Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 15

Day 15: Something I crave a lot . . . Wow, where to begin!

* When I was pregnant with Kylan I craved those little cutie oranges. I think I could eat a whole 5lb bag in one day. I also craved Sonic diet Vanilla Cokes a lot because I was really good and never drank diet while pregnant with him, and rarely drank caffeine. After gaining A LOT of weight with him and having him be over 8lbs (caffeine is supposed to lower birthweight) I didn't follow those rules with the other two.

*With Mya I craved BLT's. We had them at least twice a week for dinner and then I probably ate them 3+ times for lunch each week. They have never tasted as good as they did that summer.

*With Emmit it was sweets. Espeically my Great Aunt Janette's bunt cake. I could eat the whole thing myself (and almost did several times). I also craved Cinnabears, but could never find them anywhere!

*With every pregnancy I craved nachos. Not the kind you make at home, but the kind you get at a gas station or basketball game with jalepenos.

*Things I crave on a normal basis: my mom's cupcakes, pickles, peach cobbler, Sonic diet Vanilla Coke, just plain ice cold diet Coke in a can, steak and potatoes, orange julius, anything from Maddox's (I try to plan trips just so I can go here, and I haven't been able to go in a very long time), spicy food, homemade bread, and a million other thing!

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Mary said...

Kim always gets Cinnabears at the bulk bins at Winco...