Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bath Time

Mya absolutely loves her baths! I think she likes them much more than Kylan did at this age. After she gets up in the morning, and eats she usually plays for a bit and then gets tired again, so as soon as she starts acting tired I take her back to my room and lay her on the bed, then go in to start her bath and as soon as she hears the water she cheers right up, squeals the whole time I am taking off her clothes and loves to splash and squeal during her whole bath. The video is of the end of her bath, so she had settled down quite a bit, but she still squeals a couple times and kicks a bit!

Here are Mya's new things she is doing at 4 months old:

Can grab and play with toys

instead of just standing in her exersaucer, she tries to play with the toys like Kylan does

Is trying to roll from her back to her front

Can scoot around on her back a little bit

Doesn't wake up crying anymore, but talks and laughs to let me know she is awake

Is eating cereal

Opens her mouth when you go to kiss her (maybe the beginning of kissing on her own)

Squeals and laughs all the time!

I love this little girl and I love watching her personality develop every day!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bed Time

I love bedtime! I especially love when it is my bedtime! This is how I found my kids tonight when it was time for bed. While I was getting Kylan ready Mya started crying, and then she stopped, so i assumed she was still playing because she will do that sometimes. However when I finally made it back to the living room, she was sound asleep, with her cow in her bouncer. The other pic is of Kylan watching spongebob on our bed. He isn't a big fan, but the selection of cartoons at night is limited, so it had to do! I also love how he lays on our bed to watch tv just like Tim does. He may look more like my family, but he does everything just like his dad! I love these two kids!

Basketball Games

I know these pics are a little blury, so forgive me for using them, but they are pics of my dad coaching at CCHS for the last time. This basketball season was my dad's last. He was thinking that it would be at the beginning of the season, and then being called to be the bishop made it official. This week Fallon hosted the all-star game and coach Williams asked my dad to assist him one last time. My mom, Tim, Kylan, Mya and I were at the game and I couldn't help but feel a little sad knowing that this was the last time that I would see him sitting on the bench and the last time that we would meet him outside the coaches office afterwards. My dad has had a long career of coaching basketball in Fallon, both girls and boys. I remember when I was little going to girls basketball practices on Saturdays, and the games with my mom. He coached girls from 8th grade all the way up to Varsity. He then took a short break while I was younger, and started again with coaching my brothers and I in the Indian League. When I was a freshmen in high school he started assisting on the Freshmen boys team and then coached them, then JV and for the last three seasons has assisted with the Varsity.
I know he is ready to retire from coaching, but it will still be odd to go to the games and not see him sitting on the bench! I love you dad and am so proud of the countless hours you have volunteered to help with the basketball program! Your the best coach ever as far as I'm concerned!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend

The beach site - Mya too four hour naps both Saturday and Monday in the trailer - we asked Lynne and Derild if they could park it at our house!

The best pic I got of Kylan. He was way too busy playing in the water to have his picture taken. I even had to follow him around in the water to feed him lunch. He was so happy out at the lake!

The few hours Mya was awake at the beach she liked sitting in her rocking chair, and having her feet put in the water. She loved talking to Aunt Lynne while sitting in this chair!

Kylan watching the big kids play volleyball. Even when his teeth were chattering so badly he could hardly talk he didn't want to leave the water!

What a great kickoff to another lake season!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Church + Kids = lots of stress!

Another enjoyable day at church for the Sorensen family. We can hardly do it with two kids, I can't imagine adding anymore to the mix! We don't have many young men in our ward, so Tim helps pass the sacrament, but today may have been the last day for that. Here is how our church went:
9:45 Arrive early to make sure the sacrament is ready - it's not, so Tim does it. Kylan has to go potty, Mya is happy in her chair, so we leave her and go potty.
9:58 Church is about to start, notice blood on Ky's shirt and hands, Mya is (thankfully) still happy in her chair, run Ky to the bathroom to wash up, then to the janitors closet to raid the first aid kit, then back in where Mya is becoming cranky so . . .
10:05 Take Mya out to calm her down, come back a couple minutes later and enjoy the only couple minutes of calm
10:10 Kylan has to go potty again and I have to take him because he hasn't #2ed yet, and may need to, hand Mya to grandma, and she begins SCREAMING
10:12 Kylan done, send back with grandma keep Mya happy in the foyer to take the sacrament, then go to feed her
10:30 Mya is fed, come back in, Kylan has to go potty AGAIN! Take him, come back and Mya is hungary/tired AGAIN, so go and feed her
10:50 Mya is asleep, head back in for the closing. Kylan has gone to the bathroom again, Dad took him.
10:05 Closing song, Kylan is already crying about nursery . . . .
At 12:20 I took the kids home, Ky had had a meltdown, Mya was screaming once again, and I had had it!!! Carmae Whitaker reminded me that it will be all worth it someday, and I'm sure it will be, but right now that's hard to see!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

We're going to the lake tomorrow!!!

That's all, we're going to the lake tomorrow and I am really excited and so is Kylan!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thank You Aunt Rayanne!

I wish I had taken pictures of the two cute boys in their undies playing in my backyard, but I took the freedom of Kylan having a playmate and Mya sleeping to get showered and all ready for the day. I did take a picture of Mya and her cow though. Rayanne has gotten these cows for Braden, Leah, Ky and Mya when they were born and I don't know about her kids, but they are my kids favorites!!! In fact Ky's has been washed and used so much that it isn't even recognizable as the same cow, and he doesn't like any other stuffed animals! Mya's is quickly becoming her favorite. She snuggles it while falling asleep and sucks on its tail, ear, foot, whatever she can grab! When I got her from her nap a few minutes ago she had pulled it on top of her and was snuggling it and playing with it, so THANK YOU Aunt Rayanne for finding the perfect toy for both my kids, they love them!!!
P.S. for anyone who knows Sheri Faught and wants to keep updated on her, I have added a link to her flog in my friends and family list - check it out and leave her some words of encouragement!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sunday Pictures

I took these of us before church yesterday. Not too bad for holding the camera out and snapping!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

This and That

I wasn't sure what to title this, because it's probably just going to be me rambling. I haven't updated in a long time for me for many reasons. One, I have no new pics. Every day I think to myself "I need to take pictures today of the kids playing" and every day I forget. Second I am extremely tired lately, as tired as I was when Mya first came home and I can't figure out why really (if anyone suggests I am pregnant I will hit you). Mya has been getting up really early and then by the time she goes back to sleep, Kylan is awake, but still I am getting 7 hours or more a night, so it is a mystery! There are other reasons, but I can't really think of them.
Anyway, I found these comics on someones blog who I am not mentioning their name, because I remember them from the University Ward in Reno, but I doubt they remember me and so I kind of blog stock them, but they dislike breast feeding like I do, and only do it because it is good for the baby. I thought these were funny, so enjoy!

P.S. Mya has been eating cereal the last week or so and loves it. She now eats it two to three times a day and will heat two helpings of it before bed. I try to spoon feed her once a day so she learns, but the other times I usually use the feeder bottle - it's just too convenient!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Tooth!!

No, not Mya (we still have a good year if she follows after Kylan), but Kylan is getting a new tooth! This will be number 10! He now has four mollars, his two front teeth and 4 bottom teeth. It's been at least 4 months since Ky has sprouted a new tooth, and although missing teeth runs in Tim's family (he is missing 2), Kylan is still missing A LOT of teeth! Maybe by the time he is in kindergarten he will have them all!!!
P.S. Tim and I were both slow at getting teeth. Tim was about a year, and I was 18 months. That's right, I was potty trained, speaking in complete setences, but still gumming my food!! However, I have heard the longer it takes to get them, the stronger they are and I have never had a cavity and Tim has only had one and we are not anal teeth cleaning people, so it may be true!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Puerta Vallarta

No we are not going here (sigh), but my parents are here right now, sitting on their balcony feeling the ocean breeze and listening to the waves (yes, that is what my mom texted me yesterday). We offered to go as their interpreters, and they could have used it since it took 4 times for the bartender to understand that they didn't want alcohol in their lava drinks!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What's New With the Kiddo's

Sorry, only a picture of Mya. Ky is asleep right now, plus it's hard to get a picture that is appropriate for posting right now - see what new things he is doing!
Today I was thinking of the new things both my kids are doing, so I decided to document it before I forget!

  • Is growing like a weed! My mom keeps buying her clothes for "later" in the summer, and before we know it they fit her! Good thing it seems to be warming up for good this week!

  • Loves her exersaucer. She has learned how to turn herself around in it, and so can point it where ever is most interesting for her to look.

  • Recognizes her mom, dad and brother's voices. She will hear Tim talking when he gets home and she will get the biggest smile, or Kylan when she wakes up, or me if someone else is holding her. It is so fun to have her know who her family is!

  • Is getting a little better about tummy time. Still not her favorite, but she lifts her head up well, and gets her chest off the ground a little bit, and then she discovers that her fist is stuck under her and can be sucked on easily.

  • Can scoot around on her back. I will lay her down in one spot, and come back and she has moved quite a bit or is turned in a different direction. She won't be left on the bed anymore.
  • Can hold onto toys. She isn't quite sure what to do with them, and lets the go pretty quickly, but she can grap them.

  • And lastly, she can sit propped all the way up without slouching over to one side or the other.


  • Is starting to talk in full sentences. This is really nice for communicating with him, not to mention that it is so cute!

  • Stayed in nursery for 1 hour and 40 minutes by himself on Sunday! He got too tired at the end, so I went and got him and he fell asleep on me during young womens.

  • Is getting better at the potty training. Until the last couple days, I always had to tell him when to got. Yesterday and today though he has caught on to the fact that he can go whenever he wants. This is awesome!!!

  • Is becoming a nudist! With the potty training he has learned to take his pants and undies off, so is now naked or at least bottomless most of the day.

  • Is going to be a hunter. All day he is shooting birdies out the window, in the backyard, while we are driving, etc. He also turns everything into a gun!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Finally a Few Pics

Here are some pics of the family. Keep in mind that we took these at about 11:00pm, none of us have gone to bed before midnight in at least 3 nights and then have gotten up pretty early to get going for the day. It has been so much fun though to spend so much time together and especially to enjoy Carly. We had an open house last night for both her and Wes Smith who also just got home and there were a ton of people and cookies and it was so much fun to chat with so many people (although my daughter hates large groups of people and screamed for over an hour straight). Rachel leaves today and so it is back to "normal" life (whatever that is) which means I need to catch up on my much neglected house work, boo!

Kylan and Braden eating the left over cookies. And no that isn't food on Ky's nose. We had a jumping-off-grandma's-bed-into -pillows incident.

Mya at the end of the evening. When she gets cranky, we start removing clothing and that usually does the trick, for awhile anyway!

A silly picture.

Sorensen kids and parents, minus Bill.

The Sorensen kids minus Bill.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Carly is Home!!!

Carly is home, but I have no pictures. When we got to the airport, I pulled out my camera and when I turned it on realized my memory card was still in the computer, so there is only video of the airport. Since then, we have been so busy trying to fit in some very important things while Rachel is here, that I haven't even had time to break out the camera, but I will today!
I would like to give a big THANK YOU to both my parents and Laine and Tonya for watching our children so that we could go to the temple and participate in the sealings we did afterwards. It was an awesome experience that I will never forget and we wouldn't have been able to be a part of it without you guys!!! Thank you a million times!