Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 17

Day 17: Something that means a lot to me . . .

All these people right here . . .

but especially this handsome guy right here . . . (picture by Kylan before church today)

I know that there isn't any such thing as a "soul mate", but I can't imagine myself happy with anyone other than Tim (I guess that's how it should be in a marriage). Our marriage is the most important thing to me and it means everything to me! And without him I wouldn't have my three beautiful children, that drive me crazy yet make me so happy at the same time. My family has always been very important to me also. I feel that if they are who I am going to be with for forever, then I better put a lot of work into developing good relationships with them! So, if I had a picture with all of my family (siblings, parents, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc) it would be on here too (and it would be a very large picture)!

Here are some more shots from our morning photo shoot. Mya kept just closing her eyes, not because of a flash (there was no flash), just because. Then Ky thought it would be funny to do also. Once I threatened to not brin snacks for sacrament meeting, they quit!

Kylan wanted to take some pics, so here is one of the better ones he took of Mya, Emmit and I.

And my two handsome boys. I love this picture (especially Ky's glasses that he only wears in the house).

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 16

Day 16: What's in my purse.

The real question is, what's not in my purse! With three kids I try to be prepared for anything, and then there are those extra things that end up in there somehow. On this day I happen to have diapers, a pull up, a onsie, little snack things for Emmit, random toys for him also, my wallet, wipes, a pair of Emmit's shorts (which came in handy for Mya on this day) and Emmit's flip-flops that luckily I got for like $2 because he has yet to keep them on for more than a few minutes (I should know by now that it is a waste of money to buy shoes for my kids until they are walking because none of them will keep them on before then). I'm sure there is also a plethora of crumbs at the bottom of the bag. Yum.

Funny story, we (meaning my brothers and I) used to make so much fun of my mom for the contents of her purse. It was always filled with Klinex (used, unused, freely floating around) and she could never chew a whole stick of gum because it made her gag (yep, I inherited that also probably because of the teasing), so there would always be a pack of half-sticks of gum in her purse with fuz from her Klinex's stuck to the ripped part. We had many laughs over this!!! On a more appetizing note, she also liked to keep tic-tac's in her purse, and not the mint ones but the good orange ones and she would pull them out during church and pass them around. As a result, I never have Klinex or gum in my purse, but I do try to keep some kind of candy or fruit snack in my purse for emergency's with the kids (or me:).

My grandma Adams always had junior mints in her purse, and a little coin purse that weighed about 20lbs! And I know that my kids will always remember that Grandma Teri always has life-saver mints in her purse during church just for them. Trust me, those mints have saved many lives during church!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 15

Day 15: Something I crave a lot . . . Wow, where to begin!

* When I was pregnant with Kylan I craved those little cutie oranges. I think I could eat a whole 5lb bag in one day. I also craved Sonic diet Vanilla Cokes a lot because I was really good and never drank diet while pregnant with him, and rarely drank caffeine. After gaining A LOT of weight with him and having him be over 8lbs (caffeine is supposed to lower birthweight) I didn't follow those rules with the other two.

*With Mya I craved BLT's. We had them at least twice a week for dinner and then I probably ate them 3+ times for lunch each week. They have never tasted as good as they did that summer.

*With Emmit it was sweets. Espeically my Great Aunt Janette's bunt cake. I could eat the whole thing myself (and almost did several times). I also craved Cinnabears, but could never find them anywhere!

*With every pregnancy I craved nachos. Not the kind you make at home, but the kind you get at a gas station or basketball game with jalepenos.

*Things I crave on a normal basis: my mom's cupcakes, pickles, peach cobbler, Sonic diet Vanilla Coke, just plain ice cold diet Coke in a can, steak and potatoes, orange julius, anything from Maddox's (I try to plan trips just so I can go here, and I haven't been able to go in a very long time), spicy food, homemade bread, and a million other thing!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 14

Day 14: A photo of something that makes me happy. Well, I have three pictures of things that make me happy:

Homemade Bread. I love it. I really love all bread, even plain old white bread from the store (it's my favorite snack), but the homemade kind is the best. Since I had to stay home from church again this week because Emmit is sick, or teething - either way he is misserable - I decided to make my favorite homemade bread that I haven't made in a long time. Not only was I excited, but Ky and Tim were pretty happy about it also! Here are Ky and Mya enjoying their cinnamon twist bread - or frosting bread as Ky calls it. There were 4 loaves of bread, notice that there are only 2 1/2 left in this pic. That's why I don't make it often!

And this is what happened when I sat down to blog this. We have 4 couches, a recliner, playroom, large yard and plenty of other square footage, and this is where we all are (except Emmit who is napping, but trust me he would want to be here also). It makes me happy!

And the last one, my kids ready to go to the lake. We went for the first time this summer yesterday. Going to the lake makes me happy!

It was really a miracle that we even made it out yesterday, but we were determined and we weren't there long, but we made it and we had fun. As mentioned before, Emmit is sick or teething (I'm hoping/leaning towards teething). He is very fussy and by that I mean that he is happy for about 10-15 min after waking up, and then cries the rest of the time. I was hoping that going to the lake would make him happy (being outside usually helps), so I continued to get everyone ready through his continual crying and refusal to take a nap. My parents called and said we would be leaving soon, then called a few minutes later to let me know that mice had gotten into the boat during the winter so they had to clean out everything. If you know my dad and how nicely he keeps his things, especially his boat you know what a tragedy this is. They have never gotten into the boat. They get it all cleaned up, then my dad checks things to make sure everything is okay since it's been winterized and he finds that the people who did had left the key on, meaning the battery is dead. We eventually make it out at about 11am and while there my dad discovers there are still mice in the boat (thank goodness I never saw them) so he will be setting traps in there. It was fun, except that Emmit cried pretty much the whole time. I'm hoping next week is a little better!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 13/Conversations with Rob and Aaron

Day 13: Something you never leave the house without.

This one has been hard for me. I have thought about it for a couple days now and all I can come up with is my wallet. I always have it with me when I go anywhere. I may forget my diaper bag, my cell phone (although I am getting much better about keeping it by me, and charged), my sun glasses (which are lost right now, drats!) or a child (funny story, Tim and I almost left to church one day without Emmit when he was just a few weeks old) but I always have my wallet. I guess it's some kind of security thing. You never know when you might need to buy something, or have an ID!

Funny Kylan story time now. He is ALWAYS at work - even when he is home, he is always working. We have several play/old cellphones, and he always has one in his pocket. Guess who he always calls on it . . . not grandpa, or Uncle Gav or Dad . . . Rob and Aaron. This is an example of a typical conversation he has with Rob or Aaron:

Ky: Mom, there's a cow out at the big dairy (after hanging up with someone who has called). I need to call Rob to see if he can get it in.

Me: ok

Ky: Hey, Rob, there's a cow out at the big dairy. Can you get it in? (he pauses) Oh, you are, okay then I'll do it. Bye. Mom, Rob can't get the cow in, he's at Candy Lane, I've got to go. I'll be right back.

This morning I saw the "little chopper" start coming down from the dairy through the dining room windows, so I told Ky it was coming. He was waiting at the front room windows to see it, but it must have stopped for something at the shed. After waiting awhile this is what he did:

Ky: (talking on phone) Hey, Aaron, are we choppin' yet. (pause) Oh, okay you had to gas up the big guy. Ok, Bye. Mom, Aaron said he had to gas it up, but we are going to start chopping soon.

Cracks me up all day long!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 12

Day 12: A show I am addicted to right now

I am addicted to many shows on TV, but here are the top 8:

1. Modern Family - this is I think the funniest show on television right now. And no one can bag on it until they have seen it. It's great!

2. The Office. No explanation needed.

3. Community - a study group at a community college with Chevy Chase and the host of "The Soup" - what more can you ask for!

4. Outsourced - an American in India - who knew it could be so funny!

5. Mr. Sunshine - apparently not too many other people liked this one because it was cancelled, but if it gets a second chance, you have to watch it. It's pretty funny! (Besides, we are die hard Friends fans, so we have to support Mathew Perry)

6. The Real Housewives of . . . . series on Bravo. Currently I am watching New York, New Jersey and the OC (which just had it's season finale last night).

7. Pawn Stars. I love all the historical stuff they get!

8. All My Children - My mom has been watching this since it started and I remember watching it with her growing up. As an adult I just watched it every now and then because it was on during Tim's lunch and of course he didn't want to watch it, but once we got DVR I started watching it everyday. Now they are cancelling it in September and I am VERY upset (words can't even express how upset I am), so I am savoring every last moment that I have to watch the show!

Cameron graduated from highschool this past weekend and Carly, Kyle, Rachel, Coralee and Carson all surprised him and came. It was so much fun to be able to hang out with everyone, and we had a couple good days of hanging out before everyone came down with the flu Saturday night/Sunday. Since we have CC Comm tv, we got graduation on tv, so us, Gav and Rayanne, Laine (Tonya had the flu) and the kids all watched it at our house after we had dinner with everyone. Afterwards everyone came back to our house for some home made ice-cream. Saturday we had Cam's grad party which was a lot of fun too.

Since graduation wasn't until 7:30 it was a late night for all the grandkids. Here are the older ones watching cartoons in Tim and my bed (Coralee, Leah, Braden, Kylan and Mya).
Carson just hanging out. He was so good the whole time Rachel was at graduation!

Jocelyn kept climbing into Emmit's exersaucer. She was pretty funny!!
And in more exciting news . . . EMMIT IS CRAWLING!!! It finally clicked about a week and a half ago. He is once again a happy baby (except when he has the flu). He is loving exploring everywhere, and is already learning not to go down the stairs (he has already been caught between the back of the couch and the stairs).

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 11

Day 11: A picture of the town you live in.

I've sort of changed this to pictures of the town I grew up in, since I get to live in that town now! I had grand plans for this post. I was going to drive around town with the kids one day and take pictures of them in front of each school Tim and I attended and other significant places in our lives. That never happened, I guess that's what happens when you have three kids and a life. Anyway, last night my wonderful hubby took Mya and Kylan to mutual with him so that I could go to the store with just Emmit and so before going to the store, he and I drove around and took pics from the car before it got to late and between grocery stores. AND, incase anyone saw me with Emmit at the store and noticed he had not pants on and thought I was a terrible mom, he pooped right down the leg of his pj's on the way to the first store, so don't judge!

So, without further ado, here is the town I live in and grew up in!!

This is Cottage Schools, which is where both Tim and I attended kindergarten. Each building had two classrooms. I attended the middle building in the afternoons, and I believe Tim attended the building on the left in the mornings. I think that my dad even attended kindergarten here. I just remember him taking me to the school a few days before school started and him telling me that when the bell rang I was to run to get in line outside my classroom and then us practicing. I also remember him telling me that he always felt sad when he was in school because he had asthma so he couldn't run to get into line. It was later where they held pre school and now is offices. I believe this is considered a historical sight in the state.
For 1-3 grades we had "grade level schools" so Northside was first and second grade. Tim and I both went here as well. I took a picture of this part of the school because the wooden play equipment was there when I was in school there and I believe it's the only piece of original equipment. Also, My grandma Adams taught here and her classroom windows can be seen in this picture. I loved being able to go help her set up her room each year and take it down. It's also where I realized that I wanted to be a teacher someday too!

When Tim and I were in 3rd grade Westend was 3rd and 4th, so this is where both of us went again. After 3rd grade all the schools were changed to K-6 schools, so Tim stayed here and I went back to Northside for the rest of elementary school.

In 7th grade we attended what is now named The Old High School (not Fallon's best naming moment). This is where my parents went to high school and my grandma and grandpa Schank and where my Grandpa Adams taught for many years. It was a ton of fun to go to school here. The building was so old and had so many cool things in it. I guess they are going to redo the whole interior and are even going to take out "the pit" which is the central part of the building where the stage is, many high school proms and dances have been held, and even was the basketball court when my grandparents attended. Very sad I think that they are going to do that. The Pit was the location of Tim and my first official date - Junior Prom.

While we were in 7th grade they built a whole new junior high right next to and semi-attached to the old one. This is where we attended 8th grade. It was a very nice, brand new building, but definitly not as cool as the old one!

This is the high school. Not the greatest picture, I know, but you get the point. This is also where I student taught and the room I did that in is just through the door on the far left of the picture. I did that with Kelly Frost who was also my high school government teacher and was so wonderful to student teach with. I'm sure I drove her crazy, but she was so patient with me!!!

Another terrible picture, but in the distance you can see the football field, which is where I attended almost every single one of Tim's football games and every one of his games his senior year (I even made it to most of his away games) not matter how cold and misserable it was. I had a couple blankets that I would just take with me and wrap up in. Afterwards I would go sit in my car in the parking lot above and wait for him to come out of the locker room - and of course he was always the last one out. It was worth it though! We would then go to Jack-in-the-Box, get him soem food and then head to his house.

This is our first home in town. We now rent it out (speaking of, it's going to be available for rent again on July 1st). It was a good house and we enjoyed living in it. It just got too small really fast!

And now for some more musings on the place I live and grew up in. For those of you not from Fallon, the Louies shopping center used to be many other things. First it was Raleys, Sprouse Ritzs and Pizza Barn, then Raley's built a new store and they connected the three stores above and it became "The Stage" (a clothing store where Raley's was and Louies is currently), the new JC Penny (it was on Maine street and then was where the Dollar Store and Payless are), Maurices (where total fitness and whatever is next to it was) and of course Pizza Barn. See, once upon a time we did have semi-decent clothes shopping here in Fallon. Then all three clothing stores slowly closed and Louies sold their store to CC Comm (which tore it down and built a whole new building) and moved in.

Another change I remember, is that Safeway used to be where CVS was, and Fallon Industries used to be a grocery story called "Kents". I remember going there with my grandpa Schank when I was little. And one more, the area that Super Walmart is built used to be fields where someone kept horses. Crazy how things have changed!