Thursday, January 28, 2010

First Official Doctors Appointment

I had my first appointment today. They were super busy and I ended up waiting about 40 min just to get called in, which is really odd! Anyway, what I found out was that I have lost 4 lbs, which I was very excited about because since I haven't been as sick as last time I was afraid I had gained weight, and I was too early to find the heart beat (you could hear mine in the placenta), so I am going back in two weeks so that they can hear it.
Oh, and I sat near a girl that I have had in class at the high school several times who was complaining to all of her friends on the phone that it was taking them too long to write her a pass back to school. So so so sad! I wish that some of the girls who are now raising babies at the high school would tell all their friends how much it sucks to be a teenage mom!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Mya Girl!

My favorite pic of Mya's birth - holding dad's finger! I should have known she was going to be her daddy's girl!

Kylan holding Mya for the first time - Mya was about 30min old (thus the swollen face) 6lbs 14oz.

Her first morning checking her dad out. Look at all that hair that mostly fell out a month or two later!

All ready for her first sunday at church (one week old). I just love Ky's face in this one!

All ready for church last sunday! I still can't believe it's been a year!
So this is a day early (Tim will be in Gabs tomorrow speaking, so I won't have a whole lot of time to do this), but Mya is turning 1 tomorrow! I can't even believe it! It seems like I just had her, and now she isn't a baby anymore! She has been so much fun this last year, and gets cuter and even more fun by the day! I know that every child will have their own personality, but it has been so fun to see how she is different than Kylan, and the same as him too! She is definitly a lot calmer and quieter. She doesn't have to make noise every where she goes, or be moving all the time. She loves to cuddle and sit on people's laps and just watch what is going on around her. She is also pretty fearless, she doesn't let anything stop her from going where she wants to go (unless mom tells her no, she is a good listener).
She loves her dad and her brother (and mom too). When Tim gets home she follows him around and cries until he picks her up. If Ky gets in trouble and I send him to his room (usually for being mean to her), she cries at his door until I let him out, or until he lets her in! She still has big blue eyes that melt my heart, blond blond hair like her aunts and the cutest little laugh and voice!
We love you Mya Rae and are so glad you are part of our family! Happy 1st Birthday!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

9 Weeks Pregnant & Update on the kids

So I am 9 weeks pregnant today. Not that far along, but it seems like just yesterday I had my ultrasound that said I was 5 weeks pregnant, so I know this is going to fly by even faster than Mya's did. I have to say, I have been very blessed the last couple weeks in that my morning sickness has not been bad at all. I think now that the really bad days that I had at the beginning were actually the flu (it was right before both my kids had the flu, pink eye and tonsilitis). This has been more like my morning sickness with Kylan, except that I have medicine this time around, so it's even more manageable! So, I am guessing now that I am having a boy. Kylan might be disappointed if this is so because he says he wants another sister, but I would be fine with another boy!

And here is the update on what the kids are doing:

  • Is a cartoon addict (I blame the pregnancy). His favorite is Go Diego Go! He knows the whole opening song and has to dance and sing it when it is on. It's pretty cute! He also still likes Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (I think he has a crush on Minnie Mouse) and really any other cartoon that is on.

  • LOVES trains. He carries around an insert that came with one of the train items he got for Christmas that has a bunch of other trains that you can buy on it and is always reminding me of which one he wants for his birthday.

  • Is very upset that Christmas is over. He still asks to see the big Christmas tree and to watch The Grinch cartoon and drink chocolate milk.

  • He still knows the words to every song on the radio and sometimes I am allowed to sing with him, and most of the time I'm not!

  • Loves nursery and his teachers and his friends there. He was really sad the whole time that he was sick that he was missing nursery

  • Loves his sister and is nice to her some of the time. He loves that she is walking and still calls her baby girl more than he does Mya.


  • Is WALKING! She just started a week ago and now never wants to crawl - unless she has to go over something or is in a big hurry. I'm afraid in another week she will be running!

  • Still hates shoes and socks. I still put them on her all the time, and before we get where we are going they are off. So, once again, don't judge me if you see me out with my children and she has bare feet, it's not my fault!

  • Has become very attached to what has been named her "stinky bunny" because she sucks on the ears and it becomes very stinky very quickly. I wash it all the time, but I have to hide it from her and she isn't too happy with me

  • Says Mama, Daddy, and Ky-Ky (sounds more like Dy-Dy) and she always calls for her brother and dad, never her mom!

  • Points to everything!

  • Loves her big brother, even when he is mean to her!

  • Is getting better about giving kisses, but is still a lot more stingy than her brother ever has been!

  • Is a sweet little girl who loves to sit on her grandmas laps and just hang out, which I think I would've taken for granted if I hadn't had a very active little boy first who hated sitting on laps at her age!

Mya's birthday is on Sunday so I have started weaning her from her bottle since I have the policy that at a year old there are no more bottles. I thought she was going to be tougher than Ky because I have gotten her in the habit of taking a bottle to bed, but she has done really well at going to bed without a bottle, and just fell asleep for her nap without one, so I don't think it will be too bad of an adjustment! I just can't believe she is going to be one in a couple days!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Cute Kids Before Church

This is for Grandma Kenna. She bought the kids these cute church outfits for Kort and Jessie's wedding reception here and Kylan ended up with the flu and Mya was asleep (she was getting sick also, we just didn't know it at the time), so they never wore them for the reception, and they haven't been to church since then until yesterday. So, here is how cute they would've looked!

P.S. Teri and I were released yesterday as the YW presidency. I will miss the girls, but after 4 years for Teri and 3 years for me the girls needed people with some new ideas! I know they will love Mary and she will do a great job!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Diaper Bag

After almost 3 years I am retiring my first diaper bag and have upgraded to a new (very fun) one. I have liked my previous bag. It wasn't too diaper bag looking, which I liked. When I bought it they had just started making some of them so that they looked more like an oversized purse rather than a plastic cartoon-character decorated DIAPER bag. Now that the oversized purse is in style, and since I can't own one of those (well, I could but it would be a waste since I would only be able to carry it to the store once-in-awhile), I decided to get a new diaper bag that looked like one and I am so happy I did.
My favorite features of the new bag are the compartments on the outside at each end for bottles that completely zip closed to keep the bottle protected (no more dirty bottle tops and bottles falling out when I bend over) and the fact that the whole thing zips closed (no more losing half the contents when it tips over in the car or when I have to bend over with it on my shoulder). I will admit that I am very thankful that I am having children at a time when baby gear and maternity clothes are stylish, and not when my mom was having kids and you wore leggings and a tent (because there were no other options) and bags looked like I previously described!

P.S. I forgot to mention that I got this from the gap for 50% off!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Another Health Update

My sick boy and my silly girl. I just wish that you could hear her saying "Cheese" while making this face! This is what Ky has been doing for the last few days, just laying around on his pillow with dad's blanket watching cartoons.

Another of Kylan and yes he is biting his nails. He is officially a full fledged nail biter (like me unfortunately and my dad). And incase you are wondering what the paper is he has laying over him, it is a picture of an "M&M" train that he loves. He is obsessed with trains.

Another cute one of my Mya-girl.
I finally got Kylan to the doctor today - thank goodness for the walk-in clinic at the hospital! I've been there twice now in the last week (they remembered me today). Anyway, he had a fever of 103.7 in the office and when they looked at his throat they said his tonsils were really swollen, so he is now on antibiotic for tonsilitis and even though he is still acting very sick, I am so happy that we know what is wrong and he will be getting better very soon!
The nurse was very impressed with how well he spoke and how cooperative he was, he even took Ky's temp in his mouth, which he said most kids his age can't handle, but Kylan did it perfectly! They also weighed him and he weighs 35lbs (I have no idea if that is normal, or big or small, but he hasn't been weighed in so long I thought I should record it). He wasn't too happy when the doctor swabbed his throat, but I don't really blame him for that.
Tim and I both feel completely better today, so hopefully in then next couple days we will all be better! Yea!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

She's Walking!!!

Tonight Mya has been standing up and taking 5-10 steps at a time! I'm so excited for her - I'm not one of those mom's who dread their kids becoming mobile because I love how much happier they are when they can get around! She will be running with her brother and cousins before I know it! Yea Mya!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Never mind the previous post . . . WE ARE NEVER GETTING BETTER!

UPDATE on the sick family:
  • Mya: no more fever, the antibiotics are working, however her sleep routine is all messed up and Tim and I feel like we have a newborn. She like to be up for hours in the middle of the night crying.
  • Kylan: Started a mystery fever last night and had it again this morning. No idea what it is - maybe he is getting some molars because he said that his mouth hurt last night, but who knows!
  • Tim: Still has his cold, although it has gotten some better, but he is still coughing, which when you add the screaming baby makes it nearly impossible to sleep at night.
  • Me: Have the nasty cold with a very sore throat and cough, especially at night, so like my husband I am not getting much sleep either.

Today marks a whole week that our family has been sick - I think I may go crazy if it doesn't end!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We're back . . . Almost!

Mya playing with a new toy. The exciting part is she is awake and playing, not crying and wanting me to hold her!

Kylan on his "bicycle" (it's a scooter, that's just what he calls it).

Well, we are getting better, slowly but surely. Mya slept all night last night!!! She had been getting up every 2-3 hours and not going right back to bed - nightmare. I did take her into the doctor, only to have her start acting normal once we got there and not be running a fever, which I was happy about, but I felt kind of stupid in the doctors office. Oh well! I had started her on antibiotic yesterday (I had a refill on one she was on in December), and sp I guess it decided to kick in once we were at the doctors office.

Kylan has been good for a couple days with the exception of still having a little pink eye in one eye. He and I went to Uncle Cam's basketball game last night. It was so nice to have only one potty-trained child with me! I didn't even have to bring my diaper bag!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Enter At Your Own Risk . . .

. . . that's what I feel like putting on our front door! Tim and I and the kids have been in sickness hell since Friday. It all started with Mya having pink eye. She had it in both eyes by early afternoon, and just about the time I thought to myself "wow, I can't believe Ky doesn't have it" he started it in one eye and within a couple hours it was in both eyes. Luckily Uncle Derild saved us and brought over 1 1/2 bottles of prescription eye drops he had from when his kids had it last. Saturday (the day of Kort & Jessie's reception), Kylan seemed to have a stomach bug, but he was acting normal all day and said his belly didn't hurt, so we took him to dinner that night. He was refusing to eat (which he does sometimes), so Tim finally got him to take a bite and he threw it up immediately. He and Tim did not attend the reception, in fact Mya had refused to take a nap that afternoon, so she fell asleep right before we were going to leave, so she did not attend either. Sunday, Mya and I went to sacrament meeting in another ward (another long story), and she seemed fine, until we got home. Mya started running a fever of 101-102, Kylan still had the stomach bug (but no more throwing up), and the pink eye began returning again. Neither have been sleeping well, and needless to say we are all tired and tired of being sick! Tim and I both have colds to top it all off!!! I'm hoping a miracle occurs tomorrow and we all wake up (or at least the kids) happy and healthy because this mom has had it!!!