Thursday, July 29, 2010

(almost) 37 Weeks & Work Boots

I had a doctors appointment today. Not too much change yet, just dialated a finger tip (which if you know doctor Reimer and how big he is is more than my finger tip) and softened a little, but I am having contractions, so hopefully there will be more change before my next appointment on Tuesday. He told me I have to wait until the 10th to have the baby because he will be gone from next Thursday until then, but he would like me to have him that week, so we will keep our fingers crossed.
Enough about that, on to my cute kids and their barn boots. I bought Ky a little pair of rubber boots when he was about Mya's age and he has still been squeezing them on and "breathing" his cows in them. They are WAY too small for him, so today at Walmart we bought him a MUCH bigger size and so now he and Mya have their own boots and here they are wearing them:

They are a little tall for Mya so her's didn't stay on long, but Kylan has worn his for quite awhile today!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Colorado Cousins

The Colorado cousin's came for their annual visit and we sure had a great time! Kylan has LOVED having so many cousin's around and playing with them everyday! Even Mya loved playing with them! We did lots of fun things but for some reason I only have pics of the lake and the traditional grandchild photo (which is always an adventure)!

Left to right: Tim, Rayanne, Gav, Rachel, Brett, Teri, Tonya, Laine and Cam

All the adults at sushi/chinese food. Thank you to our wonderful babysitter who was brave enough to take on all the grandkids while we had a child-free meal (and thank you to grandma for paying for all of it)!

Close up of Ky and Mya. Kylan was throwing a fit about siting still until everyone started taking pictures then he was more than happy to smile. Mya on the other hand was sitting nicely until we started taking pictures and then she decided she had had enough!

Left to Right: Braden (4), Joselyn (3 mo.), Kylan (3), Mya (18 mo), Coralee (7), Logan (8 mo), Landon (5), Leah (2), Braylon (3).

Playing water baseball at the lake.

Playing with Uncle Cam

Mya and Logan chillin' on the beach.
We had such a great time and we sure are going to miss Rachel and her family! When I told Ky they were going back to Colorado tomorrow he said no, his cousin's were staying and just Aunt Rachel was going back!!! We sure will miss you guys!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Panicking a Little Bit!!!

My doctor has moved my due date up to the 21st of August. This isn't quite a week change, however it seems like a big change to me. This means that in as little as 3 weeks baby boy could be here and I feel totally unprepared!!! I did stock up on a few essentials last night while at Walmart, like diapers, onesies and a couple pacifiers, but since then the list has continued to grow. I do have moments where I want the baby out (like when I kept getting charlie horses in my hip yesterday afternoon and night everytime I stood up, and yes I mean in my hip which is awesome, let me tell you and when I wasn't sure I would be able to get off the toilet in walmart last night because of how low it was), but then I'm not sure I'm ready for the baby part of it. Oh well, he's coming and I have to say looking at how little those newborn diapers are this morning made me excited to put them on his cute little bum!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

34 weeks

Tim and I got new cell phones a couple days ago so Kylan is loving using my old one as his own camera . . . of course he fills up the memory in about 10 minutes, so I am constantly erasing his pics which is a good thing since he had about 10 of my bare stomach yesterday - not cute!
P.S. ignore how dirty this mirror is, I guess I forgot to clean it while cleaning the rest of the bathroom yesterday - oops!


Kylan's new favorite thing to say is "Mom, my cousins just wore me out." He started it after having a sleep over at grandma Teri's last week with Leah and Braden. Now he is in 7th heaven because Rachel and her three kiddo's are here and this morning when I got up and found him snuggled up on the the couch by himself he told me "Mom, my cousin's just wore me out" and that is the truth. We had a hard time seperating them all at 10:30 last night and I am so glad that they are finally all to the age where they love playing with each other! Mya on the other hand was as shy as could be until about 10:30 last night when she gave Aunt Rachel a kiss which for anyone who knows anything about my little girl is big stuff. I only get about one a week if I am lucky!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Lake and Our Lake

On Monday the 5th we went out to the lake, and the best part was that Tim was able to come with us! Mya was so tired by the time we left that she slept most of the way out (she has licorice on her face).

It turns out that Mya is not a big fan of water - the waves scare her. So she stays on the beach all day either digging in the sand or sitting on a chair and eating chips and having a drink. I am having a pretty easy summer at the beach this year as far as my kids are concerned - Kylan likes his life jacket and swims really well in it and is potty trained, and Mya doesn't go near the water and is perfectly content to be on the beach in the dirt!

Uncle Derild pulled Kylan, Reed and Carissa on their big tube and Ky loved it! Here is with Carissa afterwards and below is them coming in to shore.

This is as close as Mya will get to the water and then it is only to build sand castles with grandpa.

And here is OUR lake. We are lucky enough to be able to flood our lawn whenever they are irrigating around us and the kids LOVE to play in it whenever we do it! They're favorite thing is to slide down their slide into it.

And here they are together. This is the best pic I could get of the two of them! I sure hope that we are able to flood the lawn while our Colorado cousin's are here. Hopefully that will make up a little bit for the pool not being ready to swim in!

Friday, July 9, 2010

My Wonderful Hubby!

I have to brag about my wonderful husband for a minute. I have been really sick this week - like more sick than I can remember being ever - and he has been awesome! He has been making breakfast, lunch and dinner for the kiddo's, getting them down for naps and bed and doing the dishes and cleaning up after them. I don't know what I (or the kids) would have done without him this week! Today he (and both sets of grandparents) will be busy at youth conference, so the kids and I will be on our own and even though I am doing lots better we sure are going to miss him!!!
P.S. Baby and I are doing okay. I have just had a bad case of the stomach flu that I can't seem to kick and had gotten really dehydrated. Luckily I had a doctors appointment yesterday and he gave me his recipe for his rehydration drink which is working wonders at keeping me much more hydrated and helping me to feel so much better!!! I have another appointment next week just to make sure baby and I are doing okay and that I have gained back some weight (when I weighed in I actually weighed less than last month).

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wow It's Already Been 2 Weeks! 32 Weeks . . .

32 weeks and counting. I can't believe it's been two weeks since my last post - wow time flies when you are busy! Only 6-8 weeks left until this little guy is here and I am not ready - haven't had time! Right now there is no place for the little guy to sleep, so that is at the top of the list of things to get done - buy a new crib! (Mya is not going to be out of her's and that one is on it's last leg)!
P.S. Kylan asked me this week if he could watch me push the baby out. I told him no, but he can come see the baby after I push him out. He then asked if they could give him a bath before he see's him and I assured him he would be cleaned up. Tim says I watch too many shows with women having baby's!