feel like I spend way too much time in the bathroom, which means I'm kind of on purpose not being as good as I should be about drinking the amount of water I am supposed to otherwise I would be living in there! I'm really hoping I only have about 4 weeks left and we are going to be super busy for those next 4 weeks so they should fly by! This week all my brothers (except Kade) will be here and we are spending everyday at the lake, then the next weekend we will be in Tahoe with the Adams' family and will have Luke's baby blessing, and the week after that Tim's sister and her kids will be here. I'm hoping before I know it this little girl will be here!